Leftists Rally on the West Coast to Spread Hate and Extremism

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Zombie has an incredible piece up at Pajamas Media: San Francisco “Anti-War” Rally: The New Communist/Truth/Jihad Alliance. Truly one of her best – ever. Complete with stunning photography and witty commentary, Zombie lives up to her full potential with this one.

San Francisco in my opinion is truly a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. It is fitting that Nancy Pelosi is from there – she gives female demons a bad name. Between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Devil would have a hard time deciding which would make a better gateway to Hell.

Not content to be the perversion capitol of the world where twisted parades and public sex are the norm, San Francisco held a rally of raving radical moonbats that was a convergence of hardcore Communists, Truthers, Jihadists and Anti-Obama groups. Communism seems to be the glue that binds them as well as hate and lies.

As you can see by the photograph at the top of this posting, SEIU was lock and step with the Communists. They have soooo much in common and doesn’t purple go with red? Just think of the combinations that are possible! The overriding sentiment was a hatred for Capitalism and the American way of life – well, mostly America in general. Wait, I can hear Glenn Beck saying: “I told you so.” And he was right – let them be known by the company they keep. Unions and Communists – gee, didn’t that end really badly in Russia?

Well, as you will see, there was more than enough hate and wackiness to go around. 2,000 or so showed up and shared their less than mainstream (or sane for that matter) viewpoints with each other. Not only Communism and Socialism were a big hit… 9-11 as an inside job was the darling of this party, closely followed by Jihadist/Palestinian supporters (basically anti-semites/Jew bashers) and a few anti-war, hippy types still stuck in the 60s. It’s like a really bad family reunion with all the crazy aunts and uncles in one place. And let’s not forget the LaRouche people – you know, the ones who really do carry Obama as Hitler signs… And La Raza was there too. Sounds like the party of the year.

There was also a rally in Los Angeles where the theme was all of the above and yet more traditional – kill the Jews… Why is it every time something starts to go bad in the world, they blame the Jews? That’s just evil. You can see a writeup on the LA rally and the photos on this kookfest here. If you can stomach the hatred, that is. And here is more… One more note – you can read on Obama’s shabby treatment of Netanyahu here. It ties in nicely with the anti-semitism protests don’t you think?

Yes, the ties that bind radicals – hatred and extremism. But Nancy says it’s the Tea Party activists you should fear and Barney Frank compared the ‘Kill The Bill’ rally to the Salem Witch Trials. Ooooh, scary. But we are not nearly as scary as these moonbats and we are a whole lot saner and more determined. Time to clean house in November and who knows? Maybe Nancy will turn into a pillar of salt – I can dream can’t I?

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