AIM Editor on Cavuto about Trump and the Media

By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on January 13 on the Fox Business Network. The topic was how the mainstream media came to the defense of CNN after their confrontation with President-elect Donald Trump during his press conference last week, yet said little when President Barack Obama repeatedly attacked Fox News.

“When you saw the situation with [CNN’s] Jim Acosta the other day, it reminded me of when George Bush had a shoe thrown at him,” said Aronoff. “We haven’t seen it in these last eight years. And generally, there’s been very little support for Fox as this administration has attacked Fox. But there was immediately support for CNN.”

President Obama has blamed Fox News for poor polling numbers and Democrat losses during the election. “…[A]fter the election he referred to Fox in ‘every restaurant and bar and big chunks of the country,’” said Aronoff. “That’s why the Democrats lost, he thinks.”

Reporters are using unverified claims to tar Trump’s presidency before it begins, even if the charges may be baseless. “They’re throwing out through innuendo this scurrilous report which was nothing but opposition research,” said Aronoff. “A number of facts that we know to be wrong. And then this got leaked by the intelligence community.”

“I was struck by something Carl Bernstein said on the panel that night,” said Aronoff. “He said, ‘Look, do we know if this is true, do we know if any of it’s true? No we don’t. But here we are talking about it anyway.’”

Aronoff argued that Trump wasn’t in conflict with the intelligence community as a whole, just with the political appointees. “This is so political, coming from the top,” he said. “And I think we have to realize that, if Hillary [Clinton] had won this election, there would be no 35 Russians expelled, there would be no investigation into the FBI and [Director James] Comey, there would be no investigation into the Russian hacking.”

It is also suspicious that Obama has done little about this recent leak. “Why isn’t Obama saying we’re going to investigate who’s leaking this information?” asked Aronoff. As AIM has pointed out, Obama has a track record of going after journalists who print leaked information, as well as their sources. But this time the President has not signaled that he will go after the culprits.

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AIM Editor on Cavuto about Election Coverage Standards

By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media


Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on September 30 on the Fox Business Network. The topic was the mainstream media’s double standard toward presidential candidates, and their willful pursuit of negative stories about Donald Trump while giving Hillary Clinton’s many scandals a pass.

Aronoff remarked on the show that he thought NBC anchor and recent debate moderator Lester Holt “got the message” from the mainstream media to go after Trump during the presidential debate. “If you watched the debate, he started out seemingly fairly innocuous and just trying to be down the middle,” said Aronoff. “But it turned into something where he went after Trump on several issues, and completely ignored Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton emails—all those things never got any kind of airing by Lester Holt.”

Aronoff called Hillary Clinton’s decision as secretary of state to send and receive classified information on an unsecured personal server a “national security scandal” and a disqualifier.

The media’s decision to treat Trump unfairly has been a consistent theme in recent months. “We had this article last month from Jim Rutenberg at The New York Times saying Trump poses such a unique potential danger as president that it’s okay to throw out journalistic standards,” said Aronoff. “Not that [these standards] really existed in recent elections, but that’s the argument.”

“But again, the standards have been thrown out for this one, and Trump is seen as so dangerous in their minds, that they don’t feel the standards are necessary, to try to be even appearing to be objective,” said Aronoff.

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AIM Editor on Cavuto—on Media Double Standard

Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on April 8 on the Fox Business Network. The topic was how the mainstream media are covering the 2016 presidential candidates.

“It’s a complete double standard,” said Aronoff. “The questions that are asked of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders just pale in comparison to the treatment that [Ted] Cruz and [Donald] Trump get, and just in general.”

As we have reported, news media elites lob softball questions to Democrat candidates, staging love-ins which provide favorable free coverage for their campaigns. Meanwhile, this same news media have practically nothing but criticism and derision for the Republican candidates.

“Her numbers are so high on [untrustworthiness], as are Trump’s,” said Aronoff. “But, again, it’s always emphasized about Trump and the Republicans, and how unlikeable Cruz is.”

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AIM Editor on Cavuto show on FBN

Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest analyst on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” with host Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network twice this month. The topic the first time was the politicized news coverage in the wake of the San Bernardino, California terrorist attack that killed 14.

Before the facts were in, The New York Daily News ran the cover story that “God Isn’t Fixing This,” lambasting Republican presidential candidates for failing to connect that attack to gun control initiatives. The Daily News cast it as hypocritical for these candidates to say that their prayers were with the families of the victims.

“The headline maybe should be, ‘What new gun law might have prevented this?’” said Aronoff on Cavuto’s show.

He added that “It’s a human ex­pression of condolences to say, ‘My prayers are with you.’ President Obama said something very simi­lar: ‘Our heart goes out to the vic­tims and their families.’ That’s such a natural thing to say.”

“Clearly, [the San Bernardino attack] was an act of Islamic jihadism.”

The Daily News wasn’t the only mainstream media organization that raced to find its own convenient political explanation for the attacks. “MSNBC and Bloomberg put it in the context of a Planned Parenthood facility nearby, and they were immediately looking at that as a possible motive here,” said Aronoff, calling this attack “the essence of terrorism.”

“Look, anyone who’s now at their office Christmas party in any-town USA will be thinking about [this as a terror attack],” he said. “They’ll look a little more carefully at the people in the room with them, and wonder what they’re thinking.”

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#MillionStudentMarch: Marxist 1%’er Keely Mullen lied to Neil Cavuto

By: Renee Nal
New Zeal

Keely Mullen Screenshot YouTube [WashingtonFreeBeacon]

Keely Mullen Screenshot YouTube [WashingtonFreeBeacon]

“Million Student March” Organizer (and Marxist) Keely Mullen told Neil Cavuto at Fox Business News Thursday that she comes from an “incredibly working class family” who are “already on numerous forms of government assistance and is basically scraping by in order to get me through college…”


But Mullen’s dad purchased a home for “little more than $1 million” in 2005 and Keely also attended the pricey Francis W. Parker High School.

Adding to the contradictions, Mullen previously described her family as “a white, upper middle class family.”

Mullen, along with her co-organizer Elan Axelbank, is a member of the “Socialist Alternative,” a Trotskyist group. While Keely Mullen and/or Elan Axelbank was quoted at the Washington Post, the Soros-funded ThinkProgress, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, among many others, the “journalists” in the mainstream media all forgot to mention that the organizers are Marxists.

As an aside, the “Socialist Alternative” was recently successful in re-electing Kshama Sawant to the Seattle City Council.

Considering the stunning amount of vastly positive national coverage, (Time, Reuters, Newsweek, USA Today among many others) the actual number of students in the streets seems to have been quite anemic.

Keely Mullen YouTube Screenshot [AcronymTV]

Keely Mullen YouTube Screenshot [AcronymTV]

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