Cruz Louisiana Rally: A Throwback to Saner Times

By: Lloyd Marcus


I saw America last night folks; the America I grew up with in Pumphrey, Maryland, a black suburban community outside of Baltimore. The unspoken philosophy of our tiny all black community was education, hard work, respect for elders and God. Pumphrey birthed numerous successful blacks. My sister’s-in-law brother Butch Keaser from Pumphrey was the first black wrestler to win an Olympic medal. http://bsun.md/1VYszt8

We kept score at sporting events in Pumphrey. There were winners and losers. Such is real life. Rev Lemon was pastor of the Baptist church. My dad, Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus was pastor of the Methodist church. Pete was my mom’s homosexual hairdresser. Mom and Pete were good friends. Pete would never think of demanding that my mom approve of his homosexual lifestyle. Dad treated everyone with respect. Local drunkards, we called “wine-os” were guardians of my four younger siblings and me. A wine-o would say, “Hey, that’s Rev. Moccasin’s (Marcus) kid, don’t mess with ’em!”

Last night at the Ted Cruz rally in Louisiana with 2500 people, I felt like I was at a community event in Pumphrey 40 years ago; a revival meeting of traditional American principles and values.

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Dear Evangelical Trumpsters

By: Lloyd Marcus


My 87 year old black dad has been a Christian pastor for over 50 years. I phoned, “Dad, what do I say to Christians who support Trump rather than Ted Cruz?” Dad replied, “Trump says he is a Christian.”

Matthews 7:16 – “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

Ted Cruz is the only candidate who grasps the intensity of the Democrats’, mainstream media’s and homosexual activists’ assault on religious liberty. Cruz has a peerless record of furiously fighting against it. When the Supreme Court, in essence, made it against the law to follow God’s Word which disapproves of homosexuals changing God’s definition of marriage, gay activist George Takei, said this is only the beginning. Because black Justice, Clarence Thomas ruled against twisting the Constitution to please homosexuals, Takei called Thomas “a clown in blackface who should not be on the Supreme Court.”

Folks, imagine the mainstream media firestorm had a Republican called a black Supreme Court Justice a clown in blackface. Takei is allowed to make such a racist comment because his anti-Christian agenda is the same as today’s Democratic party and mainstream media.

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