Obama Admin Hands Out 5.5 Million Extra Work Permits Since ’09, While US Workers Struggle


In addition to and beyond the 1 million green cards and 700,000 foreign worker admission each year, FOIA’d documents reveal the administration has issued another 5.5 million work permits since 2009. This more than doubles the annual average rate of foreign worker admissions, unilaterally, at a time when immigration levels are already at record highs. Now, the President has ordered another 5 million work permits be made available to 5 million additional illegal immigrants to take any job in America; Democrats blocked debate on a DHS funding bill that would fully fund the Department but not allow funds to be illegally redirected towards these new work permits.

Sessions: Dems Object To DHS Funding In Order To Advance Extreme & Unlawful Amnesty Agenda


Senate Democrats voted again today to block funding for the Department of Homeland Security, in order to protect an illegal executive decree many Democrats have said they oppose and which the President himself declared unconstitutional. Among other things, the executive amnesty will transfer millions of jobs to unlawful workers at a time high domestic unemployment.