Cruz’s Presidential Brussels Response: What More Do You Need?

By: Lloyd Marcus

Ted Cruz

In response to the Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels, along with other common sense solutions, Ted Cruz cited the success of the NYPD Muslim surveillance program. http://read.bi/1MB57wM

Well, the mainstream media and Democrat talking heads went nuts; launching their usual shock and awe attack on anyone who refuses to bow their knee in worship to their god of political correctness. The Left called Cruz an idiot and a racist; demanding his head on a platter.

And yet, Cruz has not wavered, not walked-back his solutions nor blinked in his resolve to protect Americans. That’s what I am talkin’ about folks. Ted Cruz is a rock-solid, character-driven and backbone-of-steel conservative; sold-out to defending and advocating for We the people.

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Wait for the Meaningless Platitudes in the Aftermath of the Latest Terrorist Attack

By: Chris Knowles

Belgian Tower 640

Above: Solutions to terror? Eiffel Tower to be lit up in colours of Belgian Flag. What a relief!

Some people will say this latest attack is unbelievable, and will be asking questions such as why us? The usual platitudes and meaningless twaddle will be doing the rounds. Once the dust has settled the usual media talking heads will be wheeled out, disseminating disinformation and blaming the West.

The reality is that this latest attack is not unbelievable. This despicable act of terror is believable, inevitable and predictable. Western leaders just don’t get it! The way things are going there will end up being a Europe-wide intifada and the foolish and inept political leaders will still be scratching their stupid heads.

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34 More “Thoughts and Prayers”

By: James Simpson | Townhall.com


While the Islamic State claims responsibility for triple bombings in Brussels this morning that have left at least 34 dead and scores injured, our political class hands out generic “thoughts and prayers” for the victims.

Neither thoughts nor prayers, muttered after-the-fact, are sufficient to defend America. By allowing unsecured borders, encouraging mass migration and aggressive “refugee” resettlement and by severely limiting law enforcement actions against illegals, our leaders are failing to protect us. They have abandoned their primary role of defending our people and, instead, are rolling out the welcome mat to people whose stated goal is world domination.

A screenwriter could concoct no better example than our lame-duck president. As the body count was still being tallied, the ostensible leader of the free world was cuddling with the leader of a long-standing state-sponsor of terrorism, Raul Castro.

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