Moscow Has a Muslim Problem

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Europe has a Muslim problem but Russia seems to have a bigger one. On 8/31/11 the Muslims took over downtown Moscow for a prayer vigil. Imagine this happening in Time Square in New York. I propose that the Jews take over Time Square for Simcha Torah(celebration of the giving of the Torah) . Do you think mayor Bloomberg would have granted a permit?

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One thought on “Moscow Has a Muslim Problem

  1. And we are surprised by any of this?

    The Arab spring is soon to be the Arab winter in no uncertain terms, this was all eminently predictable was it not? Glenn Beck was derided for his comments on this subject, now we are about to behold the truth that he pointed to months ago. Why did the Obama government have anything to do with this Libyan business? Leading from the back seat gives a plausible deniability for the US that may be required sooner than later. The Libyan question may arise to embarrass the government well before the election hence the need to be seen to have been in the back seat of this fiasco.

    Tunisia is going the same way too. Now we have more resolute enemies than we had before the wretched dictators were toppled, as we are about to find out in the coming months and years. This government sent in a vast number of weapons and missiles that are being disbursed throughout the terrorist world for use and no doubt use will be made of them.

    We have witnessed a revolutionary change that is clearly far worse in potential outcome than the worst of dictators. Any government that adheres to Sharia law cannot be compliant with member ship of the United Nations as it will inevitably be in contravention of the Human Rights requirements of that body, not that that will matter much.

    Does anyone learn from recent history? Remember the Shah of Iran? His overthrow was heralded with glee by the left, and no sooner were the new boys in power than we saw the Iranian nation step back in time to a far worse Islamic rule.

    The truth is the Arab spring will be nothing other than a winter that will affect all of us.

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