Out of an abundance of caution

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Last week Enfamil pulled all their products off the shelves coast to coast out of an abundance of caution after four babies died from Cronobacter bacteria; it MUST have been in the baby formula and the news media ran with the story. The FDA later made the statement, “the bacteria that are found naturally in the environment and in plants such as wheat and rice.”

“The FDA tested factory sealed containers of powdered infant formula and nursery water with the same lot numbers as the opened containers collected from Missouri and no Cronobacter bacteria were found.”

No harm, better to be safe than sorry and besides, Enfamil has made a fortune selling products to the pubic. It’s their duty to absorb such losses.

The latest victim in the “let’s scare the public half to death” and pull all their products out of grocery stores is lettuce. California pulled all Arizona Lettuce off the shelves because a field NEXT to a place that grows lettuce, tested positive for salmonella.

“None of the lettuce in the markets has tested positive for salmonella but the grower alerted retailers of the test results and sought a withdrawal of the product “out of an abundance of caution.”’

I think this all has something to do with Islamic terrorist networks trying to recruit illegal Mexican labor and George Soros’ desire to be World Emperor. If you’ve noticed, all these products require either paper or plastic bags to transport home; could be a Green Movement uprising, never can be too sure about folks who watch Whale Wars on television.

“Out of an abundance of caution,” if translated into terms we all understand means, “Our society has become so litigious that if we don’t do something drastic to show the world we did everything humanly possible, then we’ll be seen as heartless greedy capitalists who don’t care what happens, so we’d rather go bankrupt and throw perfectly good inventory down the toilet and minimize our losses if and when this ever goes to court.”

There may be a sinister plot to destroy American consumer goods one crisis after another until we all start eating Soylent Green, the daily nourishment bar made from our “dearly departed.” Is the purpose of collapsing the free market so we can usher in some form of state issued product like Soylent Green to take the place of dangerous privately produced or manufactured goods? Never let it be said the government hasn’t shown an abundance of caution; it’s taken years to destroy our free market system one brick at a time.

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