2 thoughts on “Steve Forbes: Bernanke out. Ron Paul for chairman of the Federal Reserve

  1. I agree with everything these guys were talking about except for the tariffs. Before 1913 most of the income for the government came from tariffs. Yes it is a tax, a direct tax on the people, but it would level the playing field for jobs coming back to America. Yeah, it is a lot easier to build a factory in China vs. here in America, but don’t you think that being able to pay someone a few dollars a day for 10-16 hour worth of work is appealing too? That is the #1 reason companies go over seas and there is nothing the government can do other than tax imports to get the field level again. Sorry, but I live in a town where 395 buildings that used to be used for manufacturing either furniture or clothing are sitting empty. There are 10’s of thousands of people out of a job in my city, which DOES NOT help the economy. These people are then forced to by Chinese crap because that is all they can afford. It is a BS and vicious cycle that happens all over the country everyday.

    The solution is simple: Tax imports from China to make wages equal to our minimum wage. Remove regulations, EPA, local, whatever, in order it doesn’t cost $40k just to do water testing on an acre of land. (You can build a nice starter building for that!) Therefore, you remove all incentives for business to go overseas for manufacturing. How can local governments give incentives to business to put a plant in their city or county and not the Federal government? Also, get rid of unions that require the company to put up money for retirement. Seriously, Hostess, and Kodak going out of business because they can’t pay their pensions . . . WTF?!?

    I think Peter and Steve both missed the fact that if America doesn’t make goods with a value added process from start to finish, here in this country, then it destroys our economy . . . just take a look at it now, we aren’t making anything here anymore! Americans are out of work because there are no jobs in manufacturing, clothing, houses, raw materials, electronics, etc. Not everyone is college material, and no everyone can sit in an office all day ans shuffle paperwork. Shuffling paper work doesn’t make money!!! They even made that point without realizing it; all the government does is shuffle paperwork, and they admitted that it doesn’t produce ANYTHING!!!

    And hell yes Ron Paul for the Fed Chair!!! HEADS WOULD ROLL!!!

    Sorry, the subject of manufacturing is near and dear to my heart, my family has been in manufacturing for several generations. We have these discussions a lot 🙂

  2. We have become so accustomed to having a goverment person look at or demand we do something, we forget that this CRAP did not exist just a few years ago.

    And look at the thousands of Fed and State workers who demand things be done “cause it is the law”.. the lawmakers set too wide a swath in everything, and we the dumb $hits let them, TILL NOW.here is no accountability, we have no elected officials to blame. Shame on them for passing laws that leave it to the BURRO-CRATS, to run the country. Repeal, rewrite and renew only those policies that ALL can live with, in every thing we do..

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT IF THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION TO BIG GOVERNMENT. Dog catcher to President, I, D, & R (rino’s included).

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