Evidence Mounts of Mass Shooting Causes: Sociopathic Progressivism & Drugs

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Gulag Tales & Rumor Trails
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I agree with Barack Obama that something must be done about these mass shootings. But, where are those who have for so long uttered the mantra, “look to the root causes, not just the symptoms and behaviors?”

They seem to have done a 180 on this ostensible crisis, by focusing with hoplophobic intensity upon the inanimate weapons involved – or not involved, as the case may be, and especially upon a weapon useful for 2nd Amendment militias: the pistol-grip, large-capacity, personal defense rifle. Yet, if a crisis we have, let us not waste our energy in the wrong direction of addressing it.

It seems the root causes of this twisted behavior include, at least by affinity, the ideological motivations of, or even pathological drives for, political or sociological causes shared by the progressive “left” – mixed with psychotropic drugs – and that, especially among but not limited to adolescent men.

I am not joking; deadly serious. This brief compilation may serve as an introduction. I have seen sound reports on numerous of these instances. If you happen to discover any evidence that refutes any of them, please post that in comments to this article.


last six mass shootings by leftist liberals

For more on the pathologies of collectivism, see these two key articles recently published in Gulag Bound:

And for further information on the occurrences of psychotropic drugs being prescribed to these killers, before the fact:

For extra credit, so to speak, one can look into the CIA’s own psychopathically evil MKUltra program, which sought to produce mind-controlled mayhem through techniques of hypnotism and other, tortuous effects, combined with psychotropic drugs. “Sought” – at least we hope that may be put in merely the past tense.

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