Financial News Update – 02/15/11


Argentina Confiscates US Air Force Cargo

$1.1M, 700-horsepower Italian supercar making its way to USA

World Bank: Food prices at ‘dangerous levels’

Michelle Obama to Promote Breastfeeding; IRS Gives Tax Breaks for Nursing


Biggest share since 1945

BUDGET BLOWOUT: $12,000 from each American

Obama plan reveals vastly diminished ambitions

Chances for government shutdown ‘on the rise’

Bill Bans Use Of Welfare Cards At Strip Club ATMs

Colombian military nabs 100-foot long ‘narcosub’

Obama Drops ‘S-Bomb’ At Presser On Budget

…ABCNEWS: Obama White House is State Run Media

Iranian lawmakers condemn protests; call for execution of opposition leaders

Bahrain protesters take control of main square

Yemenis trying to oust leader protest for 5th day

…Tunisians vote with their feet, flee country

Mubarak ‘falls into coma after final speech’

Muslim Bros plan political party

Present Two Faces

Pakistan Islamists warn of protests if US prisoner freed

Syria says mulls first nuclear power plant

INFLATION ALERT: Now Consumers Are Being Warned Of A Massive Hike In Clothing Prices

Wisconsin National Guard Preps For Worker Unrest After Governor Unveils Emergency Budget

Next Up In The Insider Trading Investigation: $3.5 Billion Coatue Management

Chicago’s Finances Are Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

Public Worker Unions Get Ready For A Showdown Over Wage, Pension Cuts

Now Is Your Chance To Buy The World’s Largest Farm

Housing Double-Dip Hits “Stable” US Cities

Florida Cities Are Drowning In Pension Debt

15 Tax Hikes Hidden In Obama’s New Budget

White House proposes new oil and gas taxes

Is the White House Choosing Now to Launch a Public Relations Broadside Against Israel?

How Badly Are We Screwed? Very.

Turkey: Islamists Consolidate Power By Purging The Military

Egypt’s oil and gas pipelines at a standstill

Albert Edwards: US CPI Will Come In Hot, And Everyone Is Going To Over-React


Gold Just Jackknifed After That UK CPI Report

China Wants To Set Up A Rival To The Panama Canal In America’s Backyard

How Food Price Inflation Will Affect Everything You Eat Today

8 Revealing Charts About The Current State Of America’s Debt Crisis

France Wants to Ditch Dollar as World Currency

Bullion? He Prefers Mining Shares…

Will Color Revolutions Remove Central Banks?

Afghan War Draws in China and Russia

Deception at the Fed

The Two Faces of Ben Bernanke

Obamacare’s Sales Force (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Obama’s 2012 Budget Proposal: How 3.7 Trillion is Spent [interesting interactive graph]

U.S. homeland security budget gets small budget boost

U.S. Economy Flight 666, On A One Way Inflation Ticket To Zimbabwe

Teacher Re-Writes the Pledge of Allegiance

Federal deficit on track for a record this fiscal year

Budget Battle Lines Drawn

House of Representatives Votes to Extend Patriot Act

President Obama’s 2012 Budget Builds on Failures of the Past

Defense Cuts in FY 2011 Would Hurt Troops

“The Biggest Scandal Of The Last Decade”: Plunging Labor Force Participation

House Rules Cmte rejects King proposal to FULLY DEFUND ObamaCare

GOOGLE — Do no evil???

More on battling rising prices at your supermarket

As to Ahmadinejad’s Intentions, It’s “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign”

Morning Bell: Obama Budget Doubles Down on Deficit Spending Failure

Clientitis at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations?

The Ineffective FEMA Assistance to Firefighter Grants

China’s Treasury Bond Holdings Rose, Not Fell

Tunisia: Predictably Disastrous Handling by Brussels

Now Is the Best Time to Defund Obamacare

Is the President’s Small Reactor Push the Right Approach?

COPS Hiring Grants: An Unnecessary and Ineffective Program

Jones Act Resurfaces at Oil Spill Hearing

RED ALERT email between Metal Experts – about Confiscation of Gold and Silver by the U.S. Government – Potentially this year for a New World Currency – from Multiple High Inside Sources. (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

NHS shamed over callous treatment of elderly (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Your Hometown & the United Nations’ Agenda 21 (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

How Could Anyone Have Guessed?

Mortgage registrar cannot transfer mortgages-court

Bartering, Inflation and Growing a Garden (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

US House votes extension of anti-terrorism powers

Egypt Calls on Nations to Provide Economic Assistance

Deutsche Boerse NYSE Purchase May Lead to More Mergers

Food Prices Pushed More Into Poverty, World Bank Says

Clinton Pushes U.S. Commitment to Global Internet Freedom

Obama Says Corporate Tax Changes Needed to Reduce Deficit

Stocks Fall on U.S. Retail Sales; Oil Rises, Bahrain Bonds Drop

Frank Seeks to Increase SEC Funding in House Debate

Lacker Says Lowering Unemployment Risks Inflation: Tom Keene

Anonymous Hackers Release Stuxnet Worm Online

Senate to Vote on TSA’s Collective Bargaining


NPR Thanks Obama For Continuing to Fund Their Leftwing Propaganda

Germany’s Deutsche Börse Buys New York Stock Exchange

Does Madam Pigford Really Want Her Entire Racist GOP-Bashing Rant to Be Aired in Court?

Rush Limbaugh: “Repeal Obamacare… Or We Go Egypt on Obama” (Video)

Will the Muslim Brotherhood Win in Egypt? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Chavez Funding American Group That Assists Illegal Migrants (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

All children to be registered in national biometric records (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Mohamed Atta and the Muslim Brotherhood (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

A Tipping Point Is Nearing (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Seizing the Future: Budget battle in Washington; Obama: “Live within our means”…by spending into oblivion

CBS News reporter Lara Logan sexually assaulted, beaten in Cairo

Fear-mongerer-in-chief: GOP wants to take away babies’ infant formula, vets’ checks, seniors’ benefits!

Barack Obama’s Budget For 2012: A Complete And Total Joke


Companies Raise Prices as Commodity Costs Jump (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Nachtmare on Wall Street — An American institution goes kaput (NYSE bought by Germans)

Silver, Gold Prices Break Key Resistance Marks

Bill Gross Slashes U.S. Treasury Bond Holdings

‘High Capacities’: If Iran Calls For a Unified Muslim World Coalition, Would That Be a, um, uh…Caliphate?

NY Releases Doomsday Manual for Possible Apocalyptic Event

TSA Workers Admit to Stealing Thousands From Passengers

U.S. Soldiers Love the Army‘s New ’Punisher’ Smart Weapon

Preferential treatment [Ed Sec Arne Duncan has a record of allowing *some* school choice]

FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack

A lawn forever under construction

Abercrombie & Fitch to Close 56 Stores

GOP Joins Obama To Cut Border Security Funding

The Muni Debt Crisis in 4 Paragraphs

MAP OF THE DAY: These Are The Cities And States That Have Shattered Pension Contracts

Sarah Palin Says This Stunning Pie Chart Tells The Truth About Obama’s Pathetic Budget Cuts

Dennis Gartman Declares A Watershed Moment In The Collapse Of The Yen

Retail Sales Growth Rates Are Slowing, But Not Because Of The Snow

2 Worrying Things That Got Our Attention Today

Number of Chronically Hungry People Nears 1 Billion

The First Bondholders In Europe Have Faced A Haircut And It May Not Be The Last


Produce prices skyrocket with freeze in Mexico, Southwest.

Fake Morgan Silver Dollars made in China.

White House Expects Deficit to Spike to $1.65 Trillion

Goldrunner: The Golden Parabola

Will Chocolate once again become a rarefied luxury?

U.S. Corn Reserves at Lowest Level in More than 15 Years

Alan Simpson: U.S. Deficit Is ‘a Disaster’

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