It’s Over! Dems Try To Object To Trump Certification As President… Hilarity Ensues

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | Right Wing News

Laughing forever over this one. Just hysterical! You have got to watch the videos below. At a joint session of Congress yesterday, they went about the business of certifying Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States through the Electoral College votes. Give credit where it is due here… Joe Biden did his job and handled this as he should have. Look closely as this all goes down. Behind Joe Biden sits the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and he just cracked up over all this. I don’t blame him.

Barbara ‘commie’ Lee stood up and objected on her own behalf, millions of Americans and the Intelligence Committee over Trump being certified. She’s delusional… Lee does not speak for millions of Americans or the intelligence community. Biden cut her off and gaveled her out of order. She was also booed loudly. Such drama from leftist losers. But, oh so entertaining. And may I just say using the term ‘intelligence’ in the same paragraph as the name Barbara Lee is an oxymoron. Just sayin’.

From The Daily Caller:

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan couldn’t hide his smile when Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly told protesting Democrats to sit down and shut up.

A joint session of Congress met Friday to certify the Electoral College votes cast during the 2016 presidential race.

“Mr. President, I object on behalf of the millions of Americans, including members of the intelligence committee,” Rep. Barbara Lee said before Biden cut her off and she was drowned out by boos.

“There is no debate. Debate is prohibited,” he said. “Objection cannot be received.”

Ryan can be seen smiling throughout the protests.

“Mr. President, I object to the votes from the state of Wisconsin, which should not be legally certified,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee insisted.

“Please come to order,” a visibly frustrated Biden said.

Jackson Lee then tried to bring up “the Russian intrusion,” and was again silenced.

Ryan finally lost it and started laughing when Rep. Maxine Waters stood up and asked, “is there one United States senator who would join me in this letter?”

Biden kept pointing out that there was no debate and the objection could not be received. And you have Ryan smiling and smiling. Then here comes Sheila ‘red’ Jackson Lee objecting, claiming the votes in Wisconsin were not legally certified, when they were. Once again Biden called for order in the chamber. Lee popped up again like a demented Jack-in-the-Box, screeching over the ‘Russian intrusion’. Again, she was found out of order by Biden. That gavel got a real workout yesterday.

Paul Ryan finally just lost it when Maxine ‘Marxist’ Waters stood up and yelled, “Is there one United States senator who would join me in this letter?” Uh no… there wasn’t and she was found out of order and out of her ever freaking mind. Despite all the whining and gnashing of teeth, Trump was indeed certified as President. Let the games continue.

It’s over, so sayeth Joe Biden!!!


President-Elect Trump wins electoral college vote; Michael Moore promotes violence

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

President Elect Donald Trump

Despite the unprecedented effort to take down President-Elect Donald Trump’s presidential victory, he successfully beat the final challenge to his upcoming presidency: the electoral college vote.

The vile propagandist, millionaire Michael Moore has been flipping out on social media as he attempted a last-ditch move to sway the electoral college to no avail. He has also tweeted out support of a vile anarchist group using the hashtag #DisruptJ20 whose slogan is “No Peaceful Transition” and openly plans to “shut down” the inauguration through violent tactics:

He pleaded with the electors, writing in part:

“I think you know something is wrong with this man. He just doesn’t seem ‘right.’ One crazy comment or action after another. He may not be well. Don’t you have a responsibility to protect us from someone who might be mentally unstable?”

Speaking of Michael Moore, he is also touting an anarchist group on Twitter who is openly supporting and promoting violent action during the upcoming presidential inauguration.

This final chapter should never have happened, but it did and it solidified Donald Trump’s election as the 45th US president.


Did Trump Really Win the Election?

By: Carolyn Alder

Hillary won the popular vote—Trump won the Electoral Vote—or did he?
Dec 19th the Presidential Electors cast their votes—Jan 6th we’ll know who
captured the White House—or will the House of Representatives decide?

It seems pretty cut and dried that Trump captured the White House.  Usually the Presidential Electors are a meaningless “rubber-stamp” weeks after the popular vote winner in each State is declared.  However, this year the complaining, protesting, rabble-rousing, turmoil and battle continue—to defeat Trump.

The Presidential Electors have been bombarded with continual email, snail mail, petitions, and phone calls to persuade them to vote for anyone but Trump.  The goal is to reduce the Electoral votes below 270, and let the House of Representatives make the choice.

How did our presidential election process deteriorate to become so loathsome and degenerate?  Three main reasons: political parties, campaigning and popular vote.

Why do we assume the loudest Huckster makes the best President?

The Framers intelligently created a constitutional federation—not a democracy. We describe the structure as a complex constitutional representative republic.

The Framers of the Constitution very carefully outlined in Article II, the procedure for electing a President for the United States.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it authorize: political parties at all (let alone taking over the election process), office seekers campaigning across the nation, or popular vote by the people—mass democracy.

Nothing seems to be more misunderstood than the reasons why the Framers outlined in the Constitution, the use of Presidential Electors in the process of electing a President for the United States.  It is known as the Electoral College.

There have been many recent articles defending the Electoral College and many articles demanding we eliminate the Electoral College by going to a national popular vote.  Tragically, the genius of the purpose and benefits of the system, outlined in the original Constitution is totally unknown today.  Even the articles coming to the defense of the Electoral College, are missing the most important points.

The Presidential Electors were not designed as an “after-thought” to be merely a “rubber-stamp” after years of campaigning—self-aggrandizing office seekers, boasting their qualifications, while trying to cover-up their criminal actives and minimizing their own misdeeds; while tearing their opponents to shreds.  The constitutional election process was designed to avoid political campaigning across the nation, party primaries, state and national conventions, office seekers running on promises which are usually legislative issues, not their prerogative at all, as an Executive.  Candidates promise people so called entitlements, buy votes with bribes, and take millions from special interests on their way to capture the White House.  The best salesman wins the war.  Or as I asked earlier, “Is the loudest Huckster the best President?”

The Framers designed an ingenious system which was the opposite of all of this.  As I mentioned, it was designed to avoid all campaigning, rabble rousing, tumult and disorder because the Office of the President was not elected by the people!  He was not the “King of the people.”

The Framers had discussed many options for selecting a President, and they rejected the idea of a popular vote for President.  The one and only national office to be elected by the people was member of the House of Representatives.

Here is one of the critical missing facts in every discussion:  Every national level office was outlined to be elected using a different method, by a different group of people, representing different (and sometimes conflicting) interests. Each position was to serve a different term in office and was given different enumerated responsibilities.  Each office was to represent a different interest and check other offices from usurping delegated prerogatives.  (Party politics only represents the party interests at every level.)  Each position outlined by the Constitution was designed for thinkers and statesmen at every level.

The method for electing the President was described in detail in Article II of the Constitution.  The ingenious system designated the Electors as the first step in the process. The Electors were the “forethought” not the rubber-stamp “afterthought”.

The Presidential Electors in every State had a very important assignment.  This group of carefully selected intelligent individuals, chosen in whatever manner their State Legislature decided, would meet in their individual states on the same day across the nation.  Each independent Elector was to recommend two outstanding individuals who could be presidential possibilities. Nominate two (not campaign for one) who they thought would best represent the interest of the Nation and carry out the will of Congress as the Chief Executive. Their recommendations would be based on past performance and service to their state or to the nation—not campaign promises.

The President’s responsibility was not to appeal to the will of the people—he was not the “King of the People.”  The President was the chief Executive of the Union of the States.

The list of names recommended by the independent Electors in each State with the number for votes for each, were then signed, sealed, certified and submitted to the Seat of Government.  The lists would be opened in joint secession of Congress.  The process of opening and tallying the Electors’ nominations determined who the candidates would be. The 5 most recommended individuals by the Electors were the candidates submitted to the House of Representatives for election by the States.  The Representatives from each State formed a delegation which had one vote.  The Vice-president was to come from this same pool of outstanding statesmen.

This system for electing a President is so ingenious, because one group outside of government control and influence—the Electors, representing the people of the various States, would make the recommendations, and another group which was part of government, the peoples’ House of Representatives, would make the final election, as equal states.

The Framers outlined and established a “Constitutional Federation”, not a democracy. This was a truly ingenious structure of government.  They created a “more perfect union,” established justice, safeguarded freedom, individual liberty and prosperity.

We claim that constitutional government was destroyed by party government. The first branch to fall was the Executive Branch.  The hastily written and ratified 12th Amendment was a result of party machinations usurping the assignment of the independent Electors to recommend outstanding presidential possibilities.  Parties encouraged political campaigning, running for office and led the country from a constitutional federation to mass democracy.

We invite examination of our research and analysis in our book, The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College.  From Amazon

Previous articles for more details:
The Framers Designed a Far Superior Process

Carolyn Alder  [email protected]
The original Constitution was truly the “Formula for Freedom.”


Pity the poor Trump delegates to the Electoral College

By: Nelson Abdullah | Conscience of a Conservative

To be a defenseless victim of any war is a terrible ordeal. To be a victim of psychological warfare is demoralizing at best and downright frightening at least. Let no one misunderstand what is going on here, the 306 elected Trump delegates to the Electoral College have been under assault, verbally and mentally, since the day after the elections on November 8th. And the sole purpose of the assault is to persuade them into switching their votes on December 19th to someone other than Donald J. Trump, the Republican president-elect.

First came the reports that a number of Trump delegates had started to receive threatening emails and phone calls warning them of dire consequences if they cast their sworn votes for Donald Trump. Then came the far left claims the election results in three former Democrat strongholds, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, had been or were suspected of being hacked (with absolutely zero evidence given) and the push began to order a recount of the votes. For obvious reasons the call for a recount was made several weeks after election day so that it could not possibly be completed in time to meet the federal deadline on December 13th.

The only purpose of this maneuver was to try and stall the certification of the final results to prevent the delegates from these states from being able to participate in the Electoral College meeting on December 19th. Finally after two weeks of non-stop media coverage and not a single mention about stalling, state and federal courts ruled Jill Stein had no standing in Pennsylvania, the Michigan recount was halted after hundreds of precincts showed phony Democrat ballot discrepancies and the Wisconsin recount, which was started in advance of court challenges, was completed giving Donald Trump 162 extra votes.

Then, soon after the Democrats began pushing their conspiracy theories about Russia hacking the DNC emails to help Trump’s win, the liberal mainstream news media chimed in to raise the sound level of the wailing losers. And as Donald Trump began to assemble his new government almost every cabinet level and agency head selection was tossed into the liberal conspiracy to turn America into a police state or a sell out to foreign governments.

The latest straw in the desperate Democrat plot to steal the White House is a group of 14 Democrat delegates to the Electoral College, led by the daughter of Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, plus a single Republican turncoat have demanded that they receive an intel briefing from the CIA on the extent of the Russian hacking of the DNC and the fake news stories planted to solidify Trump’s victory. I cannot even begin to see what legal standing this demand can relate to but that doesn’t seem to bother the Liberal MSM from blaring it from the rooftops.

All of this reminds me of a very simple example of how psychological warfare works. Wherein a very small group of fighters surround the encampment of their much larger enemy at night and begin to bang on pots and pans and use bullhorns to make their numbers seem overwhelmingly large. The much larger enemy becomes confused and demoralized and subsequently throws down their weapons and surrenders.

I’m not sure if the Democrats and their Leftist, Communist, anti-American allies are (maybe I should reword that because Democrats are all Leftists, Communists and anti-American) fully aware of the consequences of what they are doing but should they succeed in disrupting the results of this election and prevent Donald Trump from being inaugurated on January 20th next year, their will be a civil war like nothing that has been recorded in American history. As one wag commented to one of my opinions on Breitbart put it: If Hillary Clinton manages to steal this election she will never again sleep in the same bed twice for the rest of her life.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


Sore Losers — The Framers didn’t want us to play this game

Carolyn Alder www.freedomformula.us  [email protected]

Gary and Carolyn Alder Authors of:  The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College 


The game ended over two weeks ago and yet the losers are still pouting, protesting, rioting, vandalizing, suspending college classes, threatening to secede, petitioning the Presidential Electors to vote for Hillary on Dec. 19th, and planning to flood down on Washington D.C with protests on Jan. 20th, 2017.

This is not just a game lost; but a war that has been going on over a year to capture the “White House.”  The battleground states became a battleground nation. Mr. Trump won the Electoral College battle, Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote battle; but who will win the war on Jan. 20th?

It won’t be the Constitution or the American Federation the Framers established.

Were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the most outstanding individuals and statesmen this nation could produce? This ludicrous and shameful behavior is what party politics and mass democracy has done to us.

Doesn’t this election cycle, if nothing else, prove that we need a better way to elect this high office?

The Framers did not want a democracy.  They  rejected the idea of a popular vote to elect the President.  The notes from the Constitutional Convention, describe many options that were discussed at length on several occasions as to how the office of the chief Executive, the President of the Union of States should be chosenTo share a couple example of their objection to a popular election:

“ Mr. GERRY. (Elbridge Gerry, MA) A popular election in this case is radically vicious [violent]. The ignorance of the people would put it in the power of some one set of men dispersed through the Union & acting in Concert to delude them into any appointment.” [1]

Mr. Gerry also spoke of the “excesses” and “evils” of democracy expressing his opposition this way, “The evils we experience flow from the excess of democracy. The people do not want [lack] virtue, but are the dupes of pretended patriots.  In Mass. it had been fully confirmed by experience that they are daily misled into the most baneful measures and opinions by the false reports circulated by designing men, and which no one on the spot can refute.” [2]

Col George Mason delegate from Virginia, also known as the father of the Bill of Rights, put it this way, “It would be as unnatural to refer the choice of a proper character for chief Magistrate to the people, as it would to refer a trial of colours to a blind man.” [3]

Roger Sherman of Connecticut said, “that the president ought to be elected by Congress, since he feared that direct election of presidents by the people would lead to the creation of a monarchy.” [4]

If the Framers did not want a popularly elected president or democracy –what did they want?

They wanted to design a structure of government to control the national level of government, safeguard freedom, protect individual liberty, establish justice and promote prosperity. They did not go from a confederation of states to a consolidated central government.

The Framers intelligently designed the greatest political document ever created–the Constitution of the United States.  It defined a modified American Federation; a “more perfect Union”–not a democracy.  The Constitution added one house (but only one house) to be elected by the people.  The Articles of Confederation had no assembly elected by the people.

They also added an Executive Branch with specific limited responsibilities and a detailed method for filling that office.  Article II of the Constitution carefully outlines every step.  It was a compound process using one group outside of government influence (independent Presidential Electors) to recommend the most outstanding presidential possibilities; and a second group inside government (the House of Representatives) to make the final election by the States, each state having one vote.

The concept of having one body nominate a group of candidates from which another body will make a final selection is consistent with Resolution # 5 of the Virginia Plan and not an uncommon practice. [5]

Both the nomination and the election came under the jurisdiction of the States.  The States would choose the method of appointment of the Electors and the States having an equal voice—one vote each, would elect the President.  (An American Federation again.)

A “short cut” was provided in case a majority of Electors recommended the same individuals; then there was no need to go to the House. For a more detailed examination of the presidential election process see:  A Far Superior Process [6]

Some of the delegates in the Convention thought the Congress would often make the final election. George Mason for example, stated “that nineteen times in twenty the President would be chosen by the Senate, an improper body for the purpose.”  However, on Sept. 4th when the final election was changed from the Senate to the House, it pleased many delegates.   Mr. Madison records: “Col: Mason liked the latter mode best as lessening the aristocratic influence of the Senate.” [7]

However, because political party machinations sought to manipulate and control the Presidential Electors, and always force a majority, we soon lost the independence of the Electors and the Executive Branch.  The first Branch to fall victim to party politics and democracy was the Executive, facilitated by the 12th Amendment. The Senate was the second casualty of party control and democracy with the 17th Amendment.  The State’s lost the voice of their State Government and the American Federation crumbled to the ground.

President George Washington in his farewell address earnestly pleaded and warned the country in the most solemn manner not to resort to political parties; that sooner or later, the despotism and spirit of revenge would result in the ruins of Public Liberty. (Sept. 19, 1796)

We claim that constitutional government was destroyed by party government.  See our book: The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College

The Constitution was intelligently designed to control the government, not to control the people.

However, the Constitution does not have any control over party politics, but party politics has a lot of control over the people and the government.

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[7] United States—Formation of the Union p. 678 https://archive.org/details/documentsillustr00libr


If Your Nominating Process Resembles a Circus—You get Clowns in the White House: The Framers designed a far superior Process—the original Electoral College

By: Gary and Carolyn Alder

The Framers of the Constitution established an ingenious method for electing a President for the United States. Tragically, the constitutionally defined process, the original Electoral College system, did not receive a fair experiment before self-serving interests and political party machinations quickly took destroyed the constitutionally designed system to protect freedom. Constitutional government was abandoned and replaced by party government.

Noah Webster, known as America’s schoolmaster, and publisher of the first American Dictionary of the English Language, was requested by a couple of the delegates of the Constitutional Convention to examine the new Constitution they had just signed. Webster analyzed the document and published his booklet, Examination of the
Constitution, dated October 10, 1787. Webster described the selection of the president as follows:

“The president of the United States is elective, and what is a capital improvement on the best government, the mode of chusing him excludes the danger of faction and corruption.”

Sadly, just a few years later, Noah Webster observed that the principles he had so enthusiastically praised in the selection of a president had been deserted and forgotten. A note in the margin of Webster’s own copy of his booklet includes the comment:

“This proves how little dependence can be placed on theory. Twelve years experience or four elections demonstrates the contrary.”

It is clear, in the Senate debates on the 12th Amendment, which was hastily ratified in 1804, that most of the senators did not understand or appreciate the beauty of the electoral system established by the Constitution. A few like Samuel White (Delaware), William Plumer (New Hampshire), and Uriah Tracy (Connecticut), unsuccessfully tried to convince their colleagues not to tamper with the structure of the design. As Samuel White stated, “we have not given it a fair experiment,” and “we should be cautious how we touch it.” Samuel White also demonstrated how the political parties had taken over and controlled the Electors in opposition to the original intent. He indicated that under the proposed 12th Amendment, the choices would be effectively reduced to two (one from each party) and that would “more than double the inducement to those candidates, and their friends, to tamper with the Electors, to exercise intrigue, bribery, and corruption…”.

The 1787 Constitution established a truly unique American constitutional federation; or as stated in the Preamble, “a more perfect union.” It was specifically structured to protect freedom. The federation was balanced by creating one house to represent the state governments, one house to represent the people in national issues, an executive to represent the Union of the States and a judicial branch to make sure laws stayed within the bounds set by the Constitution regarding both procedure and content.

Every office at the national level was designed to be filled using a different method of selection. Each method represented different interests and insured that those making the appointment or election were competent to make the selection. It was not a democracy of the people electing every office. The Framers had discussed and rejected the option of electing the President by popular vote. The only office whose members were to be elected directly by the people was the House of Representatives.

The Constitution does not describe and define a party system. It was not designed to be run by political parties. The procedure for electing a president was designed to avoid all party methodology including campaigning, office seeking, intrigue and cabal. If someone was seeking the office, it was a sure sign he was not the man for the job.

The Framers had designed a truly unique system for electing a president. The key element for the system to work was to locate in every state, competent wise individuals who could nominate the best possible (most competent) presidential candidates. These presidential Electors were to be independent, clear thinking individuals using their own minds, not led around by the nose, by incumbents, self serving office seekers, or special interests. Their nominations would be based on past performance not campaign promises. As Alexander Hamilton said in Federalist No. 68,

“The choice of several, to form an intermediate body of Electors, will be much less apt to convulse the community, with any extraordinary or violent movements than the choice of one who was himself to be the final object of the public wishes.”

The Framers were very careful to outline every detail of the presidential Electors’ responsibility. The Electors were to meet in their respective States, on the same day throughout the United States. Each Elector was charged to name two individuals qualified to be president. Both the president and vice president would eventually come from the same pool of qualified individuals. As Uriah Tracy, explained, in the 12th Amendment Senate debate, “The duty of the Electors is precisely defined. They are each to bring forward two candidates fully qualified for President …”

The Electors in each state could discuss all possibilities, qualifications, merits, past performance, service rendered, during their one time meeting, but there was no need for the Electors to conform to the selection of each other or any outside influence. Each Elector was independent. The Elector’s votes were nominating votes. There was no pre-printed ballot. At the conclusion of their meeting, Art II Sec 1 clause 3 states, “They shall make a List of all Persons voted for, and the Number of Votes for each; which List they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the Seat of the Government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate.” All of the Certificates would be opened in joint session of Congress and the Votes then be counted. The counting of the votes, so carefully protected from control or manipulation, determined the candidates.

This is where the beauty of American constitutional federalism came into play as a majority vote of the States would nearly always make the final choice for President from the 5 most nominated individuals by the Electors. This election would take place in the House of Representatives, immediately following the opening of the Electors’ sealed certificates with each State having one vote. Unless there is a tie, there is no vote for Vice President. He is designated by the original Constitution as the one remaining with the most electoral votes after the President is selected. The candidates are nominated by a procedure totally outside of control or influence of the Federal government where the most populous states have the biggest say, but the President is elected by a branch of the Federal government acting with equal say regardless of population—a truly Federal system.

Gary and Carolyn Alder