Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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Just finished reading Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste by Bart DePalma. Having researched and delved into the darker side of politics here in America, this book gives me true hope that Americans are beginning to realize the thunderous threat our nation faces from the Progressive movement. A literary tour de force, this book is one each and every American should buy and read and then read again. It is simply brilliant.

I have a few very cherished sources for my research: KeyWiki, New Zeal, Discover the Networks, Aaron Klein’s work, Sultan Knish and there are others as well. Mr. DePalma’s work now joins those ranks of researchers that I trust and use in my work. If you really want to learn about the radical left and their history, this is the book for you.

Research can often be dull and tasking. Reading of that research can be the same arduous task, but not in this book. It is entertaining and enlightening while it lays out facts and research that shed light into the most shadowy nooks of political history.

DePalma goes to the source on his work from Saul Alinsky to Peter Dreier and a whole list of other radicals. He paints the history of Socialism from birth to present, highlighting its ups and downs and how the current administration is utilizing the methods and tactics of Socialism in its current handling of economics and politics. He shows Barack Obama for the Progressive/Marxist he is and that is worth its weight in gold.

The Tea Party could learn immensely from this book. It shows how far Progressives are willing to go to gain control and power. You can’t fight your enemy, if you don’t know your enemy thoroughly.

Mr. DePalma shows how our government is using asymmetric Socialism in the bailouts and the economic measures currently under way. The roots of this can be found in the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson – they got this hellish machine going and over 100 years has been spent stoking its fires. The Progressives feel that now is their time and they are going for broke. The book touches on multiple topics from economics to the green movement, politics to the cloaked world of Obama’s czars. It takes a long, thoughtful look at the Tea Party, current politics and what we face in the next election this year.

If you want to know how we got where we are, this book is for you. Tremendous writing, thorough research and a gifted story teller, Bart DePalma hit a home run with “Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste.” I love this book… 🙂

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  2. Well then,,, there are few I regard when they give such a review about a book due to obvious reasons, however knowing what NoiseyRoom stands for and more so for TMH, I will have to get myself a copy. So, to the long list of credentials can now lay claim to being an authoratative book reviewer! Thanks guys and girls.

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