The Modern Day Bitter Clingers

By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media

With the results of the Electoral College votes in, supporters of Hillary Clinton must realize that their favored candidate has lost, again—this time irrevocably. The left’s resistance to a President Donald Trump hung on the twin thin reeds of a recount under Green Party candidate Jill Stein and the fight to convince individual electors to be faithless.

Ironically, the efforts led to more popular votes for Trump, and more electors choosing not to vote for Hillary. Five electors from Washington state went against Hillary, and three more tried, but were forbidden by state law, while only two Republican electors chose someone other than Trump. PJ Media reports that in Detroit, officials could not recount in 392 districts due to “discrepancies.” Those discrepancies include having more votes tallied than voters, and 95 percent of the vote in Detroit went to Hillary. So the recount also exposed apparent Democratic chicanery.

The excuses Democrats have made for why Hillary lost are endless, as the left circles the wagons and decides whether to blame themselves—or others, like the Russians. To date, some of the many possible culprits for the failure include: FBI Director James Comey’s last-minute investigation into the Anthony Weiner laptop emails, the Clinton Foundation scandal, Hillary’s classified emails on an unsecured server, her failure to campaign in Michigan, her lies about Benghazi, the Project Veritas videos, the Clintons’ treatment of women, the hacked John Podesta emails, her collusion with the Democratic National Committee to take the nomination away from Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Obama’s failure to control our borders, Obamacare, and Hillary’s and Obama’s failed foreign policy. And, of course, one cannot discount the impact that Trump’s more energetic campaign had on the upset win. Or, as Bill Clinton called it, Trump’s ability to connect with “angry, white men.”

Joe Klein writes for Time Magazine that “[Trump] is, without question, the most expert news manipulator in American history.” This is absurd. The news media have never been so openly hostile to a candidate, and Trump won in spite of that, not because he “manipulated” the media to his advantage.

The exact cause of Trump’s win is unknowable. It is likely made up of many of the above mentioned factors. Yet in the recriminations game, some Clinton loyalists are forming a circular firing squad, blaming long-time advisor Huma Abedin, who one anonymous Clinton insider said got too used to the limelight and being a “celebrity.” A Clinton insider said that “The real anger is toward Hillary’s inner circle…They reinforced all the bad habits.”

Liberals also continue to incessantly blame Russia for the Trump win. President Obama claimed in what may well be his final press conference on December 16 that he told Russian President Vladimir Putin to “cut it out” and stop hacking, and that Russia did, reports The Hill. “No, they did not stop. They came after us absolutely every day until the end of the election. They tried to hack into our system repeatedly,” argued DNC interim chair Donna Brazile on ABC’s This Week. Maybe Obama didn’t scare Putin quite as much as he thought he did.

Actually, by December 20, the White House story had changed. Now, according to NBC News, President Obama called the Russians on October 31 from his Red Phone, which is a direct line between Moscow and Washington to be used only in a time of crisis, “to reinforce Obama’s September warning that the U.S. would consider any interference on Election Day a grave matter. This time Obama used the phrase ‘armed conflict.’” If Putin had “cut it out” back in September, why was that call necessary?

The conspiracy theory that Russia aimed its resources at defeating presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “hyperbole” at best, and at worst, a false narrative, argues Jonathan S. Tobin for Commentary Magazine. “Other than a couple of quotes from speeches that had gone unreported, there was nothing that was directly linked to Clinton,” he notes of the hacked Podesta emails.

What the hacks did reveal was extensive collusion between the Democrats and the mainstream media, as well as how the DNC had played favorites in the primary, putting its thumb on the scale for Hillary’s benefit, and to the detriment of Sanders.

“Assume the Russians were behind the hacking and even that Vladimir Putin personally directed these efforts,” Tobin writes, “there is no reason to believe it altered the outcome, let alone that it was a result of collusion with the Trump camp.”

The Election Results Deniers continue to press onward with this particular conspiracy theory because it provides a convenient bogeyman whose influence cannot be confirmed or discounted—and is based upon the word of anonymous Intelligence Community (IC) sources. The fact that the IC refused to present their evidence to Congress, even in closed session, plus the Obama administration’s record of dishonesty and a lack of transparency, contribute to the skepticism. Yet Trump is apparently expected to state unequivocally that he accepts this phony consensus that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have supposedly determined that the Russians hacked the election for the purpose of electing him president.

But when Hillary’s team questions the FBI’s motives, that’s perfectly okay. “Comparing the FBI’s massive response to the overblown email scandal with the seemingly lackadaisical response to the very real Russian plot to subvert a national election shows that something is deeply broken at the FBI,” argued Clinton campaign manager John Podesta in a Washington Post op-ed.

The public isn’t buying the sore losers’ blame game. A recent Morning Consult/Politico survey found that “46 percent of respondents chose” the option that “said the U.S. can’t be sure who is primarily responsible for the hacking because tracing cyberattacks is complicated and because intelligence groups were wrong about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

Back during the general campaign, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews argued that Trump’s refusal to say unequivocally that he would accept the election results was “sacrilege.” Hillary Clinton called it “horrifying.” “I’ve loved American democracy all my life,” said Matthews, “and not just because it’s our ennobling way to rule ourselves, and we are the first and the best at it, but because it honors in the end the character and patriotism of those who walk out there and accept the country’s judgment, who risk their pride in the arena of public opinion and when it’s decided, accept the people’s verdict.” Apparently that principle is only meant to apply to Republicans.

Even with the Electoral College having affirmed Trump’s victory, some on the left still hope to derail his path to the White House. Some are dreaming of getting this before the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the election based on Trump’s foreign ties. And if that fails?

Though Trump’s victory was once again confirmed this week, MSNBC, the network committed to discrediting Trump on every show, every day, won’t give up. A recent guest, Anna Galland, executive director of the George Soros-funded MoveOn.org Civic Action, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about the left’s next likely tactic: “A mass, moral accessible opposition movement, some are calling it a resistance movement, that’s going to stand up and fight back and not let Donald Trump tear apart this country, or enact his extraordinarily extreme policy agenda that he has no mandate to enact.” She added, “We’re not going to stand by while Donald Trump tears apart America…We’re going to keep fighting and going to win.” She said that MoveOn.org’s protest against the Iraq War was a “trial run” with “a million people in the streets…but that’s nothing compared to what we’re going to see.”

So much for accepting the results of our Constitutional election process.

In 2008, President Barack Obama contemptuously described voters from small-town America as “bitter” and “cling[ing] to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” With the election of Trump, those on the left who refuse to accept reality have become the modern bitter clingers, the progressives who continue to oppose Trump by any means.

They envision the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution as another way to challenge Trump as president. “Mr. Trump’s companies do business with entities controlled by foreign governments and people with ties to them,” reported The New York Times on November 21. “Experts in legal ethics say those kinds of arrangements could easily run afoul of the Emoluments Clause if they continue after Mr. Trump takes office.” The clause forbids presidents to “‘accept of any present, emolument, office or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince or foreign state’ unless Congress consents,” reports the Times. In other words, one possible response to Trump breaking this clause is to impeach him.

No matter how illegitimate, ridiculous, or short-sighted the reasons, the left will continue to oppose a Donald Trump presidency and work to undermine it. The same media that spent eight years building up and protecting President Obama’s phony legacy are now determined to destroy Trump’s presidency right from the start. This honeymoon is definitely over.

Roger Aronoff is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi. He can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Roger Aronoff.


We know this truth to be self evident: Illegals Voted.

By: Nelson Abdullah | Conscience of a Conservative

Liberals are having a psychotic episode over the election of Donald Trump. Their threats before the election to leave America and give up their citizenship if he won were very entertaining to hear. Now that Trump did win they are coming out of the woodwork like an army of termites crying, screaming, rioting in the streets and foaming at the mouth that Trump-Is-Not-My-President. It’s as if they were part of a choreographed flash mob or a church choir all singing the same song. Since most of this is being financed by the same left wing people its safe to say they are being choreographed.

The headlines on cable news and print media carry the same or similar messages as Breitbart reported today: CNN’s Rye: Trump’s election “Far from legitimate,’ ‘That guy is not my president’ to Michael Moore: Trump ‘Has no right to enter’ White House. Its bad enough to be brainwashed by the mainstream media and virtually every talk show on TV with this same unending monologue, but some leftists have gone a step further and have been taunting and threatening the Republican delegates to the Electoral College to “vote their consciences’ when the delegates assemble in each state capitol tomorrow to vote. Even a handful of has been Hollywood leftists with deep pockets have joined in to produce videos aimed directly at each delegate to offer more persuasion to switch their vote.

All of this because Hillary Rodham Clinton won the overall popular vote while Donald J. Trump won the states with the most Electoral Votes. The liberals claim that Hillary’s 3-million popular vote plurality over Trump makes her more deserving to be president. But what about those 3-million votes? Where did they come from?

New York and California gave Hillary a very big win that accounts for most or all of her popular vote plurality but these states have always been traditional Democrat controlled strongholds. They are also two of a handful of states that don’t require voter identification to register or to vote. It has been estimated that there is anywhere from 10-20 million illegal immigrants living in the United States with over a million living in California alone. And, as with those people on welfare, they usually vote for Democrats in very large numbers.

To make matters worse, if that is even possible, courts have frequently ruled against voter ID requirements, and even showing proof of citizenship. And last but not least, Barack Hussein Obama publicly advised a young immigrant woman who asked if she should fear voting, because immigration will come and get her and her family. The exact transcript of the exchange was reported on BizPacReview.

Here is the exact question Obama was asked by actress Gina Rodriguez in a live pre-election interview Nov. 3:

“Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens — and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country — are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”

“This is not true,” Obama said. “And the reason is — first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself, and there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for.”

With the highest ranking Democrat in the nation telling people it is OK to break the law and vote even if you are not a citizen and not to worry about anyone trying to deport you, it is obvious that a very large number of votes received by Hillary Rodham Clinton did not come from citizens of the United States. So just how many valid votes did she get? If the recount effort in Michigan is any clue, 37% of the precincts in Detroit found that they could not re-certify the count totals because they found too many discrepancies, doesn’t that tell you something?

‘This Isn’t Normal’: Too Many Votes In 37% Of Detroit Precincts

In 248 of Detroit’s 662 precincts, more votes were recorded on voter machines than should have been in the November presidential election, The Detroit News reports.

The state will audit the 20 precincts that showed significant problems. The audit was triggered by shocking results at one polling place where 306 people were recorded to have voted, but only 52 ballots were found sealed in the container.

None of this is really surprising since the national Democratic Party is just as lawless and has always been as corrupt and dishonest as Hillary Rodham Clinton and the entire Clinton Family Foundation //aka// the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Old time Democrats will always remember the traditional instructions to: “Vote early and vote often.” And keep track of the local obituaries so you can always vote in the name of a recently departed.

Strip away all these illegal votes and Donald J. Trump was elected by a landslide.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides


Did Trump Really Win the Election?

By: Carolyn Alder

Hillary won the popular vote—Trump won the Electoral Vote—or did he?
Dec 19th the Presidential Electors cast their votes—Jan 6th we’ll know who
captured the White House—or will the House of Representatives decide?

It seems pretty cut and dried that Trump captured the White House.  Usually the Presidential Electors are a meaningless “rubber-stamp” weeks after the popular vote winner in each State is declared.  However, this year the complaining, protesting, rabble-rousing, turmoil and battle continue—to defeat Trump.

The Presidential Electors have been bombarded with continual email, snail mail, petitions, and phone calls to persuade them to vote for anyone but Trump.  The goal is to reduce the Electoral votes below 270, and let the House of Representatives make the choice.

How did our presidential election process deteriorate to become so loathsome and degenerate?  Three main reasons: political parties, campaigning and popular vote.

Why do we assume the loudest Huckster makes the best President?

The Framers intelligently created a constitutional federation—not a democracy. We describe the structure as a complex constitutional representative republic.

The Framers of the Constitution very carefully outlined in Article II, the procedure for electing a President for the United States.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it authorize: political parties at all (let alone taking over the election process), office seekers campaigning across the nation, or popular vote by the people—mass democracy.

Nothing seems to be more misunderstood than the reasons why the Framers outlined in the Constitution, the use of Presidential Electors in the process of electing a President for the United States.  It is known as the Electoral College.

There have been many recent articles defending the Electoral College and many articles demanding we eliminate the Electoral College by going to a national popular vote.  Tragically, the genius of the purpose and benefits of the system, outlined in the original Constitution is totally unknown today.  Even the articles coming to the defense of the Electoral College, are missing the most important points.

The Presidential Electors were not designed as an “after-thought” to be merely a “rubber-stamp” after years of campaigning—self-aggrandizing office seekers, boasting their qualifications, while trying to cover-up their criminal actives and minimizing their own misdeeds; while tearing their opponents to shreds.  The constitutional election process was designed to avoid political campaigning across the nation, party primaries, state and national conventions, office seekers running on promises which are usually legislative issues, not their prerogative at all, as an Executive.  Candidates promise people so called entitlements, buy votes with bribes, and take millions from special interests on their way to capture the White House.  The best salesman wins the war.  Or as I asked earlier, “Is the loudest Huckster the best President?”

The Framers designed an ingenious system which was the opposite of all of this.  As I mentioned, it was designed to avoid all campaigning, rabble rousing, tumult and disorder because the Office of the President was not elected by the people!  He was not the “King of the people.”

The Framers had discussed many options for selecting a President, and they rejected the idea of a popular vote for President.  The one and only national office to be elected by the people was member of the House of Representatives.

Here is one of the critical missing facts in every discussion:  Every national level office was outlined to be elected using a different method, by a different group of people, representing different (and sometimes conflicting) interests. Each position was to serve a different term in office and was given different enumerated responsibilities.  Each office was to represent a different interest and check other offices from usurping delegated prerogatives.  (Party politics only represents the party interests at every level.)  Each position outlined by the Constitution was designed for thinkers and statesmen at every level.

The method for electing the President was described in detail in Article II of the Constitution.  The ingenious system designated the Electors as the first step in the process. The Electors were the “forethought” not the rubber-stamp “afterthought”.

The Presidential Electors in every State had a very important assignment.  This group of carefully selected intelligent individuals, chosen in whatever manner their State Legislature decided, would meet in their individual states on the same day across the nation.  Each independent Elector was to recommend two outstanding individuals who could be presidential possibilities. Nominate two (not campaign for one) who they thought would best represent the interest of the Nation and carry out the will of Congress as the Chief Executive. Their recommendations would be based on past performance and service to their state or to the nation—not campaign promises.

The President’s responsibility was not to appeal to the will of the people—he was not the “King of the People.”  The President was the chief Executive of the Union of the States.

The list of names recommended by the independent Electors in each State with the number for votes for each, were then signed, sealed, certified and submitted to the Seat of Government.  The lists would be opened in joint secession of Congress.  The process of opening and tallying the Electors’ nominations determined who the candidates would be. The 5 most recommended individuals by the Electors were the candidates submitted to the House of Representatives for election by the States.  The Representatives from each State formed a delegation which had one vote.  The Vice-president was to come from this same pool of outstanding statesmen.

This system for electing a President is so ingenious, because one group outside of government control and influence—the Electors, representing the people of the various States, would make the recommendations, and another group which was part of government, the peoples’ House of Representatives, would make the final election, as equal states.

The Framers outlined and established a “Constitutional Federation”, not a democracy. This was a truly ingenious structure of government.  They created a “more perfect union,” established justice, safeguarded freedom, individual liberty and prosperity.

We claim that constitutional government was destroyed by party government. The first branch to fall was the Executive Branch.  The hastily written and ratified 12th Amendment was a result of party machinations usurping the assignment of the independent Electors to recommend outstanding presidential possibilities.  Parties encouraged political campaigning, running for office and led the country from a constitutional federation to mass democracy.

We invite examination of our research and analysis in our book, The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College.  From Amazon

Previous articles for more details:
The Framers Designed a Far Superior Process

Carolyn Alder  [email protected]
The original Constitution was truly the “Formula for Freedom.”


Truth Will Always Win in the End

By: Sridhar “Sri” Rangaswamy

It has been hard for some to digest President Trump’s overwhelming victory from the American people. They do not care about Clinton’s scandals and how many times she’s changed things. Jill Stein, and others like her, insist on wasting time, resources and taxpayer’s money to do a recount. Trump’s win is hard for them to accept.

Why did President Obama wait and order an investigation before he leaves? Why didn’t he check before the election? Why did he not check with his intelligence agencies? They are trying to politicize lots of things from the left and they are sending taxpayer’s money down the drain forever.

This is so sad.

There should be justice. I hope God will intervene, send angels and make things happen. They are always playing dirty politics in some way or another. For example, at first Clinton said she would accept the election, whereas Trump was doubtful. She made a big issue out of it! Now she is asking people to do a recount in Wisconsin, but that resulted in Trump getting 162 more votes. She insists there is voter fraud. She’s just like Jill Stein.

Any neutral person can easily see these things derive from the other incidents. The DNC collaboration with CNN – remember Donna Brazile? What do we say about that? What do we say about writing about Bernie Sanders and not letting him win? What do we say about Clinton’s foundation getting donations and being financed by those who do not support women at all? They say these are reliable sources, but what do we call the above? What about Bengazhi? How many times does Clinton change her stand? What does President Obama say about that? Why didn’t President Obama look into the election before he started, if he thinks there is an issue?

Did you see Project Veritas? Did you see what Clinton and other Democrats did? They blamed Trump for instigating violence, whereas they were doing the same thing … quietly. Where does all this fake news originate from and how do they manipulate and play so many games behind the scenes?

They haven’t liked Donald Trump at all from the beginning. He is a straight shooter, very direct and gets things resolved as a businessman should. He isn’t a lobbyist either.

You can tell he wants the best of the best serving with him. You can tell by the way he selects his cabinet. This is proof.

I believe truth will always win in the end.


Pity the poor Trump delegates to the Electoral College

By: Nelson Abdullah | Conscience of a Conservative

To be a defenseless victim of any war is a terrible ordeal. To be a victim of psychological warfare is demoralizing at best and downright frightening at least. Let no one misunderstand what is going on here, the 306 elected Trump delegates to the Electoral College have been under assault, verbally and mentally, since the day after the elections on November 8th. And the sole purpose of the assault is to persuade them into switching their votes on December 19th to someone other than Donald J. Trump, the Republican president-elect.

First came the reports that a number of Trump delegates had started to receive threatening emails and phone calls warning them of dire consequences if they cast their sworn votes for Donald Trump. Then came the far left claims the election results in three former Democrat strongholds, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, had been or were suspected of being hacked (with absolutely zero evidence given) and the push began to order a recount of the votes. For obvious reasons the call for a recount was made several weeks after election day so that it could not possibly be completed in time to meet the federal deadline on December 13th.

The only purpose of this maneuver was to try and stall the certification of the final results to prevent the delegates from these states from being able to participate in the Electoral College meeting on December 19th. Finally after two weeks of non-stop media coverage and not a single mention about stalling, state and federal courts ruled Jill Stein had no standing in Pennsylvania, the Michigan recount was halted after hundreds of precincts showed phony Democrat ballot discrepancies and the Wisconsin recount, which was started in advance of court challenges, was completed giving Donald Trump 162 extra votes.

Then, soon after the Democrats began pushing their conspiracy theories about Russia hacking the DNC emails to help Trump’s win, the liberal mainstream news media chimed in to raise the sound level of the wailing losers. And as Donald Trump began to assemble his new government almost every cabinet level and agency head selection was tossed into the liberal conspiracy to turn America into a police state or a sell out to foreign governments.

The latest straw in the desperate Democrat plot to steal the White House is a group of 14 Democrat delegates to the Electoral College, led by the daughter of Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, plus a single Republican turncoat have demanded that they receive an intel briefing from the CIA on the extent of the Russian hacking of the DNC and the fake news stories planted to solidify Trump’s victory. I cannot even begin to see what legal standing this demand can relate to but that doesn’t seem to bother the Liberal MSM from blaring it from the rooftops.

All of this reminds me of a very simple example of how psychological warfare works. Wherein a very small group of fighters surround the encampment of their much larger enemy at night and begin to bang on pots and pans and use bullhorns to make their numbers seem overwhelmingly large. The much larger enemy becomes confused and demoralized and subsequently throws down their weapons and surrenders.

I’m not sure if the Democrats and their Leftist, Communist, anti-American allies are (maybe I should reword that because Democrats are all Leftists, Communists and anti-American) fully aware of the consequences of what they are doing but should they succeed in disrupting the results of this election and prevent Donald Trump from being inaugurated on January 20th next year, their will be a civil war like nothing that has been recorded in American history. As one wag commented to one of my opinions on Breitbart put it: If Hillary Clinton manages to steal this election she will never again sleep in the same bed twice for the rest of her life.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


Van Jones is Behind this Electoral College Vote Challenge

***NOTE: Megaphone Strategies is connected to George Soros and they are the firm representing the Hamilton Electors seeking to keep Donald Trump from the presidency. They are also the firm that handled Barack Obama’s campaigns and Hillary Clinton’s. They also represent Black Lives Matter.

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

July, 2016:

PHILADELPHIA— Self-described “communist” and “rowdy black nationalist” Van Jones is starting a new “social justice” public relations outfit to be called Megaphone Strategies.

The firm touts itself as a “social justice media strategy firm run for purpose, not profit.” (Good luck with your efforts to circumvent human nature, Comrade Jones.) Molly Haigh, communications director for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee is his partner in this new adventure in antisocial activism.

Jones, who was President Obama’s green jobs czar until it was revealed that he was a 9/11 truther, will chair the organization’s board while Haigh will be president and oversee five staffers in the beginning.

AdWeek’s Fishbowl DC blog reports, quoting Jones:

Everywhere we look, we discover courageous people finding ways to break down barriers and solve tough problems. We need to hear their voices, and we need to elevate their work,” said Van Jones of the reason behind the firm’s creation, which will offer strategy, publicity, media training and event/social justice campaign planning services.

Megaphone’s clients include Vote.org, the ACORN-affiliated Working Families Party, and Demand Progress.

Jones, by the way, said Donald Trump’s speech on the closing day of the Republican National Convention makes him an American Hitler.

Well, actually, the America-hating communist didn’t literally say that but he came fairly close.

Although Trump’s speech was widely applauded in Republican circles, Jones called it a “schizophrenic psychopathic attempt to pull apart the Obama coalition,” like a moment “where there’s some big authoritarian movement, and some leader that’s rising up,” and “a disgrace.”

What do you expect from someone who hates everything America stands for?

What Jones said about Trump’s address probably isn’t anywhere near the worst garbage to have spewed from his mouth on CNN where he is a paid contributor. His commentary throughout the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week was fairly uniformly malicious, ugly, and unfair.


Megaphone Strategies lists a majority of its clients as environmental and “social justice” organizations such as 350.org, Green For All, Democracy Fund, and Demand Progress. More here.

Going back to 2009, Van Jones called the Republicans ‘assholes’ before his audience at a time when he worked for the Obama White House.


Will history record this as The Great Trump Robbery?

***NOTE: Jill Stein’s Green Party is dropping its court case to force a recount in Pennsylvania, saying that it’s unable to afford the $1 million bond set by the Commonwealth Court.

Conscience of a Conservative

No one on the front lines of the conservative movement seem to be aware of what is going on during the post-election Trump victory party. While the over enthused Trumpeters are preoccupied with opening their Christmas presents, neither Drudge, Breitbart or Fox News have bothered to check their calendars to see the looming deadline of the December 19th meeting of the Electoral College and compare that to the timeline of the recount effort in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Some very crafty undercover Hillary operatives have devised a plan to upset the presidential election and turn American History inside out.

What seems to have escaped the brilliant minds of the mainstream conservative media is the fact that Hillary Clinton has aimed at a Hail Mary attempt that may actually succeed in nullifying the electoral ballots of the 55 delegates from Wisconsin (19), Michigan (16) and Pennsylvania (20) by forcing a last minute recount that will most certainly not be completed before the federally mandated December 13th deadline. The consequence of this action will be that the electoral votes from these three states will be forfeited. The recount effort is a ruse and a smokescreen to distract the victors. Hillary Clinton’s real plan is to stall the recount until it is too late to complete before the federal deadline.

The second Left-wing flank attack on Donald Trump’s 306 electoral votes comes from the deluge of intimidating threats directly aimed at some of Trump’s delegates. So far the rumor has it that almost 15 of them have indicated they will not vote for Trump when the Electoral College meets on December 19th. While various parties representing Donald Trump and the Republican Party are filing lawsuits to stop this attack in Michigan and Wisconsin, the state of Pennsylvania has announced that the deadline for requesting a recount has expired. But this hasn’t deterred the Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein camps from filing their own lawsuits to force a Pennsylvania recount. Looking at the numbers it thus appears that subtracting the 55 delegate votes from the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will reduce Donald Trump’s total to 251, well below the 270 votes needed to win. If the rumors prove to be true about the number of “unfaithful electors” who plan to renege their pledge to vote for Trump then Trump’s total drops even more to 236 votes. If those 15 “unfaithful electors” actually switch their votes to Hillary Clinton then her actual total of electoral votes jumps from the 232 she won on election day to 247 and she beats Donald Trump by 9 votes.

So maybe its time to put the cork back in the bottle of Champagne and get out the gun oil and clean up your weapons because we may wind up with a full-blown uprising before Christmas.

A long time ago a very astute Washington observer once said, “In Washington, the conservatives get the rhetoric and the liberals get the action.” And before that candid revelation was inscribed, George Santayana, a Spanish-born, American philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist, wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Hey, Breitbart, hey, Drudge, its time to wake up and start spreading the alarm. The biggest robbery in history is taking place right under your noses. My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


Smokescreens and deception hide the purpose of Hillary’s vote challenge.

By: Nelson Abdullah | Conscience of a Conservative

Democrats love contested elections because there are so many ways they can steal them. And so many ways for them to win some advantage point with them. There also happens to be two major developments going on right now regarding this election. Without addressing them both at the same time in the same story the point of the recount issue by itself is meaningless. The current effort to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania is a distraction and a smokescreen for the Democrats real purpose. The Trump delegates in the Electoral College are under siege to change their votes and this recount push is certainly not helping them maintain their positions. This recount effort is really being used to demoralize them. The Democrats also have everything to gain by creating doubt and confusion with voter recounts. Read this opening paragraph about the 2008 U.S. Senate race in Minnesota from Wikipedia.

After a legal battle lasting over eight months, Al Franken from the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) defeated Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in one of the closest elections in the history of the Senate. Al Franken took his oath of office on July 7, 2009, more than half a year after the beginning of his term on January 3, 2009. By the way, Al Franken won after several hundred absentee ballots mysteriously reappeared after being discovered at the bottom of someone’s desk.

The Democrats have already admitted they have thousands of lawyers standing by to challenge the election results. If the recount issue is allowed to hold up the final election results it may delay the Electoral College vote on December 19th. If it winds its way into the courts, that keeps Barack Obama in the White House until it is finalized. That also puts a lot of pressure on the thin GOP Senate majority to postpone the nomination hearings of Chief Judge Merrick Garland that Obama made to the Supreme Court. If that happens then it is very possible that the liberal Democrat that Obama nominated will be confirmed, either by the Recess Rule or by a frustrated Senate. If so, score a major win for the Democrats, even if Donald Trump is eventually sworn in.

My gut feeling is the big push for a recount is a smokescreen and a distraction to the Democrats real purpose. That purpose is to demoralize the Trump delegates to the Electoral College. These elected delegates are already being besieged with death threats to make them change their vote when the Electoral College meets on December 19th.

This fact doesn’t diminish the importance of the vote recount and the national Tea Party has called for loyal Trump supporters to act as witnesses in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania when the recount takes place. Read more on their web page:


It wouldn’t be the first time Democrats have tried to steal an election with a recount. They have done it many times before by getting dead people to vote and busing in illegal voters that are not hampered with voter ID restrictions. And believe me, it won’t be over until the fat lady sings Trump’s victory song or the Patriots run out of ammunition.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


MSNBC’s Election Day “Crystal Ball” is Broken

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


Instead of underwriting media stars who fail to predict the future, perhaps the University of Virginia (UVA) ought to get back to teaching students marketable skills so they can obtain good jobs.

One of the big losers on November 8 was UVA media star and Professor Larry Sabato, who said on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell show that “Our prediction is that Hillary Clinton will get 322 electoral votes, and Donald Trump will get 216.”

Trump/Pence are projected to get 306 electoral votes to Clinton/Kaine’s 232.

Perhaps he should take up astrology.

His Crystal Ball newsletter “has been a leader in accurately predicting elections since its inception,” says Sabato’s website. Described as “authoritative,” the newsletter is part of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia.

His total compensation in 2014 was $380,000.

On the November 7 O’Donnell show, Sabato predicted Clinton would win North Carolina (Trump won it) and that Clinton had a real shot of winning Ohio (Trump won it by nine points).

Sabato said, “One of my great people at the Crystal Ball, Kyle Condik, wrote a book called Bellwether about Ohio…so his contacts are the best and they keep telling us that it’s much, much closer than people realize and that Clinton might, might be able to pull out a victory there…”

Kondik is managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball newsletter.

Sabato also predicted a net gain of four for Democrats in the Senate, resulting in a 50-50 tie in Congress’ upper chamber. “If we’re right about the presidential contest, that means Vice President Tim Kaine (D) will be breaking ties after Inauguration,” Sabato claimed.

Sabato thought there was a chance of Democrats taking the Senate. “If we’re off on the total number of seat changes [in the Senate],” he said, “we think it’s slightly likelier that Democrats get to 51 or 52 than Republicans. That could mean the Democrats pulling out a win in Indiana, Missouri, or North Carolina. If Republicans hold on to the majority, it probably would be because Ayotte survives in New Hampshire.”

In fact, Ayotte lost in New Hampshire and Republicans won in Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina.

Ayotte alienated Republicans by abandoning Trump. Her campaign alienated conservatives by passing out free condoms to get votes at the University of New Hampshire.

Rather than being losses, the GOP victories were:

  • In Indiana, the Republican Todd Young beat Democrat Evan Bayh by 52.1 to 42.4.
  • In Missouri, the Republican Roy Blunt beat the Democrat Jason Kander by 49.4 to 46.2.
  • In North Carolina, the Republican Richard Burr beat the Democrat Deborah Ross by 51.1 to 45.3.

After the Trump victory, Sabato’s UVA website declared, “We heard for months from many of you, saying that we were underestimating the size of a potential hidden Trump vote and his ability to win. We didn’t believe it, and we were wrong. The Crystal Ball is shattered. We’ll pick up the pieces starting next week as we try to unpack what happened in this election, where there was so much dramatic change from just four years ago.”

He added, “We have a lot to learn, and we must make sure the Crystal Ball never has another year like this. This team expects more of itself, and we apologize to our readers for our errors.”

Perhaps Sabato ought to spend more time teaching classes and less time on MSNBC, CNN and other channels.

To make matters worse, O’Donnell brought on Ana Marie Cox, a rabid feminist now with MTV, who breathed a sigh of relief at Sabato’s prediction that Trump wouldn’t win. But she said America still had a lot to fear because Trump’s success in the primaries had revealed some “real ugly things” about the U.S.

She added, “I am hopeful this is going to be a fairly resounding victory and that is going to put some shame back in people about the kinds of things that have come up during this election.”

Former Jeb Bush communications director Tim Miller was then brought on to say that he was hopeful that Hispanic immigrants would be “the ones to put the nail in Donald Trump`s coffin” in states like Colorado, Nevada and Florida.

Trump lost in Nevada by only 2 points and Colorado by only about 3 points. Trump beat Clinton in Florida.

Sabato told O’Donnell that a firm called Latino Decisions had estimated that Clinton would get a higher percentage of Latino votes than Barack Obama, and that Trump was at only 16 percent.

The results were much different. In fact, the Pew Research Center says Clinton had a lower percentage of Latinos than Obama, and Trump got 29 percent, two more points that Mitt Romney in 2012.

My crystal ball says Sabato will not change the name of his newsletter and that he will be back in four years making another round of predictions.

O’Donnell himself bought into the hype, declaring that the fear is that “the presidency will be handed over to ignorance, incompetence and bigotry,” but that “the latest polls indicate that…America should have nothing to fear.”

He added, “Donald Trump has taken this country to the brink, and tomorrow voters are likely to take it back.”

This episode of the O’Donnell show demonstrates how the media talk among themselves, using sources that reaffirm their biases, while ignoring objective reality.

We have come to expect this from MSNBC, but to have a prestigious university like UVA participate in such a charade is an absolute disgrace.

“The glass ceiling did not break Tuesday night, but the Crystal Ball shattered,” wrote Andrew Cain of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in a story about Sabato’s humiliation.

But don’t think that Sabato will slink away in disgrace. He was back on CNN on Monday giving his opinion on the Electoral College.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.