3 thoughts on “SWAT Team Honored For Raiding Wrong House?

  1. Shouldn’t the father be given an award for returning fire. He was outnumbered and outgunned? The swat team was honored for a great many misses? Can these policemen be seriously proud to have taken down a family mostly consisting of scared children? Would it not be safe to assume if these police officers were truly concerned about citizen safety, they would have publicly castigated their superiors for the bad info? Or have these police officers taken us to a new dimension of law enforcement where the government needs Rambo like, nazi, gestapo, self aggrandizing macho men who at all outward appearances seem to be robotic and unthinking. Think of this conversation: Honey, how did your day go? Alright I guess, almost got shot entering the wrong house again. Oh, thats to bad. Anyone get hurt? A little I guess. There was a 7 yr. old girl hiding in a closet, she wouldn’t come out. Had to shoot her through the door. She should have come out. Oh, thats to bad. Hope it doesn’t interfere with your promotion. It shouldn’t. We’re getting an award for bravery, she could of been a bad guy with a gun, and that didn’t stop me from emptying my clip in a panic.

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