2 thoughts on “Rep. Gohmert: I Wish to God the Principal Would Have Had an M4 in Her Office Locked Up… So She Didn’t Have to Lunge With Nothing

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this man. The people who do these mass shootings are cowards, they look for no gun zones to kill because they know the people there are defenseless sitting ducks. They plan to die anyhow and want to commit such a horrendous act that the whole world will know their name, so they go to these no gun zones so they can kill the maximum number before being killed or killing themselves. If even one person had been armed and knew how to use their weapon, this carnage might be stopped.

  2. I would rather the principle had a small 9mm or a snub 38 revolver on her person. A draw to fire takes less than 2 seconds while running to a locked cabinet takes much more time magnified by the loss of fine motor skills due to adrenilen rush. Five to seven shots would have ended that man’s attack or at least caused him to retreat, buying time for responders. The only way to deal with armed attackers is to be armed and able to fight back. Locked doors only buy so much time and not nearly enough for complete evactuation. For our children’s safety it is going to be necessary for every school to have someone authorized to be armed and willing to respond to the threat. Consider a volunteer group of parents who will stand the duty of protecting their children and others in the schools.

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