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Hat Tip: Jean Stoner

A comment from YouTube:


This Report submitted to BO is loaded with “CLIMATE CHANGE” terminology

Interim Report of the Ocean Policy task Force…presented to Bo as requested…38 pages


Areas of Special Emphasis…

1. Resiliency and Adaptation to Climate Change and Ocean Acidification: Strengthen resiliency of coastal communities and marine and Great Lakes environments and their abilities to adapt to climate change impacts and ocean acidification.

• Impacts of invasive species on ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes ecosystems, and a range of methodologies for control and prevention of these species; and
• Protection, maintenance, and restoration of populations and essential habitats supporting fisheries, protected species, ecosystems, and biological diversity.


Another quote from Whenifhow:

First they came for our guns..

Then they came for or rods and reels.. duh?

Update: Gateway Pundit – Obama’s UN-Styled Commission Will Decide Who Gets to Sport Fish and Where

Moonbattery – Next Victim of Obamunism: Recreational Fishing

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