BREAKING: Amended Suit to Stop Additional Entry of Illegals & Ebola into USA

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

Gulag note:

From my observations of the work of Orly Taitz since 2008, I agree with my colleague that she should be carefully observed in this hearing. She clearly seems to have a track record of getting to important crises before others to take them to court, or in getting involved in the cases of others. Then, problems have all too often occurred.

Spoiled litigation can also cause grave ramifications. Much of the work of the judiciary is based upon case law. Someone who spoils litigation can effectively act as an agent that brings about legal precedent which is diametrically the opposite of the apparent intent of the litigation. This effect could be generated through either incompetence or intention.

Please do pay attention to this latest work. Patriotic America needs expert attorneys to attend such matters. — AW


ebolaBREAKING: Amended Suit to Stop additional entry of Illegals and Ebola into USA

On Wednesday 29 October, we have what may be our last chance to stop or at least seriously curtain Ebola’s now wide-open entry into the US. We need your help.

Dr. Orly Taitz is scheduled to appear before US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen at 10:00 a.m. Central Time. The case Taitz v Johnson et al is still active and Attorney Taitz will be providing her evidence as to why the case should not be dismissed and, instead, an emergency order from the courts should be issued against all unaccompanied children and others arriving from Central America and illegally entering the USA. Her complaint filed against DHS head Jeh Johnson and others within the DHS has been amended to include a ban on those now arriving–unscreened–from Ebola-ravaged countries.

In order to provide the best possible support for Orly, it is essential that those who can do so attend the hearing and make their presence known outside the courthouse.

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND, if it is at all possible. Attorney Taitz has been working for all of us pro-bono to help save our country. Can we really afford to do less for her, ourselves and our loved ones? And, she could also use a donation. Thanks!

A message from Orly: “Press release: 12 days left to Ebola travel ban injunction hearing in Brownsville, TX, before US District Judge Andrew Hanen

The Address:

US District Courthouse
600 E Harrison Ave
Brownsville, TX

10: a.m. CT, 29 October 2014

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Amended Suit to Stop Additional Entry of Illegals & Ebola into USA

  1. Yes. By submitting this Mrs. Taitz has once again delayed the judges ruling. I have suspected for a long time that she is some sort of red herring planted by the Obama Administration to distract us. It reminds me of the time a judge offered her a default judgement and then she declined and badly botched her case leading to another loss.


  2. The addition of the comment under “Gulag Bound” is not mine and I did not write it. It is the opinion of Gulag Bound management. In my estimation, Orly has been a staunch and faithful crusader for liberty and justice in a declining-under-Obama “presidency.” Others have fallen by the wayside in this war but, Orly has remained constant. She is–in my opinion–to be applauded..

    –Sher Zieve

  3. It’s you Americans who are spreading disease around the world. The restrictions should be placed on you. Stay home and mind your own business.

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