Showdown over immigration: ‘This is an invasion’

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Here’s What Members of Congress CANNOT Do While Touring Immigrant Detention Facilities

Update: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins names three potential sites for 2,000 immigrant children

Feds Hand Out Border Pass To Mexican Snitch

San Diego Border Patrol: One Airplane of Illegals to Arrive Every 72 Hours

Congressman: Obama created crisis at the border to create millions of new voters and overwhelm the system

Obama Pushes Amnesty at D.C. Tech Startup 1776

‘Costs Are Staggering’: Democrat Dallas Judge Forces City To Be Infected With 2,000 Diseased, Criminal Obama Illegal Alien Youth

Border Patrol Agent Tells CNN: Obama Admin is “aiding and Abetting and Facilitating Smuggling of Illegals into the U.S.” – Video 7/3/14

What a Woman Found Outside a Texas Walmart Should Alarm You

Obama admin bans the use of “alien”

RICK PERRY: Send US Troops To The Border

One thought on “Showdown over immigration: ‘This is an invasion’

  1. We are seeing a modified version of Red Dawn taking place on our Southern border. We ARE being invaded and have been for several years to a lesser extent. How would American citizens react if a true shooting invasion came pouring over our border ? What would Americans do if walking bio weapons were sent over to either infect us or we pay in an attempt to cure THEM ? As citizens we have some major decisions to make !

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