Eric Holder Admitted Push to ‘Brainwash’ Americans

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

What is a picture with a few well reported words worth?


I think you could put a whole video of Obama and Holder biting the heads off babies in front of many brainwashed Democratic voters and it would not make a difference – especially if they were black.

Let the reader ponder whether “they” refers to the babies or the Democratic voters, or both.

But, here is the video of Holder’s spilling the beans on brainwashing.


Hey, this doesn’t have anything to do with Operation Fast and Furious, does it? Please pardon the sarcasm – and the redundancy, for those who have seen the evidence of that for months and months, despite the bourgeoisie-niceness of the House investigatory committee. (When is an investigation a cover-up?)

And yes, I am tempted to refer to the brainwashing techniques exhibited by the CIA’s Operation MK-Ultra and their experiments to turn young men into assassins (and/or mass murderers). More on that still to come in Gulag Bound.

Here are pictures of more brainwashers who favored and used manipulated, democratic majorities. Is it any wonder our founding fathers warned against the inevitable despotic results of democracy, instead of a constitutional republic based on the natural rights of sovereign persons (a.k.a., “individuals”) accountable to ultimately sovereign God?


Oh, but this is “all just politics….”

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