Dreams of the Prophet… Nightmares for the Rest of Us

By: Merrill McCarthy

Would-be-Jihadi, Khalil Abu-Rayyan of Dearborn Heights, Michigan is back in the news.


You may recall that he was recently arrested on gun and marijuana charges and is in Federal detention. He has not been charged with any specific acts connected with terrorism, but there was a several month long social media interchange with an FBI undercover agent who has documented his desire to shoot up a local church, conduct a suicide mission against the arresting officer, and cause jihad-inspired mayhem whenever and wherever possible. He spoke about his dreams of beheading people.

Abu-Rayyan’s court appointed public defender hints at entrapment, saying his client was “seduced and radicalized” by the undercover FBI agent. There may be a mental health argument due to reports of hearing voices telling him to commit violent actions.

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Dodging Bullets in Dearbornistan

By: Merrill McCarthy

“If I Can’t Do Jihad in the Middle East,
I Would Do My Jihad Over Here.”

We have a troubling story over here in Dearborn Heights, Michigan about a young man who planned to wage violent jihad against a church close to his work in Detroit.


He thought the church would be a good choice because it was a gun-free zone and target-rich with capacity for 6,000 congregants. The would-be-shooter’s plot was not carried out because his father found and confiscated the jihad kit in his car consisting of a gun, ammo and a mask. Thwarted in his initial plan to terrorize the citizens of Michigan and the world, he told an FBI undercover agent about wanting to use a knife or a sword to achieve his “dream of beheading someone”.

For months, twenty-one-year-old Khalil Abu-Rayyan, self-proclaimed Palestinian Muslim, has been peppering social media with violent and hateful speech, threatening jihad. The FBI tuned in and an undercover agent learned of the violence contemplated by this young man who wanted to go “Sahwat” hunting, a term for an Iraqi who opposes ISIL. An arrest was made before he was able to put his plans into action and he is currently in detention.

An audio clip of the arraignment reveals a well-spoken young man with no trace of a foreign accent. He was probably born here or has lived here most of his life. And yet, it appears his allegiance is not with the USA, but with an Islamist terrorist organization based in the Middle East.

Think about the lack of assimilation and what it means. This young man of fighting age could not make it overseas to wage jihad so he settled for doing it here:

“If I can’t do jihad in the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.”

He settled for a proxy target; a church having no ties to his enemies in the Middle East.

While we have many unanswered questions, the two that seem to be at the forefront are:

1) Why would someone who has lived in the USA for a lifetime, like the San Bernardino shooter, or this young man take up arms against innocent countrymen who have no ties to ISIL?

2) Why would the parents of an obviously dangerous young man fail to turn him over to the authorities when they had first-hand knowledge of intended criminal acts, much like the blind eyes turned to the bomb factory in San Bernardino?

Maybe there is something about the culture of these enclaved communities that do not resemble the America we know.


Places like Dearborn could be picked up and set down in the Middle East without skipping a beat. The signs on the stores are in Arabic, the food is Arabic and the language is Arabic. The ideology on-the-street is largely Sharia. (51% of US Muslims want the option of living here under Sharia)


A few months ago a man having a business breakfast in Dearborn overheard a quartet of retiree age men at a nearby table discussing world affairs. Since this man speaks Arabic, he understood the whole conversation and it was not pro-American. In fact, one of the men at the table went as far as saying that he wished he had the courage to strap on a suicide vest himself, and that perhaps if he were ever given a terminal cancer diagnosis he might just do it. Incredible! These are suicidal and murderous ideations. If a psychiatrist had heard them he would have been required to notify authorities about the outward threat and then would have to admit the man to a residential treatment hospital for protection because of suicidal thoughts.

And yet, this is coffee shop conversation in an enclaved city where Sharia Law is observed in many ways and Christians are stoned for sharing the gospel on a public sidewalk.


In Dearborn, a father can find a gun, ammo and a mask in his son’s car and think that taking the items away from him will solve the problem, or a family in San Bernardino can overlook a bomb-making operation in their son’s kitchen and a neighbor can decide reporting very suspicious behavior would be riskier that having people possibly injured as a result of that suspicious behavior.

These “lone wolf” attackers, inspired by social media seem to be on the rise. Pretty soon we will run out of enough FBI agents to monitor what is going on. More attacks will not be a surprise. We might as well expect them. We need to have better ways to identify and defuse them. Thanks to the FBI, we have dodged bullets on this one, but maybe the next time we will not be so lucky.

We need more help from the families and the communities of these young jihadi “wannabes” because the signs are always there. It is not enough to take away the weapons when you find them. The authorities must be notified and if not, the culpable families may need to assume civil and criminal responsibility for looking the other way when tragedy could have been prevented.

The community needs to step up as well. These “lone wolf” attackers are always presented as a shock to their neighbors, although that message is changing. In the San Bernardino shooting, as well as this one that was nipped in the bud, the initial public statements have been made by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Trial, the biggest terrorism financing prosecution in American history. CAIR has been identified as a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood which has been condemned as a terrorist organization by the UK and several Middle Eastern countries.

So far, the message from CAIR on this case is that “we should not rush to judgment,” but actually their early appearance on the scene is a dog whistle to anyone else who may be contacted for a quote to defer to the CAIR spokesperson who will have the official spin – beware of Islamophobia.


Dawud Walid – Executive Director, CAIR Michigan

CAIR is not interested in the truth. If an imam is radicalizing young men in Dearborn or elsewhere, we will not hear about it from CAIR. What we will hear is CAIR on the offense with claims of Islamophobia if people start asking too many questions or veer off the politically correct pathway. CAIR will not assist in getting to the truth and in the past have urged people to not cooperate with the FBI unless absolutely necessary.

The greater question here is about our flawed immigration policy, especially the Refugee Resettlement program. Why continue to bring people here who do not want to assimilate and are instead bringing the Middle East conflict here to be fought on our soil? The church full of worshippers Abu-Rayyan wanted to shoot-up was not his enemy, just an unfortunate casualty of his misguided ideological world view and the policy of flooding America with people who hate us.

It is correct for us to be concerned about bringing in unvettable Syrians or others who may be terrorists with fake passports. But we must also start finding ways to vet people who we have already brought in to our country. We must understand the ideology that guides their actions and recognize that they may be no more than economic migrants who have no allegiance to the USA at all, or worse, Islamists pursuing a world without non-Muslims.

We must be more realistic about projecting our patriotic values. We cannot assume we all share the same world view. Every day we learn more to prove we don’t.


Will America Welcome Refugee Invaders as Europeans Say NO WAY?

By: Merrill McCarthy


Europe is starting to wise up about the threat of Islam. Unfiltered reports show huge crowds taking to the streets to protest the refugees’ barbaric behavior. Thousands of young, fit, fighting-age men, wearing new athletic shoes, taking “selfies” with the latest mobile phones, still swarm through Europe looking for the best social services network.


Many unwilling hosts are fed-up and want the rape and plunder to stop. The invaders have worn out their welcome.

So, what about the U.S.? Why is it even an open question whether to take in additional Syrian refugees? We have been told our government has no way to vet them; we know that many of the refugees are not even Syrian; and that ISIS is deploying them as fighters who gain entry by blending in with the horde. They are predominantly Muslim men, not the persecuted Christians who are being crucified and beheaded in this cradle of Christianity. And the world stands by, just as they did 100 years ago during the Armenian Genocide, a slaughter that exterminated most of the Armenians living on the earth at that time, dispersing the remainder to anywhere in the world they could find shelter.


What happened to the Armenians and what is happening to Christians today is a product of the teachings of Islam. This is Hijra, a major tenet of Islamic Sharia Law, to go forth and conquer new territories. It is not missionary work. It is total conquest and it happens everywhere there are Muslims.

In places like the U.S. which is separated by oceans, the invaders arrive in the Trojan Horse of the Refugee Resettlement Program. Once here, they latch on to all the benefits of a free society and quickly begin angling and agitating for more. At first, it is just an accommodation for something like a place to pray, and then it becomes a takeover of the host’s place of worship. Look at all the mosques through history that were Christian churches before losing their Christian identity and becoming a place for only Muslim worshipers. It is conquest and takeover, choking out what was there before like an invasive weed smothers other plants in the garden.


Islam, the so called “religion of peace” does not respect the minority rights of others it demands for itself. No, once Muslims are in control they make life unpleasant for those who refuse to convert. They demand extra taxes (Jizyah) from the infidel. They can do this because the religion and state are one. If people don’t like it, they leave or are pushed out, often violently as evidenced by the current persecution of Christians, often leaving property behind to the benefit of those who were the persecutors.

A history refresher course would reveal that Muslims have been on their quest for world domination from their beginnings. They move until they meet push back as they did several times in Europe until the Crusades were finally successful, or even at the time of U.S. founding, when we needed to protect our interests as a sovereign nation. Our Marines were established to defeat the Muslim Barbary Pirates terrorizing the seas and interfering with our citizen’s commerce. If we do not learn from our history we are doomed to repeat it. And maybe that has been the problem in this era of political correctness that has made us willfully blind to the need for self-protection.

We must meet the challenges of Islam head on. We must see it for what it is, a geopolitical movement cloaked in the trappings of religion. We must understand history and refuse to be assuaged by gentle exhortations of peace. Islam uses deceit as a strategic tactic. There are almost as many words to describe categories of lying to gain advantage with infidels as Eskimos have to describe different types of snow. Do not be taken in by words of peace and goodwill. Do not be fooled by ecumenical outreach from the mosques. Muslims make an approach under the guise of religion, but the end-game is always total conquest. Recognize Islam for what it is – a long-range movement that will never rest until it achieves the final goal – complete world domination.



Is the Pope Committing a Sin of Omission?

By: Merrill McCarthy


Is the Pope Making Money Moving Bodies into America?

This week marks the historic visit of Pope Francis and his speech before a joint session of Congress. To showcase charity and humility, he is choosing to dine with the homeless rather than attending a luncheon with Congressional leaders, and is being ferried around in a tiny Fiat rather than a limousine.


The optics and the message are registering, but are they misleading?

The Pope’s message to Congress was clear. We are all refugees somewhere in our backgrounds and it important to do everything possible to make the refugee’s lives easier and we must welcome them to our midst. He has already gone on record in Europe announcing the Vatican will welcome two refugee families and he wants every diocese to follow suit.

But maybe the Pope should embrace transparency and divulge the obvious conflict of interest he has when asking for more help for refugees. The Catholic Church profits financially.


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is one of the nine contractors that handle all the placements in the Refugee Resettlement (RR) program which has been underway for thirty five years in the U.S.A. On their website, you will find they take credit for handling the placement of 30% of the refugees that come here every year. 

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is well paid for their efforts. The USCCB is paid with tax dollars from U.S. citizens who are in the dark about how this program works. People are ill-informed about a program that has been going on since the 1980’s with little-to-no oversight from the elected officials in DC who rubber stamp and renew it on an annual basis. There are no public hearings and little publicity until people wake up one day to find their town has been flooded by refugees who are very dependent on the community for schools, public safety, medical care, translators and a myriad of other needs.

Refugee Resettlement in the U.S. Is a billion dollar a-year industry. The contractors are paid by the head to get refugees set up in a community. Once this brief orientation of just a few months is over, the refugees are on their own, but not really, because the orientation period has been used by the resettlement contractor to line up all available federal and state welfare programs to act as a safety net. It is so much of a safety net that it has had the effect of making people dependent on government handouts and many remain on welfare indefinitely.

Because the refugee problem is so lacking in transparency, the stakeholders, the U.S. taxpayers have not had an opportunity to make their voices heard. There has never been a public examination or debate about the most desirable strategies to deal with refugees. Many of the best solutions are being overlooked because people don’t even know enough to ask the right questions. Those who profit from the Refugee Resettlement program tend to be guarded and secretive. The resettlement industry spends time and effort to strategize how they will deal with “pockets of resistance” or in other words, the private citizens who have a group of strangers dumped on their doorstep and choose to resist. This is a global program with the UN in charge and calling the tune, and yet it affects every taxpayer for not only the original placements, but also the ongoing needs of a population of immigrants that rarely become totally self-sufficient and integrated within the community. There is a marked lack of assimilation and recent refugees do not even pay lip service to assimilation.

If the Pope would ever hope to have moral authority on the refugee question, he must divulge his clear conflict of interest as a paid contractor through the participation of the Conference of Catholic Bishops. This is not charity. It is big business with a big payday as evidenced by six figure salaries for the contractors and high priced lobbyists in Washington DC. The idea that the Pope would come to this country, always top-of-the-list in charitable donations, and lecture citizens who may have been negatively affected by a flood of both legal and illegal immigrants, is offensive in light of the Catholic Church’s obvious financial stake in keeping the RR program in place and growing.


What can you do? Go to Ann Corcoran’s excellent site, and learn all you can. Be sure to sign the petition that calls for local control for refugee resettlement linked to her site and share it with all your contacts. Talk to your elected officials at every level. Encourage them to get up to speed and start to exercise some local control. We cannot allow our lives to be impacted by officials at the UN rather than our elected officials. We should call a halt to RR until we can study the problem for the best solutions. If you just remember “local” rather than “global” as the guiding principle you will be on the right track. We do not want influence from the less-than-truthful globalists at the UN or the Vatican.



“Welcoming” the Third World to Your Neighborhood

By: Merrill McCarthy

Third World

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder has once again extended a warm welcome to newcomers by celebrating “Welcoming Week in Michigan”. He wants to fuel the Michigan economy with immigrant entrepreneurs. He wants to lure immigrants to Michigan, especially the City of Detroit. Rumors have been floating for months that 50,000 Syrians might be coming to revitalize Detroit. If there are Syrians in the pipeline that look anything like the hordes of vandals we see sweeping through Europe, it is likely many Michiganders will want the welcome mat pulled inside with the door locked and the lights out.

Consider the important Danish government research study:

“Syrians least likely to get a job, Muslim Refugees “most criminal””

Consider the thinking of Michigan’s at risk communities who have no local control over the global agenda to “welcome” the third world to be their new neighbors:

  • Medicaid recipients who will see funds diverted to refugees
  • Chaldean communities who will be forced to accept as neighbors people from whom they have escaped
  • Inner-city residents dependent on state welfare who will see these funds diverted to refugees
  • Law enforcement who will see an increase in crime and the potential for terror

All Michiganders are, in fact, at risk without local control of refugee resettlement.

But Snyder is so committed to his immigrant agenda, which also includes bringing more people in on work visas, that he has created a special initiative called The Michigan Office for New Americans to recruit immigrants and promote their entrepreneurial spirit. He has named Bing Goel, an Indonesian who settled in Grand Rapids in 1960 to head up the office. An important part of the agenda seems to be a push for more immigration or “newcomers” in Detroit.

There is a big difference in the immigrants who arrived before the RR Act of 1980. The earlier arrivals had more in common with the immigration we have known over the generations. Today’s refugees receive benefits and entitlements that are far richer than what our citizens might receive. And now it is all at taxpayer expense rather than family sponsors or the community pulling together to help the new arrivals learn the language, get a job, and become Americans. Today’s refugees have little in common with Mr. Bing Goel’s experience fifty-five years ago. Mr. Goel probably never knew an immigrant on welfare in his day. But now we know that after five years over 70 % of today’s immigrants are still receiving benefits.

The out of control immigration system is broken and it includes legal, as well as illegal immigration. The taxpayer is ultimately responsible for it all, but there is little opportunity for input. We are kept in the dark until they are on our doorstep. It is taxation without representation and we must get it under control.

One way we can have a voice is by pushing for laws that give us more local control. You can help by reviewing and signing the No Refugee Resettlement without Local OK petition after viewing a brief video. For those with “petition fatigue” this is a different kind of petition. Look at the interactive map and read the comments. Citizens do have a voice. Get everyone you know to sign it. Show it to your elected officials at all levels. With your help we can turn this around. We must.