Romney Did Not Lose

By: Citizen Scribe

Over the last few days I have watched as political “analysts” and assorted pundits alternately lamented and rejoiced and “analyzed” the results of the recent election.

I have watched and listened as self-important, self-appointed authorities opined and pontificated on the “reasons” for Romney’s loss.

And, as I removed myself from the emotional turmoil that surrounds this event, and as I examined the actual data, I arrived at a conclusion at odds with all these “experts” and purveyors of “correct” viewpoint: Romney didn’t lose.

Oh, the election boards and Secretaries of State and other officials have “deemed” that Obama won the election, but the truth is rather otherwise.

What Obama won was the vote count. Remember the maxim from Josef Stalin: “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

I predicted that the only way Romney would lose was through vote fraud. As the election returns are now being finalized, we discover that in several districts the final counts added up to more than 100% of the actual registered voters in those areas. The “traditional” Press is, of course, entirely uninterested and incurious about these results, as we would expect from a Fourth-Estate-as-Fifth-Column media community.

Okay, fine, we now know that the election results are fraudulent, and we likewise know that the authorities and media will never acknowledge that possibility. What we now have is an “election” outcome that’s “official” but not legal, “official” but not true, “official” but for which the actual evidence will be destroyed, or already has been.

There is, however, a truth that will only be buried if we allow it to be. Romney didn’t lose. Romney won the support of a significant majority of Americans. The pretender in the White House knows this, his aides know this, and the people who mechanized this outcome know this. Oh, and the Press either knows it or suspects it, and is now deep enough into it that exposing it would mean revealing their own collusion and perfidy.

The reality, though, remains: the real, true majority of Americans did not ask for this outcome, did not support this result, and actually desire something very different from the plans they know this false president has for the nation.

Here is how it’s supposed to work: you know that you voted for Romney (or against Obama), but now you’re supposed to believe that “everybody else” wanted Obama. The “overwhelming majority” of people want Obama, want his policies, and want you to suffer. That’s what the Press will tell you, that’s what the authorities will tell you, that’s what the “official” version will be.

You are now supposed to “accept” your fate. You are now supposed to sit down and shut up. You are now supposed to “accept” the so-called “will of the people.” That’s what you’re supposed to do.

YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GIVE UP. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SUCCUMB. You’re SUPPOSED to stop fighting, stop resisting, stop speaking out.


Yeah, okay, I can’t prove any of that. I don’t have any evidence that supports it. What I DO have is an analytic mind and a series of observations that inform me that the “result” we got is not supported by the events leading up to it.

So what I know and what I can prove are at odds. But there are times when you have to act on what you know, even when you’re being falsely told that what you know is wrong.

I’m still formulating how I need to proceed in light of this new understanding, but what I know, and what I need to factor into my future calculations is the fact that we — the people who love our country and favor fiscal sanity and subscribe to the ideals of the Founders — are not outnumbered. We remain in the majority.

I can’t remember ever having been here. I grew up in the ’60s, but served in the military rather than in Haight-Ashbury. I raised my family to be responsible and self-sufficient, just as my parents did. I guess you could say I was more or less aligned with the “establishment” of the day, even though I have for years disagreed with the trend toward more socialism and fascism.

Today, the Establishment has crossed a line. They have arrayed themselves against the majority of the American people.

I won’t be joining them. I won’t be agreeing with them. I won’t be accepting their “truth.” I will, instead, stand for my truth. And I suspect I am not alone.

The usurpers (for I can’t reasonably refer to them otherwise) are now the “establishment” even though they are really in the minority.

So… that makes us… what?

Well, what do you call someone who stands against the Establishment?

Feels kinda odd to be in those shoes, doesn’t it?

Welcome to the Resistance.

15 thoughts on “Romney Did Not Lose

  1. Historical data on 56 previous presidential elections indicate 15 to 20 million votes flipped or missing. Data available for everyone right in front of our eyes. All 56 elections generated 1,835,207,811 votes. In 56 elections there was only 7 elections were voter turn out was down from previous elections. The combined total for all 7 elections is 13,428,613 or .73% These 7 elections had events such as war of 1812, civil war, ww2, stock market crash attached to declines in voter turn out. The average growth in presidential elections is 2,892,573 per election from the beginning. So everyone lets put on our thinking caps why are we being distracted.

  2. In reply to Sandy -I served as a elections help desk tech for election judges here in the suburbs of Chicago for election day. Many people who thought they registered to vote through the DMV were never in fact registered through the DMV. I found that highly suspicious, and was across many polling places, so not one single DMV location could be blamed. It is dysfunction with the Sec State of Ill, Jesse White. Further, many people were issued provisional ballots, so those were not counted as of yet, and a handful of locations ran out of provisional ballots. It seemed to be busy that night, unusually, and voter turnout was high, according to many experienced election judges. Not sure if the census of 2010 had an effect where people did not have their old polling places from the last election of 2010, making their status inactive for this election.

  3. what a mess this country is in
    It’s DC and their cohorts against working taxpayers
    Everyone else is into bread and palaces and unfortunately has a vote
    Not a clear word from any tea party politician who has ridden the TP horse. And that includes Palin
    This election was won by fraudulent means
    Romney by giving in knowing this shows himself to have no spine
    Nero fiddles, and Rome burns

  4. I agree. I don’t know why Romney is just sitting there taking this. It really pisses me off.
    My understanding is, a candidate in the race has to petition for a recount. Unfortunately, that leaves the regular voters, who were blatantly cheated, without any recourse.
    The Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness. Liberty is defined as a “right or privilege” Doesn’t voter fraud rob the collective voters of their “right or privilege” to an honest outcome?
    The failure to recount all votes, in areas where fraud is probable, is denying every voter’s Due Process.
    We have a right to know the true outcome. If this right is taken away by unchecked voter fraud, then why even vote at all?

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  7. Everybody let’s remember, we have an Electoral College. So when you voted (unless you had a paper ballot you might not have noticed) you are actually voting for a list of people that will cast the Electoral college.
    Electors chosen on Election Day meet in their respective state capitals (or in the case of Washington, D.C., within the District) on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, at which time they cast their electoral votes on separate ballots for President and Vice President. That means Dec. 17th?


    Spread to everyone you know in OH, WI, PA, VA, & FL. Today (Mon) is Federal Holiday, but tomorrow people need to contact either the individual electors on that ballot (reps for Electoral College) or their State Repub. Party.

    These electors can ask for recounts. Don’t know where Mittens is, apparently licking wounds? So, WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to get busy. All Mitten’s contact links that I had available are now static.

    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and I can’t carry a note! ha! Get busy troops, if you don’t live in one of these states you can still contact anyone you know and make this message go viral.!!!

    There are too many precincts in these states that are showing over 100% of registered voters vote. Fraud anyone?

  8. Call me when the muskets are needed to take back our country from the Communist. What we are witnessing is not a simple crime, but Treason because this political party is attacking the very elements of our Constitution. An attack on the Constitution by passing laws that abrogate our Rights is an attack on the people! As such, I believe that Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution applies. Additionally, the last President who indicated that he had “extra Constitutional powers” resigned rather than face certain impeachment. This President’s many crimes are egregious. The Congress” failure to act to defend the Constitution leaves no room for a peaceful solution to what is going on in America today. Its no wonder the President signed so many Executive Orders which infringe on our Constitutional Rights. NDAA is evil. So, too are those who voted for it. Lets pray for peace, but prepare for war.

  9. Romney definitely won!

    -We told people who don’t make enough to pay federal income taxes (like a family of 5 that makes $50,000 a year) we didn’t want their vote.
    -We told gay people we didn’t want their vote.
    -We told people who are in government unions that we didn’t want their vote.
    -We told Asian people we didn’t want their vote (The cartoony commercials about Chinese takeover would make a WW2 propagandist blush) P.S. Know any Asians on welfare? We lost them by a wider margin than Latinos!
    -We ran a candidate who was a member of a church that openly discriminated against anyone who was non-white as an adult, indicating we didn’t want black people’s vote.
    -We said we’d make it so bad for Latinos they’d self-deport. (meaning legal Latino’s are going to get endlessly hassled by police)
    -We told Ron Paul supporters they would have no influence in the party, and we weren’t really that interested in appealing to them.


    Sure we told, black, gays, Latinos, libertarians, Asians, government union members, and lower middle class people we don’t want their votes, and somehow we lost?

    Let’s blame Bill Ayers or something, instead of pulling our heads out of our ass and pretending it’s 1953.

  10. Two more!

    If forgot to mention

    We also told single women who use birth control we didn’t want their vote.

    And women who wouldn’t want to carry their rapist’s baby to term we didn’t want their vote.


    Just by excluding Asians, Libertarians, Latinos, blacks, government Union workers, lower middle class families, gays, single women who use birth control (SLUTS!) and women who wouldn’t want to carry their rapists’s child… and we lost. I think this must be a conspiracy. I blame Kenyan agents. They must be responsible!

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  13. “Good Thinking” is a perfect example of leftist ignorance and hate. I hardly know where to begin on the litany of lies that poster just spewed, in it’s list above. Since, in fact, conservatives never “told” or “said” any such things, I guess “Good Thinking” just decided to lie brazenly. And, notice the rank religious bigotry about the Mormon Church; there is nothing so filled with hate as a leftist since Mia Love–a black Mormon woman Mayor and candidate in the last election–defies the lies “Good Thinking” spews by personal example. Conservatives do need to work harder to communicate why fiscal and social policies of leftism/statism hurt instead of help people; but the poison spewed here by “Good Thinking” is nothing but lies, and worse, show the morally bankrupt mindset of those who subscribe to their perverted perspectives. It is clear that the leftist policies of the Democratic Party since 1968 have destroyed black families, created urban ghettoes where poor children shoot each other in gang warfare, and forced black women and children into lives of poverty and pain as hostages and slaves of the government plantation. Black families survived the Great Depression but they couldn’t survive “The War on Poverty.” Heather McDonald at City Journal can enlighten those who are ignorant, hate-filled liars like “Good Thinking” though I suspect they like being the overseers on the Government Plantation where they keep their slaves quiet with monthly checks, and ignore the rampant slaughter going on on urban streets. These people care about poverty and black women and children? No; they couldn’t care less about them–until they can whip them up into voting blocks to maintain their power over them by paying them off.

    “Good Thinking” is a perfect example of the racist elitist left. But others can be informed:

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