Retribution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – The Last of this Series

By: Retired General Paul Vallely | CCNS

Operation Nemesis 13.0

Retribution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Plan XIII.  No Compromise for the Wicked CCP

– Reflections upon the Pandemic Outbreak in Brazil

“(This pandemic) is selectively targeting the CCP and is aimed at eliminating the CCP and those who are pro-communist or who have close ties with the CCP… If one upholds one’s inner goodness, reflects on one’s actions, and rejects the CCP—the representative of the greatest evil, one will be protected by the divine.  The pandemic occurred because of the CCP, and the situation will change when people change their attitudes toward the CCP.

– From “Where Ties to the Chinese Communist Party are Close, the CCP Virus Follows“, editorial by the Epoch Times

On July 11, the CCP media rushed to report “President Trump Wearing a Mask” as the headline news.  The CCP media gloated that the Brazilian President, an American ally, is infected.  Then the CCP posed an insidious question that “Tropical Trump” is infected and will President Trump be the next?

Being atheists in nature, the communists label all religions as “superstitions” or a “spiritual opioid.” Hence, the communists cannot possibly comprehend why President Trump is the chosen one by God and protected by God. The communists are also clueless about why so many people around the world are praying for President Trump. As the fierce battle between the good and evil proceeds, more and more people realize not only President Trump is the hope for the United States, he is also the hope for the entire world.

Brazil is hit hard in this pandemic due to its close tie with the CCP. An in-depth analysis on this subject was published on the Chinese Epoch Times.  Brazil is only one of many countries that bent over to the CCP in this pandemic. Brazil’s case shows how the CCP has exploited the pandemic to distance countries from the United States.

Another Boris Johnson?

On July 7, Brazilian President Bolsonaro was tested positive for the CCP virus (also called Coronavirus).  Bolsonaro is the second national head infected by the virus after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  Before Johnson was hit by the virus, he dodged warnings from America and insisted on using Huawei’s components in the British 5G network. Fortunately, the repressive measure of Hong Kong National Security Bill awakened Johnson in time.  Recently, Johnson’s stance on Huawei hardened, and consequently, he has recovered as the overall pandemic situation in Britain improved.  Will Bolsonaro be another Johnson?

Alliance with America

Since 2009, China has replaced the United States as Brazil’s largest trading partner. At about the same time, CCP’s Multinational Corporations poured into Brazil, dominating the energy and telecom sectors. China is now the largest buyer of Brazilian soybeans, iron ore, beef, and other unprocessed goods.  In 2019, China imported $63 billion worth of goods from Brazil, accounting for 28% of total Brazilian exports while the United States ranked second at $30 billion which is 13% of total Brazilian exports.  Brazil is CCP’s major target in Latin America. Very quietly Brazil has been infiltrated by the CCP since 1974 as the two countries formed diplomatic relations.

In October 2018, during the Presidential campaign, Bolsonaro boldly criticized the CCP for buying so much in Brazil.  His critics made headline news and that earned him the Presidency.  Many enthusiastically expected that “Tropical Trump” would effectively establish a close relationship with the United States and break away from the CCP.

Since taking office, Bolsonaro has tried forming a stronger alliance with the United States.  In August 2019, Bolsonaro sent his son, Brazilian Foreign Minister Eduardo Bolsonaro, to meet with President Trump during the Amazon fire crisis. This past March, Bolsonaro and his son also met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago.  In June, Bolsonaro followed the lead of the United States by warning the WHO of a possible withdrawal from the organization.

Brazil’s Intensified Trade with CCP

Bolsonaro has also attempted to intensify the trade with the CCP. In October 2019, Bolsonaro visited China for the first time after taking office. During the visit, he and Xi issued a “Joint Statement” to continue strengthening the relationship. The two national heads signed 10 memos covering a variety of areas, including education, mine, energy, agriculture, telecom, and tourism.  Later, Bolsonaro told the media that Brazil is willing to sell soybeans, meat, oil, and iron ore to the CCP.  On November 13, after meeting with Xi, Bolsonaro claimed at a press conference that “China is increasingly close to Brazil’s future.”

CCP’s Retaliation

On March 18th, Eduardo Bolsonaro, Brazilian foreign minister, the son of the Brazilian President tweeted that the CCP government had concealed the truth on the epidemic.  Eduardo pointed out, “this is the fault of China (the Chinese government), and freedom is the only way out.” Soon after Edward tweeted, Yang Wanming, CCP’s ambassador to Brazil fiercely reputed.  Within 2 days, the CCP made a series of retaliation. On March 19, the CCP issued a “Solemn Statement”, which reads:

“Eduard’s anti-China speech is very inappropriate and will harm the friendship between China and Brazil.  We strongly condemn your tweet, request you to withdraw it, and apologize to the Chinese people…”

Our embassy tweeted: ‘Your remarks are not unfamiliar; you are just learning how to speak from your friends. You recently went to Miami and brought back the spiritual viruswhich poisoned the friendship between Chinese and Brazilian people. You lack basic common sense and an international perspective. You are ignorant of China, ignorance of the world, and ignorance of history. We urge you not to compete for the position of the American spokesperson in Brazil, otherwise, you will lose miserably.’

Brazil’s Compromise

According to the Chinese embassy in Brazil, tweets from the embassy quickly received 100,000 views. Major Brazilian media reported this! Brazil’s House Speaker Rodrigo Maia immediately wrote on social media: “On behalf of the Brazilian House of Representatives, I apologize to the Chinese government and Ambassador Yang for the inappropriate remarks that Congressman Eduardo made”. The embassy also reported receiving many phone calls and emails supporting the CCP’s position.

On May 4, 2020, data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Economy showed that in April, Brazil’s foreign trade surplus with China reached US$6.702 billion, an increase of 18.5% from the previous. Meanwhile, the pandemic also gravely worsened in Brazil.

Brazil’s Tragic Loss in Pandemic

On February 26, 2020, the first CCP virus case emerged in Brazil, which was also the first case in Latin America. By July 12, there are over 1.8 million confirmed cases with a death toll of 72,000 in Brazil.  Now Brazil is one of the countries hit the hardest in this pandemic. Why CCP’s “effective measures for containing pandemic” did not seem to work in Brazil at all? Can the profits from CCP’s orders offset the impact of the CCP virus on Brazil’s economy? How about the damage to the health and lives of millions of Brazilian people?

Bolsonaro did not follow his promise made during his campaign and instead, he has sought a middle ground between the United States and the CCP.

The Way Out

During this pandemic, the CCP enjoys playing the role of “The Savior of the World” by luring countries like Brazil with much-needed medical supplies. The CCP’s goal is to further isolate these countries from the United States and make it one step closer to achieving its global domination.      For the well-being of people and for the future of countries, it is time for countries like Brazil to be awakened to the evil nature of the CCP. They must face reality and divorce the CCP demon.

” To defeat the CCP, simply depending on ordinary secular means will never be enough. The communist specter has greater power than humans, and this is the underlying cause of the CCP’s continuous expansion. However, evil can never rival the divine. If humans can stand by the divine and abide by divine will, they will be blessed and overcome the specter’s infernal arrangements.

The CCP is the enemy of all humanity, having established the bloodiest yet most powerful tyranny history has ever seen. All nations and peoples must resist its global ambitions if they are to secure their future and that of all civilization. The evil CCP is destined for elimination; thus, to reject the CCP is to avoid sharing in its fate.”

– from “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

Released by: Stand Up America US Foundation

Website: www.standupamericaus.org

Contact: [email protected]

This article was originally published at StandUpAmericaUS.


Useful Idiots, Inc.

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

Cross-posted with FOTM

Corporations – with furloughed employees from sea-to-shining-sea – are falling all over themselves to massively expand their woke budgets and throw money at “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and similar “social justice” organizations.

And massively means MASSIVELY: $565 million as of June 11, 2020, according to one report.  But as we’ll see, this money is not going toward addressing “systemic racism,” nor “inequality.”

But first, just imagine what all that money could accomplish if invested toward addressing the root causes, in a spirit of Black lives mattering, instead of hollow symbolism and racial jingoism of BLM.

Such as: monetarily supporting pro-life groups, that by definition oppose Planned Parenthood – which probably snuffs-out more Black lives in the average month than there have been police shootings since the founding of this country (including justified and non-justified police shootings).  Abortion is the leading root cause of premature death among Blacks.

Such as: monetarily organizations promoting the restoration of the nuclear family, including faith-based institutions, since illegitimacy has become rampant in the Black community, and is one of – if not the – single greatest root cause of future poverty.

Such as: monetarily supporting organizations providing vouchers or scholarships to private schools for Black youth – so that they can access to quality education that will help position them for future prosperity, instead of being trapped in the public education system. Lack of access to high-quality education is a root cause of continued poverty among Blacks. (See the documentary “Waiting for Superman” for a heart-wrenching depiction of Black mothers desperately seeking better educational opportunities for their children.)

It’s not genuine concern for Black lives mattering that’s driving the dollars from the woke corporations, but cynical racial virtue-signaling – merely a variation of a traditional PR or marketing campaigns intended to burnish the image of the corporation.

That, and succumbing to a de facto protection racket run by a woke mob – one that (amongst other things) threatens social media opprobrium for, e.g., “racism.”

(One of the woke mob’s recent self-serving, newspeak mantras being “Silence = Violence.” Meaning that if you don’t publicly kneel as a corporation and “donate” big moolah, your company is not just “racist,” but committing violence against the Black community.  Somehow.)

On a superficial level, this racial virtue signaling is a logical extension of the “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG) gambit currently in vogue amongst large corporations (more on ESG at some other time).  For now. suffice it to say that ESG is a sugar-coated way to inject a Progressive sheen into business operations, and so buy “approval” (and silence criticism against) for multinational corporations – even as they advance globalism, outsource jobs and undeservedly enrich executive management.

On a deeper level though, it’s much worse than that.

This election season’s recycling of the “White cops targeting unarmed Black men” is a classic propagandist’s big lie.  Therefore, the corporate “contributions” aren’t even helping to address an actual problem.  Instead, knowingly or unwittingly, these corporate executives are being duped.

So too with many marching in the streets who, despite good intentions, have fallen for the big lie – which is hardly their fault, as the Progressive media (nee “mainstream media”) is energetically propagating that big lie.  This helps explain why from the Left there’s a vehement reaction against anyone who dares question BLM.

In fact, BLM and its professed concerns are ruses calculated to advance a whole different agenda.

For one thing, evidence indicates that Black Lives Matter is actually a Marxist front group.

Not only that… there is also evidence that it is simultaneously serving as a front group laundering money for the Democrat Party and other Leftist (revolutionary) organizations.

As for the corporations and executives rushing headlong into the big lie, they should know better.  It’s obvious that they haven’t performed even cursory due diligence before allocating millions upon millions of dollars in shareholders’ money.

Query whether shareholder lawsuits might be viable (and successful) against such negligent and profligate executive leadership?

That, and perhaps FEC enforcement action, as there are now open questions regarding whether BLM was/is a conspiracy to evade federal campaign financing laws, e.g., as regards corporate campaign contributions and requirements to report the same.

Which begs the question: if indeed there is such a conspiracy, have some of these corporate executives been in on the plot?

And could the other executives subject themselves (and their corporations) to legal liability for serving as accessories to the plot, i.e., “they knew or should have known?”  Could not their negligent (if not intentional) failure to perform even cursory due diligence prior to “donating” to BLM also make them culpable?

Hello, RICO!

But over the longer term, a criminal charge might be the least of their worries.

These “woke” executives know not what they unleash.  Concentrating on their own self-enrichment – likely one factor in their using shareholder funds to appease the woke mob, so that they can go back to counting their stock options – these MBA’s are ignorant regarding the history of Leftist (Progressive) movements, particular how revolutions occur – and about the aftermath.

For instance, it seems safe to say that few if any of these corporate pooh-bahs have ever read The Gulag Archipelago.  Likely most of them, anxious to “do business in China,” have no conception of Mao’s genocide by famine, or more pertinent to present conditions in this country, his “Cultural Revolution.”

If they knew, the parallels to today would not require a spreadsheet to analyze.  Today’s “woke” corporate executives – along with academics and media personalities and many Democrat officeholders – are incurious and unquestioning lemmings following big lies over a cliff, after which they’re destined to experience a hard-landing into totalitarianism.  For many, if not most, that will prove fatal.

“Lead, follow, or line up against the wall!”

They are essentially spiritual descendants of the (Russian) Mensheviks, believing that they are the vanguard heralding in a better world, but naively and disastrously paving the way for a Bolshevik takeover.

Just look at the transformation of the Democrat Party from Truman / JFK to “community organizer” Barack Obama to now, home base for “the squad” and BLM and Antifa.  In the Leftist world, the radicals – who by nature are the more aggressive species – eventually displace the more moderate factions.  History shows this, over and over.

In what was to become the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,” the Bolsheviks eliminated the no-longer-useful Mensheviks – many by middle-of-the-night disappearances, public show-trials and executions, and the remainder by transfer to an open-office design gulag.

The woke executives don’t realize that the people they are supporting today fully intend to eliminate them tomorrow.  This is not a new observation: “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” Variously attributed to Lenin or Stalin, it is widely known for it rings true.

Consider, oh woke capitalists, that a few short years ago the “Occupy” movement was decrying your wealth (not without some justification, it must be observed).  Occupy was displaced by the Antifa arm of the Progressive movement; Antifa is openly spouting Communist dogma (not surprising, given that Antifa originated as a Communist group in the 1930s).

You woke executives are useful – for now – but for how long after the revolution (which they now openly espouse as their goal)?  Watch this video from the 1980s from an expert – a KGB defector – revealing Soviet (Communist) subversion techniques for precipitating a revolution, and notice how those techniques uncannily parallel what has been taking place in the U.S. over recent decades.

Then pay close attention toward the end of the video, when he mentions what the revolutionary leaders do to the “useful idiots” who made the revolution possible with their subversion, but are no longer necessary once the new power is in place. Hint: it involves people being stood up in front of walls and “assault weapons.”

Think it can never happen here?  The elders of the current movement were seriously planning for this very thing back in the 1960s!

This is America, so for now, at least you have every right to sell all the rope you want to the revolutionaries.  But as you do, you should consider renaming your company “Useful Idiots, Inc.”
I am the author of the book Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy – a substantial work – available on Kindle (only $2.99) and in paperback (only $12.99). Please consider enjoying my work by purchasing and reading. Thank you.


Economic Shutdown is Bringing Americans Together Against Tyranny

By: Jason Brown | Gulag Bound

For those that are not students of history and not knowledgeable about the U.S. Constitution and our country’s founding, the general public view on most political issues tends to be dependent on one’s personal experiences or world view. Many people have a hard time relating to political issues that do not have a direct effect on them or their immediate family.

A disconnect seems to be present when there is no pain to reinforce the reality of the issue at hand. Let’s use the surveillance state that has been established in America piece by piece since 9/11. How many times have you heard someone say that they didn’t care if the government is spying on citizens because they haven’t done anything wrong? To those of us that pay attention, this is an obvious one-way ticket to serfdom. What would it take for this person to change their tune?

Remember that right and wrong in this era of big government is relative.  White is black, and black is white. What is good is evil and vice versa. The ideological force that is behind a local/state/federal government determines the extreme nature of the law and enforcement of that law. An example would be California, as they have criminal charges that coincide with a person using the wrong gender pronoun and offending someone. This was a result of legislation signed by former Governor Jerry Brown, and yes, it is real.

Let’s go back to the person that thinks that they are a model citizen and that government surveillance doesn’t affect them. Let’s say that this individual lives in a state that uses this surveillance technology and the state government decided that this individual was doing something that they do not condone in the confines of their own home and they responded with a 4 AM no-knock raid, that results in this person’s arrest and the death of his dog.  For the sake of this discussion, let’s say that this raid was a direct result of the state’s surveillance program as a drone was frequently left hovering outside this individual’s window documenting the said, “violation.” How do you think this will change this citizen’s opinion on the surveillance issue?

People seem to be OK with government snooping until the consequences of that snooping affect them directly.  It is sad that an otherwise reasonable person, with the ability to observe and think, cannot see the societal consequences of this government overreach. Have we become so collectively narcissistic, that we will sit and watch our neighbor suffer because we are doing fine and not suffering with them?

The reason why we are not sitting by and allowing this abuse that is on the table now, is because everyone seems to be directly affected by what is going on.  Millions of people are losing their jobs every week and not many people can say that they are not feeling the pinch.  That is one of the main reasons why we have such unity at this time. Almost everyone is feeling this one.

A great example of this is a post-war confession written by German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller.  This powerful piece demonstrates just how apt we are to stand by and allow terrible things to happen around us, as long as it doesn’t affect our world.

First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

– Martin Niemöller

What makes this COVID-19 pandemic a significant event? It is not the virus itself and I don’t think it is the response, even though a global shutdown is unprecedented. In this particular case, it has been the American people coming together to stand against a common threat to our constitutional republic.

Seeing all of the protests in states that have revoked constitutional rights in the name of safety is reassuring and it has brought people together. We came together on 9/11 for a short time, but I feel this breeds a deeper connection between average people. A connection that is free of political posturing and shows just how we are different from the rest of the world.

Most people in the world would love the opportunity to stay home from work and get a government check to accommodate their needs.  Here in America, we take pride in a hard day’s work and we appreciate the fact that we have an opportunity to contribute part of ourselves to society.  Not with our money, but with our blood sweat and tears. This is American exceptionalism at its best.


Getting Back to Work and Back to Church

By: Cliff Kincaid

The Washington Post claims “constitutional experts” have “no idea” where President Trump got the idea that emergency powers give him the total authority to reopen the U.S. economy. It took me less than one minute to find a report from a liberal group, the Brennan Center, which noted that “the president has significant discretion to declare a national emergency” and “there are no statutory limitations, beyond the word ‘emergency’ itself, on what type of event qualifies.”

Does an economic depression constitute a special event requiring emergency action?  Do food shortages constitute a special event requiring emergency action? You betcha.

Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, under the National Emergencies Act, relating to the coronavirus. The Brennan Center found 123 statutory powers that are available to the president when he declares a national emergency.

The problem in America is not Trump but outlaw governors and mayors who have, in the case of Greenville, Mississippi, banned drive-in church services.

Critics of Trump who assert his claim of total authority is hogwash are ignoring what scholars call the “Emergency Law Regime.” Trump didn’t make this up. It’s been on the books for decades. Congress gave the president these powers. They are what political science professor Clinton Rossiter called the “Constitutional Dictatorship,” which is also the name of his 1948 book.

Presidents of the past using these powers have been swooned over by the liberals. One was Abraham Lincoln, who didn’t even have emergency powers granted by Congress. He simply exercised raw power. Another was FDR.

With the prospect of food shortages, in addition to massive unemployment, it’s very easy to see how President Trump can use these emergency powers to control and expand the national economy, including interstate commerce.  On Tuesday, he said he would rather work with the governors than order them around. But he made it clear he has the ultimate authority, and he’s right.

The liberal media are promoting the notion that Trump, if he acts to save jobs and the economy, would be a dictator or King. It seems the Post and its “experts” would rather leave the national economy in the hands of liberal governors who have closed down churches while keeping potheads addicted to marijuana they get from the “essential businesses” selling the dope. Liberal governors want people to remain in a fog, drunk or stoned, and not go to church. That makes them more susceptible to mindlessly accepting anti-Trump propaganda.

President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus without Congressional approval in 1861. But he’s a beloved president because he rescued the nation. Trump can rescue the nation without exercising Lincoln-like powers. He can use the emergency powers Congress gave him. These also include the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

Trump has not acted like a dictator. He has followed the law.

By contrast, some governors and mayors are acting like tyrants by ordering churches closed down and church members arrested or fined. But the liberal media don’t utter a peep. They would, however, probably scream to high heaven if the governors in their states shut down their pot shops and liquor stores.  These journalists, of course, have been designated as employees of “essential businesses” in the states, despite their open disdain for our constitutional system and the legitimate election of Donald J. Trump as president.

Trump has depended on the governors to exercise such power properly. Clearly, however, many governors have gone far beyond what is necessary. Trump can and should assert control over these outlaw governors. Many Americans would welcome federal intervention under these circumstances. They want to get back to work and get back to church.

Congress has never revoked national emergency powers, and it’s unlikely they would intervene, in voting to override an emergency declaration, to stop Trump from getting Americans back to work. Instead, Democrats will obstruct the legislative process of helping those forced out of their jobs through government action. As we have already seen, they are trying to use this crisis to add extreme left-wing agenda items, such as fraudulent mail-in voting, to financial stimulus legislation.

Trump, under current circumstances, is simply contemplating a decision to allow private businesses that have been closed down by the government to get back to work. There’s no legal basis on which to challenge his executive authority. In fact, he’s trying to restore a system of free enterprise, one of our birthrights as Americans.

Congress passed the Defense Production Act (DPA), under which Trump has ordered General Motors to make ventilators. This is acceptable, proper, and necessary.  Nobody disputes the president’s authority in this case. In fact, Democrats asked for it.

The DPA, according to the Congressional Research Service, “confers upon the President a broad set of authorities to influence domestic industry in the interest of national defense.” Once again, we see wide latitude given to the president. Since the law refers explicitly to “production,” it is easy to see how it could be used to justify a presidential decision to get the United States back to work. Trump would simply have to justify the decision as critical to the national security posture of the United States and in the “national interest.” Various sections of the Defense Production Act, such as “Strengthening domestic capability,” are open-ended.

One of the objectives, as mandated by Congress in the Federal Reserve Act is promoting maximum employment. The president can and should declare that to be his objective as well. It’s difficult to see how the “progressives” would argue with that, unless of course it serves them politically to have people out of work, miserable, and starving. If that’s the case, then they are consciously serving the interests of the country which spawned the virus, Communist China.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


Make the Whole Nation an Opportunity Zone

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Having just interviewed for a radio segment, Joel Griffith, an economic expert at the Heritage Foundation, I was motivated to draft this piece about how America re-opens and what will America look like in the coming years.

Years ago, during the genesis of the dot com era, companies across the nation were launching incubation centers where innovation, creators and entrepreneurs were mobilized to advance business opportunities across all industries. Governments at all levels should get out of the way with stifling red tape, permits, fees, regulations, taxes and other bureaucratic measures to unleash business transformations.

So, Joel answered that the whole nation should be an opportunity zone where we used incubation centers… same thing.

Just about to collect some thoughts on this article, here comes an email from my favorite law firm, The Pacific Legal Foundation. The firm just published an economic recovery action plan. This plan is a framework that quite useful in supporting the notions of a nationwide economic zone policy or incubation centers.

The plan has 4 simple steps but each one is profound to the principles of economic restoration and practical.

  1. Liberate Healthcare
  2. Embrace Entrepreneurs
  3. Protect Property Rights
  4. Get Bureaucrats out of the Way

As the Trump Administration has gathered political and business professionals for the Economic Restoration Council that includes an estimated 100 business personnel from countless industries, the new guidance will be shared with all 50 governors to use as a framework to reopen their respective states. This is a perfect moment in time to consider and deploy a revolution in ideas, resources and to eliminate vulnerabilities in the whole society such that lessons learned can produce new skill sets and advanced solutions to encourage small businesses across sectors.

How to Be an Entrepreneur in Top 5 Easy Steps - Ejournalz

The marketplace is sure to change not only for America but across the globe as these discussions with unleashed imaginations are sure to alter everyday commerce, education, healthcare, national security, communications, hospitality, entertainment and perhaps even legislation.

New disciplines in our culture may include creative new breakthroughs taken from lessons learned due to this pandemic and self-distancing. Where do ideas come from? They begin with discussions to questions we have all asked like: Why don’t we have… How come no one has invented… How did we get here… What do we do now… How do we make sure this does not happen again…

Our country is in distress so the bigger question that should be asked is how do we succeed as an individual, a family and as a business. Rewards are great when one has planned for risks and strategies during any type of crisis. Self-management and that of all business is the purposeful task of a systematic strategy that fosters mood, creativity, production, perception, and opportunities.

The ‘opportunity zones’ in place today in all 50 states are derived from the TCJA, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Sounds great, however, OZ’s leave behind or omits innovation across all regions. Investment capital generally is habitually applied to known and or proven commercial models, brushing aside venture concepts that take risks unknown and unproven that with some development can be the next Fortune 500 success story.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Investing in the Opportunity ...

The Opportunity Zone concept must be considered in all framework guidance coming from the federal government to the state and local governments to restart the nation, economic liberty, grow the GDP, improve the employment landscape and realize financial victory at all levels.