What War On Women?

By: Trapper Pettit

Here is a simple question. When did the Republicans officially declare the ‘War on Women’? It’s really a trick question, but the answer is January 7th, 2012. The trick part of the question is that it wasn’t the Republicans who declared the war, it was the Democrats at the direction of our President and his advisors. Yeah… it stumped me too.

The first shot of this manufactured war was fired by a little piss-ant democratic operative who on this night was disguised as a debate moderator. He goes by the name of George Stephanopoulos. He happened to be the minion who fired off a round of birth control questions to the then Republican presidential candidates during the New Hampshire debates. It was one of many well-designed smoke and mirrors tactics designed to initiate cover for the wonderful job that Obama has done.

I wondered when George asked the question what the hell was up and then shortly after where they were going with it. The answer is now obvious, as I have become more versed in the democratic artful war of distraction. If I were to venture a guess, not many controlling the battle mirrors really give a rats-ass about a woman’s right to choose unless it’s politically expedient to do so. However, some like our President do care about a woman’s right to choose. I mean who would dare to call him politically expedient? And, as you ponder that statement, did you know that lions live under rocks? So, let’s call abortion what it truly is, murder. Life is life, death is death, and whenever the living takes an action to end a life, what else can you call it? It’s really not a stretch. Murder is murder.

This line of thought always leads to the debate of when is life considered life. Some say at conception, some say at the point and time a heart is developed and some like Peter Singer, the President’s Regulatory Czar, say up to two years of age. That’s right… TWO YEARS of age. A classic case of Progressive thinking at its finest.

A quick digress. If you really want to understand the mindset of a truly certifiable academic, you can Google this sick puppy. Did I mention he’s the President’s Regulatory Czar? My God people… what have we done? Sorry to show fear, but I just got through reading some of Peter Singer’s ideas on ethics and am extremely concerned about lucid nightmares for the rest of my life.

What really baffles me is the part of the debate that the conservatives don’t talk about when it comes to the woman’s right to choose. One tactic, that would serve as a quick end to this diversionary ploy being used by all the President’s men and women, is really simple. We forget that we are animals and that fairness has nothing to do with it. That in the Great Design, we are what we are and guess what? The Great Design didn’t have the rule of fairness in mind. Men plant the seed — women bear the fruit. What’s not to understand? It’s what we animals do. Fairness has nothing to do with the equation. Just because the idea instituted by the liberals that fairness is a right, doesn’t make it so. I saw my wife give birth twice. I can tell you, that ain’t fair times two.

Yet there is something the progressives never talk about and it is that a woman does have the right to choose. She actually has lots of choices. With the scientific advances in today’s world of prevention, a half dozen options come to mind. Not to mention a host of other choices in lifestyle to avoid pregnancy. Not to be blunt, but oral sex isn’t really that bad of a choice. Just ask any lesbian couple or ask any guy who… never mind. You get the point. Actually if none of the options appeal, then a woman can find a man who has made the life choice to have a vasectomy. I did and can tell you this, when you see that cold, hard, very large needle heading towards the Happy Land — that ain’t fair either. I only did it once, but it damn sure felt like twice.

What’s the bottom line? This is a false narrative designed to take the uninformed eyes off of the ball. As has been typical with the Obama administration, this effort to interject a wedge in order to divide and confuse the populace to ensure that the failed economic, foreign, energy and domestic policy remains hidden in the cloak of smoke with an occasional reflection into the mirror of lies.

So the next time you hear the words, “A woman’s right to choose,” you can do as I do. I simply think smoke and mirrors, followed with murder is murder, followed by bull and shit.

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