By: Cliff Kincaid

Multiple media outlets attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene, a successful Republican congressional candidate in Georgia. Why? As “a conservative wife, mother, and businesswoman who stands with President Trump and against the left-wing socialists who want to wreck our country,” she dared to call billionaire left-wing money bags George Soros the “enemy of the people.”

In addition to financing Democratic Party politicians and left-wing organizations such as the ACLU, Soros has subsidized a wide array of liberal causes, ranging from abortion rights to gay rights to legalization of dangerous drugs. Even former members of the terrorist Weather Underground, such as Bernardine Dohrn and Linda Evans, have appeared at functions sponsored by his so-called Open Society Institute or accepted its grants.

But Google the name of Marjorie Taylor Greene and you will be bombarded with stories designed to create the impression this Christian woman is a crazy conspiracy theorist. During the campaign, Tucker Carlson highlighted how one of her campaign ads was taken down by YouTube. Nevertheless, she won the nomination with over 57 percent of the vote and received President Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement. She got the support of the people.

One typical charge from an AP story in the New York Post said she “pushes an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who is Jewish, collaborated with the Nazis.”

Many “conservatives” in and out of Congress are scared by these charges and shy away from making them. But as Rep. Louis Gohmert discovered, when he consulted the actual interview and went to the videotape, the theory is not anti-Semitic but true. Soros told the “60 Minutes” show, as Gohmert noted, that, “he had no sense of guilt about the role he played in Nazis’ confiscation of property from the Jewish people during the Holocaust.”

In addition to the usual and expected charges of racism, the media said Marjorie Taylor Greene either backed or believed in something called the QAnon “conspiracy theory,” which apparently has something to do with the idea that sex predators and perhaps Satanists operate at high-levels in American society and the world.

Regarding the latter, the Satanic Temple, an actual organization, is currently offering a “Satanic abortion ritual.” The evil of abortion is considered by many Christians not a “choice” but a modern form of paganistic child sacrifice.

In the matter of child predators, haven’t we learned about Jeffrey Epstein? Or what about:

  • Theodore McCarrick has been identified as the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic leader ever to be removed for sexually abusing a minor and is also accused of sexually abusing seminarians. He was a leading “progressive” in the church who supported homosexual civil unions, a form of marriage, as far back as 2006. Catholic columnist Matt Abbott, who reported on McCarrick’s homosexual activity back in 2005, had told me, “I believe the Church establishment and mainstream media protected him, mainly because he’s a prominent liberal cardinal.”
  • Harry Hay, the founder of the modern gay rights movement, was a supporter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).
  • Dennis Hastert, the former Republican House Speaker, pleaded guilty to federal charges of lying to the FBI about a money-laundering scheme designed to cover up the case of an innocent child sexually abused by Hastert when he was a high-school wrestling coach.
  • Barack Hussein Obama was closely associated as a young man with a Communist sex pervert, Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor, and father figure. Davis, who died in 1987, was a heavy drinker and marijuana user who wrote a pornographic novel, Sex Rebel, disclosing that he had sex with children, including a 13-year-old girl. In a poem, Obama wrote about “Pop,” with strange lines about stains and smells on shorts, that Obama biographer David Maraniss confirmed was Davis. Writer Jack Cashill noted the poem has definite “sexual overtones.”

Amy Berg exposed the cover-up of pedophilia in the Catholic Church in her 2006 Oscar-nominated documentary, “Deliver Us from Evil,” and followed with her film, “An Open Secret,” about how pedophiles operate in Hollywood and cover up their crimes. The Boston Globe exposed a series of sex crimes committed by Catholic priests in an award-winning series of articles made into a film, “Spotlight,” available on Netflix.

Despite the abundant evidence of real conspiracies, and the continuing need to expose them, we are told that Marjorie Taylor Greene was a conspiracy theorist as if the label itself was evidence of unfounded charges.

As I wrote in a recent column, “The Otherworldly Powers of Darkness, Cults, and Sexual Deviancy in Politics,” there are strange people in the world who have political connections and engage in strange practices. That issue surfaced in 2016 in one of the Democratic Party emails about a “Spirit Cooking” dinner of elites involving recipes apparently written in blood.  The Washington Post said it was harmless “performance art.”

Sally Quinn, a top religion reporter for the Washington Post, wrote a book about magic, played with an Ouija board, and cast spells on her enemies.  This earned her the title, “Georgetown’s Madame Blavatsky,” a reference to the occult doctrine of Theosophy, associated with one-worlders and a fancy D.C. section of town.

Taking this one step further, an exorcism in Mount Rainier, Maryland, in the Washington, D.C. area, inspired the book by William Peter Blatty and the film, “The Exorcist.” His follow-up book, Legion, was based on Satan’s proclamation, “My name is Legion, for we are many,” in answer to Jesus’ question, “What is your name?”

As I noted recently, there are reportedly six exorcisms being conducted in the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington at the current time.

Dr. Paul Kengor’s new book, The Devil and Karl Marx is a heavily documented treatment of the father of communism’s devotion to demonic doctrines of human destruction.

S.J. Taylor’s book, Stalin’s Apologist, disclosed that the Satanist Aleister Crowley staged homosexual rituals with New York Times reporter Walter Duranty in which they chanted “blood and semen.” Duranty wrote a book, I Write as I Please, which summarizes his approach as well as that of the modern media. He covered-up for the communists then in the same way the media fawn over and defend George Soros and the Marxist causes he finances now.

Predictably, such “journalism” caused some Washington Republicans, such as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, to back away from supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene. They refuse to take on the media when they target, misquote, and falsely brand members of their own political party.

President Trump understands what’s going on, even if McCarthy doesn’t. With his presidency on the line, he has to know he can’t back down now. His opponent isn’t Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. It’s Soros.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.