Financial News Update – 11/27/10


A Friendly Reminder for the ‘Patriotic Millionaires for Higher Taxes’ Club

CHINA TELLS AMERICA: Turn Around The USS George Washington

Hungary’s Currency Is Crashing And You Know The Eurozone Nations Are Jealous


The Feds Are Circling Steven Cohen And SAC


Photos Of The Epic War On Crime Happening In Brazil Right Now

Police Prepare For Massive Dublin Demonstration This Weekend

The Insider Trading Scandal Is Going To Cost Some Hedge Funds Half, If Not Everything, They Have

The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America

“If I Get Even A Whiff Of An Investigation, I Want To Get Out”

Bullets In The Back: How Boomers & Retirees Will Become Bailout, Stimulus & Currency War Casualties (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Ed Schultz Guest Mike Papantonio Claims ‘Industrialists’ Staging Coup to Topple Obama (Hat Tip: Brian B.) What a moron…

Pension reserve funds to be spent on banks (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

ATM Fraud Gets Even More Brazen (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Ireland Races to Secure Weekend Aid Deal Amid Bank Concern

Dollar Strengthens Most in Three Months on Debt Concern, Tensions in Korea

Halpenny Says Ireland Bailout May Include Bond Writedown

European Stocks Post Biggest Decline in Eight Weeks as Debt Unease Worsens

Alaska May Sue Over Obama Polar Bear Plan

100,000+ march in Dublin over budget cuts

Online sales jump 16%

Despite Latest Propaganda… Doctors Forced to Cut Elderly Patients Due to Medicare Costs

President George W. Bush Defends Tax Cuts for American Small Business Owners (Video)

George Bush: By the Way… Most of the TARP Money Passed Under My Watch Has Been Repaid (Video)

NY Advocacy Group Helps Illegal Aliens Get Tax Refunds

Happy Holidays? 28 Hard Questions It Would Be Great If We Could Get Some Real Answers To

Does Viral Anti-Euro Rant Signal Rise of British ‘Tea Party?’


List of Problem Banks Grows Despite Solid Net Income

Is the gold market setting up ETFs for chaos?

China, Russia Quit Dollar

The Fed QE2 Saga Continues

Silver Shortages Accelerate as Wholesale Supplies Plunge

October New Home Sales Drop 8.1%, Prices Fall

Caterpillar Issues First Note in Chinese Currency

Corporations Show Largest Profits In History Amidst Jobs Crisis

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