‘Black Tuesday’ spells doom for Obama & Co. in June and November

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

As the old classic goes …”Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning;” but, only if you political leanings reside on the Right side of the aisle.

However, for those fidgeting in their chairs on the Left side, it’s a very different tune … “And now, the end is here; And so I face the final curtain.”

The truth is that Obama was given the chance … “to do it my way;” and now it appears that they are going to pay for it–dearly.

All of the primary election and constitutional amendment results served up yesterday in North Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin and West Virginia contests, paint a bleak, vivid picture for President Obama and Democrats–way beyond mainstream media spin, Jay Carney’s articulation mastery and ‘made-to-order’ counter-balance polling.

North Carolina, a very important swing-state that Obama barely won in the 2008 election cycle, now appears to be stacking up as a serious disappointment for Democrats, in spite of the largesse they have employed in terms of political capital and millions of dollars in party campaign money to hold their union-stuffed national convention.

Probably most embarrassing was the 61 to 39 percent passage of the state constitutional amendment that now specifically defines “marriage” as the union between a man and a woman–a protective measure against assault from judicial activism against the pre-existing law which bans gay marriage in the state, but also now bans same-sex civil unions as well, according to a FOXNews article today.

North Carolina is the 30th state to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage–versus only six states that allow it.

Even after VP Joe Biden came out and blessed gay marriage on Meet the Press this past Sunday morning, Obama continued to claim his view was still “evolving [until after the election],” which is a morally corrupt ploy to retain the blue collar, black and Hispanic vote–as they are staunchly Christian and thus opposed to gay marriage.

However, Obama campaign said in a Tuesday statement that Obama was “disappointed” in the vote, and that the ban on same-sex unions is “divisive and discriminatory,” according to an Associated Press article today.

The widespread, landslide approval of the amendment also indicates that former President Bill Clinton’s Democrat influence is waning in North Carolina as well, in that he recorded an audio advertisement opposing it, which was ‘pushed to the phones of hundreds of thousands of North Carolina voters beginning Monday,’ according to an Associated Press article last Saturday.

Moving north to the West Virginia, President Barack Obama learned just how unpopular he is in these parts–probably because he and his environmentalist voter block want to drain the long-time life blood out of these proud people, by bankrupting coal-fired power plants that are fed by West Virginia coal.

In an event that even Jimmy Kimmel can’t slow jam enough, a Texas prison inmate, Keith Judd, 53, who is serving 17 years for extortion at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution, received four out of every 10 votes cast in West Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary–with 93 per cent of precincts reporting, according to Louise Boyle’s U.K. Daily Mail article today.

Indiana is our next stop, where the Republican Senate Primary race favored the Conservative challenger, Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, 60, who crushed six-term Senator Richard Lugar, 80, by more than 20 percentage points, according to a FOXNews article today.

Senator Lugar had held his senate seat since 1977, the same year he sold his Indiana home, moving instead to Washington, D.C.; and on those occasions when he visited Indiana for 36 years, to meet with constituents and run for reelection every six years, he reportedly had to stay with friends or in hotels.

In responding to the question of whether the Tea Party was still relevant … “If anyone really believed that about the Tea Parties, they were mistaken,” Mourdock told Fox News. He cited the “thousands” of Tea Party volunteers and others who helped him in the campaign and said “it got us to the finish line successfully.”

Lugar’s frustration over his defeat was evident as he sharply criticized Mourdock’s “unrelenting partisan mindset.”

However, Mourdock was unphased, saying “it’s time to move forward,” and was unapologetic about the hard-charging race he ran and his vision for a strong conservative majority across Washington.

And finally on to Wisconsin, where the spotlight is on the labor union-driven recall election effort against newly elected Governor Scott Walker and his Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

The top line is that even though unchallenged, more Republican voters turned out to cast their vote for Scott Walker the top two challengers combined, according to Jim Geraghty’s National Review article today.

First, Walker defeated his “fake” challenger 97 to 3, with 626,538 votes.

As to his Democrat primary challengers, Tom Barrett, mayor of Milwaukee, garnered 390,109 votes for a 58 percent win, and will face off against Walker on June 5th.

Union-backed favorite Kathleen Falk took just 228,940 votes for a 34 percent slice of the pie.

If the vote would have been held yesterday, their combined total of 619,049 votes could not have brought a Democrat victory over Governor Walker, unless a portion of the three undercard contestants votes were added.

According the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Craig Gilbert today, it has been 60 years since a candidate for governor got as many votes in a Wisconsin primary as Republican Scott Walker did Tuesday, and it has been 60 years since turnout in a gubernatorial primary was as high as it was Tuesday.

The combined trend of these very important events strongly indicates that the Conservative and GOP ‘silent majority’ is larger, more intelligent and more motivated than Obama, Democrats and the unions had even imagined–likely foretelling their doom on June 5th in Wisconsin, and thereafter on November 2012 across the nation.