Financial News Update – 12/08/09

Reid Closing In On 60 Votes For Health Bill

Grant: Dump Dollar, Return to Gold Standard

Kaufman: Commodities Prices Now a Bubble

DHS plans hiring overhaul

Senate Dems seek expansion of Medicare, Medicaid

In debate over nation’s growing debt, a surplus of worry

Business Fumes Over Carbon Dioxide Rule

A Thinly-Disguised Power Grab: The Latest Senate “Compromise” On The Government-Run Health Plan

Money and Marriage – Divorce Declines in Great Recession

False Hope at Copenhagen

Tax Extenders: Excuse for Congress to Raise Taxes

Carbon Dioxide Regulations Display EPA’s Arrogance

Obamacare in the Senate: Medicare Advantage, Medicare Cuts, Home Health Care and Entitlements

China More Powerful than the United States?

We Still Hold These Truths: The Rise of the Czar State Impedes Liberty

Morning Bell: Obama the Czar-Maker Becomes the Ultimate Czar

Was Democrats’ Health Care Strategy Written In Federal Prison?

CBO: 2010 deficit higher than 2009 in first 2 months of year

Tanning Salons In Play As Potential Health Revenue Raiser

USA, U.K. AAA Ratings May Be Tested as Finances Deteriorate

Summit in disarray after ‘Danish text’ leak

Obama Pitches Jobs Program, Points Finger at GOP for Economic Mess

Calif. ‘Pot Paradise’ Town Feud

Tough Economy Sends Holidays Back to the Future


Recent World Events Indicate Impending Market Chaos

Green Acres Is the Place to Be; The Recession Is Inspiring More Young Families and Singles to Head Back to the Country

S&P says European companies face $1.5 trillion funding shortfall next year

Geithner Slams Wall Street Bonuses, Says All Big Banks Could Have Failed

A Deeper Look Behind The Jobless Numbers. Despite the upbeat report, long-term unemployment worsens

US Congress Set to Strip Power Away from Federal Reserve Chief

North Koreans Burn Bills in Anger Over Currency Reform

UK Bank Bailout Hits Staggering L850 Billion

New Japanese Stimulus Package Likely Worth Over Y7 Trillion

Japan Airlines Rating Cut By S&P After Loan Defaults

Aetna Forcing 600,000+ to Lose Coverage In Effort to Raise Profits

Stocks Push Higher Even as Dollar Rises

Oil Below $75 As Opec Ministers Flag Steady Output

US Economy Entering Sluggish Recovery

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