The Darkest Knight – the Anarchist Butterfly Effect

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Let’s not call the Aurora shooting a tragedy. A tragedy is a car wreck that kills a family; a tragedy is a derailed train that poisons a town; a tragedy is a plane crash killing all on board. That’s not what Thursday’s monstrous act was – it was a massacre, it was an outrage. Some loony, nut case picked a gun-free zone where the pickings were easy. He didn’t “snap” – he planned it for months. That’s what gun-free zones do to Americans – they make them sitting ducks. 71 shot and 12 dead – if his gun hadn’t jammed, it could have been a lot worse – Doug Giles gets it right:

As the news starting pouring in about what happened in the theater this week when Satan’s spawn James Holmes donned Kevlar and a small battery of weapons and opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd, I kept thinking, “One fast-thinking and trained person who was armed/licensed with a concealed weapon could have stopped that SOB right in his tracks before the body count skyrocketed.”


Every time one of these massacres goes down I keep thinking “what if a guy or girl with a concealed weapon would have been there?” What happened in Aurora last night is why I carry one of my pistols everywhere, I mean everywhere, I go.

James Egan Holmes is a 24 year-old mass-murdering asshat from San Diego who is a recently dropped out neuroscience student. He is on unemployment. Some are saying he is a Black Bloc anarchist and tied to the OWS movement – I have seen no solid proof of that yet. I won’t go there and point fingers without proof as ABC did to the Tea Party.

Somehow miraculously, he was able to purchase an up-market AR15 (an M&P Smith and Wesson which retails for an average of $1500 give or take), a 40 caliber pistol (model unknown, said to be a Glock which the base model retails for $600), a shotgun (model unknown – approx. $400), a modestly priced bullet resistant vest (about $200), a gas mask (about $75) and some 6,000 rounds of ammo (estimated ammo cost around $2500). He also had smoke grenades (cost unknown, type and manufacturer unknown). How does someone on unemployment and broke afford all this, even with easy credit? Well, it looks like he got a grant and used it. It’s estimated in total, with 30 homemade grenades and other assorted explosives, Holmes spent between 10 and 15k on this stuff.

I have more and more questions… We heard this morning he applied for membership at a gun range – Lead Valley Range in Byers – and was red flagged a month previously. Yep, I know the guy was a genius and (as it happens) insane. I know his mom said that the police had the right guy, indicating that she had reason to believe that he was at least somewhat disturbed. But even if you knew your son was disturbed, is that a normal response for a mother? Before knowing everything? Yes, I know he has a Batman obsession and fancies himself The Joker. There are striking similarities between this brazen slaughter and a Batman comic from many years ago that featured The Joker shooting up a theater. But what I want to know is why after killing so many with so much chaos in play, did he calmly wait for the police to arrive? He could have escaped or committed suicide, but instead he just waited. Why did he rig his apartment to kill police who would investigate him and then tell them he did so? I want to know if someone let him in the theater and helped him. We may never know, but it also seems highly coincidental to me that this took place just as the Arms Treaty was being hashed out which endangers our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

And then comes the gun foes, like the worst mayor in America, New York’s very own Michael Bloomberg, who demanded to hear from both candidates on how they stood on the issue and then proceeded to push for massive gun control. The Washington Post said there was no sane reason for people to own what they dub ‘assault’ rifles. They were followed by The New York Times and The Huffington Post – all progressive publications that want to infringe on our rights and push their Marxist claptrap down our throats. Others followed: CBS, CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, Larry King, Arianna Huffington, Salman Rushdie and of course Dianne Feinstein. And our neighbors to the south – Mexico – are leading the pack at the Arms Treaty summit, acting as surrogates for Obama and pushing for massive gun control. Because you know, only criminals would then have guns, just like they do in Mexico.

In the end, sane people realize that it isn’t specifically the guns that are killing so many, it’s the evil, immoral assholes who use them. And if it wasn’t guns, it would be knives, bombs, poison or some other clever way of taking people out. The answer isn’t fewer guns, it’s fewer laws and MORE freedom to carry weapons for your protection. I guarantee you that if this dirt bag had thought there were armed people in there, he wouldn’t have tried it.

I can’t watch all this vulturism on the news. I grieve and pray for the families devastated by this terrorism. I weep for the 6 year old who was gunned down and for the three men who died protecting their girlfriends. I mourn for all of them. There is no good to be found here, none at all.

It hasn’t been that many months since I observed the increasing frenzy of poorly veiled encouragement toward violence by hard Left agitators, and my opinion at the time was that these people were hoping for violence, though I prayed they would be denied. I didn’t get my wish, instead they got theirs. A message received this afternoon from someone close to the California legislature reports that the jackals there were doing more than “hoping” for a violent event — they’ve had pre-written bills awaiting just such an event to provide the plausible cause to “ride to the rescue” yet again, imposing even harsher restrictions on the tools of self defense. Time to get out of California – seriously.

I wonder what has become of our country where this type of slaughter has become increasingly commonplace. Where we have evil leaders pushing Marxism on us and actively destroying America and her heritage. This is what is spawning this type of anarchist behavior. The Darkest Knight terrorist event is a symptom of the anarchist butterfly effect and it is spreading. Only more freedom, less financial suppression and turning back to God will stop this.


Update: The Aurora Shooter: Image of Loss – UPDATED

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  5. In a free country who ‘needs’ guns ? It seems an issue of the present. And little wonder; Television and Hollywood are mostly ‘Gun Shootout Fantasies’ constantly. There are no heroes unless gay or rabid feminist. There are no real heroesallowed anymore, espeially on TV/movies. Just a baddy finishing off worse-baddies. So much insessant, gratuitous violence, even in commercials. Kids grow up today confused as to what is right. Take a lOOk at a few, old, B&W movies.. and see the Contrast in behavior, language, values, mindsets etc. Hollywood & Television these days has only one aim – to sell. TV is the modern day pulpit from hell. Herein lies the root causes without a shadow of a doubt. By far the majority of people IN ANY NATION does not want anything to do with guns.

  6. The once predicted Plague of Violence spirals out of control. And nobody listened then. It began with the import of oriental martial arts, and the street yobbos loved it. Quickly bored, this graduated into a militant mind. Enter The Rambo. Even our news articles are full of ‘Elite Forces’, and the street yobbo implied, bullshined, rumoured and even lied – whilst donning army surplus clothes. Even the news media abroad was scavenging for a good ‘Rambo Story’ and everybody has PTSD ! Post war we disarmed the nazi and the Japanese as much we could, weapons aside. Today via the process of gradualism, we have sunk to the depths of 3rd world movie making or is that money making ? Gone are the uplifting movies of yesteryear, gone is the pure fun, the soaring laughter, that lift to ecstasy we used to get – Now found in drugs and guns.

  7. The saturation of TV and Films with concentrated doses of ‘fun’ violence is bound to have an effect on some Ego-Bandit who wishes to demonstrate how he is the ‘Best of the Worst’ in these days of the trendy “Bad-ass.” Especially vivid are the Films’ and TV Trailers where depicted, is the violence on women. That, and general weedy actors desperate to look tough waving perverse techno-rifle gadgets, gadgets that are themselves the product of a perverse & twisted psyche. Even a TV Sitcom – see Tina Fey get hit in the face & head with objects – is supposed to be ‘funny’-? Finally, for those who watched “The Manchurian Candidate” about POW’s being brainwashed, programmed, to act as Fifth Columnists for the enemy. Such ‘conditioning’ certainly worked in the case of the recent ‘sane-but-nasty’ being let loose of recent in even the cinema itself now !!!! Nasty how guns kill people.

  8. Hey Gordon/Andrew, your comments have nothing to do with this article. Gosh man – get a grip!… turn off the TV, don’t go to movies and don’t own a gun – that’s your choice. But your ramblings have absolutely nothing to do with this article. You might want to visit some far-left websites where investigative reporting, facts and reason don’t exist. Your comments would be applicable there.

  9. Nancy has no substance to this topic, but rather abuses me. This is exactly the mindset of today, void of reality. Too many people in the USA are buying guns because others are.. buying guns. I do have a hunting rifle, but before I could purchase it was :- Screened & vetted to see if my family, doctor, employer, friends, mental health and Police approved my case, before I could purchase. Not so in Nancy type’s case. Too many western youths are socially inadequate, insecure and dependent by nature – just ripe for the politically correct, brainwash tripe put out by the false, phoney, fantasy illusionists called modern day movies & TV. ‘Get a life’ if the motto of the gun-psycho at Aurora, Colorado. The attitude of the Nancy types perpetuates our porn-polluted society. As to get a life Nancy… mine is a rich one, believe you me. Doubtless you will never rival it.

  10. @ #5: “By far the majority of people IN ANY NATION does not want anything to do with guns.

    Really? This isn’t “any” nation. This is the nation that used guns to win liberty for its citizens. This is the nation that remembers that in the twentieth century governments that disarmed their populations followed up by exterminating hundreds of millions of their own people.

    In *THIS* nation, a substantial majority of the people *DOES* value the ownership of small arms and, happily, this fundamental necessity is enshrined in the Constitution. Take heart, though, the Constitution does not require you to see to your own defense. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the rogues and bandits will leave you in peace.

    I won’t bother responding to #6; it’s just plain incoherent. Same goes for #7.

    And #9? Wow. You went and got permission to exercise a Constitutional right? That’s really sick, man. You seem to have the Bill of Rights confused with the Bill of Needs.

    You know what I’d like to know?

    I’d like to know how it is that a “brilliant scientist” — a PhD candidate in neuroscience — manages to plan and implement an operation of violent insanity, and none of the brilliant mental experts that surrounded him ever noticed.

    Is this yet another “triumph” of the psychiatric branch of “medicine?”

    We have a full-blown psychiatrist shoot up Ft. Hood and murder a bunch of people, and now this? Something’s not right in the world of “mental health.”

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  18. Your talking history. It was ok – then. I’m talking Americans killing Americans Open Season. Here its not a ‘right’ to own a gun, here its termed legally as a privelege. The Dark Knight Nutcase had a right just like you.. A full page article in today’s press lists all the many Hollywood-Violent movies, that had identical follow-ups to them. Resulting in the Freedom and Constitutional “Right” [ That bloody word again ] TO GO AN SHOOT DEAD FELLOW AMERICANS. It is a nightmare scenario isn’t it ? I have walked the streets & suburbs of many foreign cities, even at night, without a single thought on safety. Only in America, of all nations, have I been armed. Just what would the Great Americans of yesterday have to say ? Roy Rogers for instance…. Love your people enough to stop them being senselessly shot. I do agree with you re: the discharging of dangerous psychos from hospitals & Prisons… but they too have those damned ‘rights’…

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  27. Terresa, I don’t see how this didn’t make #1. IMHO it was the most relevant, but who am I? I couldn’t agree more with your article, and to add to your point, it doesn’t matter if we were a communist nation (though we seem to be trying hard to get there) guns are avialable to any who want them. It’s the “Who” we have thousands of laws to address this tragedy and/or the prevention of such. I only wish there was one, just one, that was bearing a sidearm, that could have, might have even saved one. Being a vet I might be biased as I have seen what those that have power, and deny such, to others and the outcome. Salutations for your voice, and the principles on which you stand.

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