More From Gateway Pundit – 06/13/10

Obama: Gulf Oil Spill Echoes 9-11

Except without the leadership, the terror, the Islamists and the 3,000 dead Americans.

Besides that, they’re kinda similar.

Sad. President Obama Is Even More Radical Than Palestinian Leader – Abbas Wants Gaza Embargo to Enforced

Students Instructed to Chant “I Am an Obama Scholar” (Video)

Bill Hennessey added this in the comments:

Quick quiz: name five countries, past or present, where the youths were required to chant praises to their omnipotent ruler? Any five. Then add together the number of innocent people those regimes slaughtered for political expediency.

Erdogan Invites Hezbollah Leader to Turkey For Meetings; Ahmadinejad May Also Attend

Obama Tells Politico the Oil Spill is Like 9-11… Then Goes Golfing for 4 Hours

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