Financial News Update – 09/27/10

Superlobbyist pleads guilty, made illegal contributions (Hat Tip: Curtis Frantz)

Energy Dep’t: We Can Force ‘Market Transformation’ for Appliances

Another Democrat condescendingly trashes Americans

Arrogant, Self-Absorbed Capitalists

Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

GOP slams delay of tax vote


TRADE WAR: China imposes tariff on chicken

European Central Banks Halt Gold Sales

Russia, China celebrate completion of oil pipeline

Treasury stumbles selling CITI shares

VIRGIN to launch space tourism in 18 months


Boehner: Dems Have Time for Comedy, Not Tax Cuts, in Congress (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

EU Set Up Secret Group to Save Euro


Housing Rehab Equals ‘Government Gone Wild’

EU Leaders Save the Union?

Those Who Know Will Understand (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

4 Charts That Show How Weak This Recovery Is

SocGen’s Dylan Grice Explains Why He’s A Bear And Takes A Nasty Shot At Paul Krugman

David Rosenberg: Forget Gold $1300, It’s Going To $3000

Why David Tepper Is Wrong To Bet That The Fed Can Drive Up Asset Prices

Doug Kass: Political Gridlock Will Slam The Markets

Here’s Why Housing Will Reach Bottom In 2014, Followed By A Decade Of Stagnation

Treasury Said to Prepare AIG Exit, Repayment Plan

Reading, Writing And… Advertising?

Raters Ignored Proof of Unsafe Loans, Panel Is Told

Democrats, Axelrod Say Obama Tax Plan to Pass After Election

Morning Bell: The Heritage Pledge

China-Japan Tiff: A Trade Lesson for the U.S.

Accelerating The March Toward One World Governance (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Global food risk from China-Russia pincer (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Wall Street’s Mood Swings Back to Giddy

Unreal… Obama Says GOP Pledge to Cut Spending Is “Irresponsible”

Noted Scholar: Obama Made Things Worse With Trillion Dollar Stimulus

Unions: Democrat’s Own Extremists Taking The Local Parties Over?

Pelosi Attends Fundraiser for Radical Joe Garcia – Tea Party Breaks Out

Once Again Obama Stands With the Few… 74% of Americans Believe Economy Still in Recession

ObamaCare’s redistribution of health (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Obama administration proposes that all international wire transfers to be reported (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Should the US sell GM to China? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Is the SEIU Connected to Voter Fraud in Harris County Texas?


Unemployment Could Remain High Until 2013

Yale Economist Robert Shiller Warns Seven Years of Economic ‘Bad Times’ in Store for US

Mortgage lending plummets to 10-year monthly low as housing market remains ‘exceptionally’ weak.

Silver looks ready to rip.

Russian crop misery spreads to world’s supermarkets.

California Attorney General Asks GMAC to Stop Foreclosures

Economy Heading Toward “Catastrophic” Collapse

They Are Printing Too Much Money

Stocks Reignite a Rally as Economic Woes Fade

Business Spending on Capital Goods Rises in August

Pace Of New Homes Sales Second Slowest On Record

Sarkozy: Tax The Banks

New US Unemployment Claims Rise Again

Jim Willie: Permanent 0% On Road To Ruin

The Reality of Inflation

Food Inflation: Coming to the USA?

Interview: Dr. Marc Faber on the Federal Reserve and Hyperinflation

Those incredible shrinking paper towel packages.

Get Ready to Pay More for Tires

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