New Zealand Radical Researcher “Exposes” Israeli Spy Base

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Russian propaganda outlet, Russia Today, recently exposed a large Israeli electronic listening base – with the help of New Zealand researcher and writer, Nicky Hager.

Hager is regarded as an international expert on Western spy bases. He has testified before the European Parliament, lectured widely and has written many articles and books on the subject.

While cultivating an image of a dispassionate observer concerned only for peace and civil liberties, Hager’s background belies that image.

During the early 1980s, Hager was a leader involved in the pro-Sandinista Wellington Nicaragua Solidarity Committee. He was also involved in several groups associated with the Workers Communist League, a rabidly Maoist group notorious for their anti-American, anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian activities.

Hager (right) with W.C.L. Member Ron Smith, circa 1983

Later, like many former W.C.L. affiliates, Hager was later involved in anarchist-connected “peace” and environmental causes.

One of his main projects for many years was campaigning against the US satellite tracking base at Waihopai in New Zealand’s South Island.

Now Hager is busily trying to hinder Israel’s attempts to monitor their many enemies in the region.

If Nicky Hager attempted this sort of stunt in any other country in the Middle East, he would be jailed or deported by now.

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