American Certified: World’s Largest store for Made in USA Products

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I want to introduce to you a great site for holiday gifts – American Certified, which provides 1.5 million products made in full or part in America. American Certified makes it easy for all of us to shop for products that create American jobs. Just as importantly, we all know USA Made means quality and safer products we can trust in our homes. This holiday, I recommend you visit and make it an All-American holiday.

In March 2012, a feature story in Consumer Reports stated that 74% of Americans had tried to buy an American-made product during the prior year. The problem, according to the article, was that 41% of these people couldn’t identify which items were actually produced domestically. This conundrum is what inspired Marvin Weinberger to create American Certified.

To date, American Certified (AC) is the largest online store in the world for USA-made products. The site features over 1.5 million items, and accumulates more every day.

The goal of American Certified is to empower Americans to buy high-quality American-made products that directly support US workers, American manufacturing, and the overall economy. And because AC is part of the Amazon Affiliate program, the site offers the same reliable pricing and delivery!

When you Buy American, you’re supporting well-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector. For every direct factory job, an estimated 6.8 additional indirect jobs are created among suppliers and service suppliers. And Every dollar spent in American manufacturing also generates an additional $1.35 through the economic multiplier effect and co-investment into the community. That is a lot of growth!

Weinberger started the business because he’s extremely passionate about this country and wanted to help producers connect with customers who share their unique interests and values.  He’s been manufacturing products domestically for 15 years. Going against many of his friends‘ advice to “follow the smart money by moving [his] production overseas,” he recognized the willingness of many consumers to pay a premium to support American workers and has never regretted that decision.

The company is also creating a comprehensive national directory of American ‘Makers’.  The directory includes manufacturers of all sizes. Certification is available at no charge to all who qualify.

American Certified makes buying American easier, faster, and more affordable, without sacrificing selection. The ongoing mission is to empower Americans to buy USA made clothing, Sporting goods, appliances, and more. With millions of American-made products across thousands of categories, American Certified makes it simple for consumers to know where their products come from and where their money goes.

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