Financial News Update – 05/19/09

Pay Higher Taxes, Be Happy!

Waxman’s Workover

How Washington Rations

What Real Bipartisan Health Care Reform Looks Like

Private Sector Sacrifice, Public Sector Gain

News Flash: Obama-Appointed GM CEO Supports Obama

Fact Check: Media Matters Wrong on Card Check Facts

The Obama Car Tax

The National Debt Road Trip

The Great Right North

Morning Bell: Avoid California’s Mistakes

A Lesson in How Not to Revive the Auto Industry

CORRECTED – UPDATE 1-GM bankruptcy plan eyes quick sale to gov’t

Oil prices bounce above $60

Venezuela set to build first oil rig with China

Housing construction at record low

Obama to announce auto mileage, emissions rules; Cost consumers extra $1,300 per vehicle

San Francisco to impose cigarette butt tax

Democratic fundraiser convicted of corruption

Senate Yanks Gitmo Closing Cash

Senate OKs Credit Card Crackdown Bill

Big Banks Look to Repay TARP

From SurvivalBlog:

China holds sway over US Dollar

“Obsessive Housing Disorder” on Michelle Malkin’s blog

If You’re Not Petrified of Obama, You’re Not Paying Attention

AP Economic Stress Index: Measuring Financial Strain By County

US Backing for World Currency Stuns Markets

Goldman’s $10 Billion Payback

House Price Drops Leave More Underwater

Stocks Jump on House, Bank Optimism

Asia will author its own destruction if it triggers a crisis over US bonds

Investors: Bull Market Has No Legs

Lookout! Capitalism Dead. US Going Bankrupt. There Is Going To Be War

Long and Short of Bond Insanity

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