‘The Architect’ of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Speaks

Bob McCarty Writes

While reporting on the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence release Wednesday of its controversial 525-page report about the CIA’s so-called “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”, most news outlets contacted the usual inside-the-Beltway suspects for comments and highlighted polar-opposite views. The folks at Vice News, however, went to the Florida Everglades to interview James Mitchell, the man some refer to as “The Architect” of the CIA’s EIT program.

The 25-minute interview is worth watching, regardless of which side you find yourself when it comes to interrogating terrorists and suspected terrorists. And when you’re done watching it, you might be interested in my contention that torture might be a moot issue if not for the actions taken by a small group of people, including James R. Clapper Jr., the man now serving as our nation’s Director of National Intelligence (i.e., our nation’s top intelligence official).

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CIA Torture Report Might Be Moot Issue If Not for Clapper

Bob McCarty Writes

If only people like Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. had not worked so hard to ban the use of our most-effective interrogation technology, the use of the words “CIA interrogation techniques” and “torture” in the same sentence would likely not be making headlines around the world today.

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Instead, members of the national and international news media are in a tizzy about the long-awaited and much-anticipated release Tuesday of a CIA report on interrogation techniques used on suspected al-Qaeda detainees held in secret facilities in Europe and Asia in the years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Many Washington power brokers believe the report will spur attacks against American interests.

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