By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The Solyndra mess was a complete and utter financial disaster. Zombie raises the question of what will be done with all those glass tubes that were to be used in Solyndra’s solar panels. All the money given to these crooks just magically disappeared and there doesn’t seem to be much that is salvageable to sell off to recoup losses.

But some enterprising artists have decided to make a display of all those glass tubes. It reminds me of a hive – insectile and alien, it is the perfect depiction of the Progressive left’s insane ideals. Zombie’s piece is exquisite and thorough. Make sure you go read it. But know this, Solyndra isn’t art; it’s artistic crap and the American people want their damned money back.

Where Our $500 Million Went: Solyndra Glass Tubes Used as Modern Art