#MICHIGAN: Help Patrick Colbeck Defeat Abdul al-Sayed, who said ‘You may not hate Muslims but Muslims definitely hate you!’

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Abdul El-Sayed and Patrick Colbeck (right)

Michigan voters may remember when gubernatorial candidate Abdul al-Sayed said to his Republican opponent: ‘You may not hate Muslims but Muslims definitely hate you!’ That opponent is Patrick Colbeck, and he is being supported by Trevor Loudon, Philip Haney and others who are holding a fundraising webinar for him on July 9, 2018.

Patrick Colbeck has been raked across the coals for daring to mention Abdul al-Sayed’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Revealingly, al-Sayed has not addressed these concerns, opting to ignore the charge and paint Patrick Colbeck as anti-Muslim.

Abdul El-Sayed is the epitome of the Red/Green Axis, espousing radical leftist views while being a Muslim, a combination that seems incompatible, but actually is very compatible if the goal is to fundamentally transform America. If you are interested in learning more, scroll all the way to the bottom of this post and watch Trevor Loudon’s mini documentary film: Soviet Islam.

Watch this exchange:

Abdul al-Sayed comes from a very political Muslim background and holds extreme leftist views. It is no secret that El-Sayed was vice-president of the Muslim Student Association, an organization specifically identified as one of those belonging to, or friends of, the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps Abdul al-Sayed, whose father was born in Egypt, was unaware of this connection.

Abdul al-Sayed’s father-in-law Dr. Jakaku Tayeb, is the former president and current board member of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and a member of the founders committee for the Muslim Brotherhood-front group Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). CAIR also has deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the head of CAIR Nihad Awad has claimed his public support of the terrorist group HAMAS.

Just two days ago, al-Sayed tweeted that he was “proud” to have been endorsed by Marxist Democratic Socialist of America member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won her bid in the New York primary against incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) in the 14th congressional district.

There are many other tweets between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Abdul El-Sayed, an illustration of his radical policies, which by their nature, would raise taxes substantially in Michigan. He wants $15 minimum wage, Single Payer healthcare, universal Pre-K, free college, gun control – including banning the AR-15, which he refers to as a “weapon of war,” massive infrastructure spending, and a “state-operated internet service provider.”

Watch Abdul El-Sayed on CNN:

Some other revealing tweets:

Abdul El-Sayed has attacked Patrick Colbeck for having “Islamophobia,” but he has not addressed Colbeck’s concerns about having connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“What frustrates me more is not that you have blatant racism on the part of certain people, but what frustrates me more is in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, is not when bad people speak out but when good people fail to speak out, and what I have not heard is the Republicans on this panel, decisively and swiftly call out this kind of Islamophobia, this kind of racism, in the context that they are wanting to represent the state that has the highest per-capita number of Muslim Americans in the country. Now you may not hate Muslims, but I’ll tell you, Muslims definitely hate you!”

Watch the full 6-minute exchange between Colbeck and Sayed in the video below:

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WATCH Trevor Loudon’s “America Under Siege: Soviet Islam”:


Facebook Rejects Pro-America Christian July 4th Music Video For “Political Content”

By: Lloyd Marcus

Facebook rejected this Pro-America Christian July 4 music video for “political content”: https://www.reverbnation.com/q/79x2rq

My wife Mary tried to purchase a boost ad on Facebook to promote the July 4th release of my: “We Are Americans” music video. The video was rejected for “political content.” Since when did reminding people of who we are as Americans and encouraging people to turn to God become political?

I was alerted that a Nashville Christian musician has also been rejected by Facebook. Meanwhile, Facebook has gone full-blown supportive of leftist politics and anti-God. Gender has become totally politicized. Facebook offers 71 gender options which include asexual, polygender and a two-spirit person – whatever the heck that is. https://bit.ly/2pkc95

In my ad rejected by Facebook, I said, “My fellow Americans my heart goes out for our country. We have fallen away from biblical principles and values which have made America the shining city on a hill. During your July4th Independence Day celebration, between eating burgers and hot-dogs, please gather your family to enjoy this new 4 minute music video reminding us of who we are as Americans. Happy Independence Day! Thanks and God Bless.” Lloyd Marcus

Folks, Facebook attempting to silence conservative speech is only the beginning. The American left is openly and boldly attacking Godly principles and values which have made America great – the shining city on a hill. Trump is swiftly rolling back Obama’s 8 years of leftists’ transformation of America and it is making leftists deranged.

As a Christian, I know Trump’s presidency is God giving us a chance to restore our great nation. I hated watching Obama tear-down the joy and dignity of being an American; instilling class envy and racial hatred among US citizens, rolling out the red carpet for illegals and encouraging Americans to get on welfare.

I want to scream from the rooftops, “We are better than this, we are Americans!” Please do not allow the American left to silence conservative speech.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk


Pelosi Slams ‘The Hypocrisy Of All People Of Faith’ Over Immigration Policies

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi does not know when to shut it. Not only does she seem addled and not all there, she has the nerve to lecture people of faith on the topic of illegal immigration. This is a Marxist who happily supports the genocide of the unborn, but quotes the Bible when it suits her needs. You want the definition of hypocrite? Look under ‘Nancy Pelosi’. Then she called for an uprising across America.

Pelosi attacked “all people of faith in our country” on Friday over the prosecution of illegal immigrants on the southern border. She was shameless. Here we go again with the new talking point on the left claiming that the evil Republicans are tearing nursing children from their mother’s breasts. It’s simply not true. And the policies they are ranting over were utilized by Barack Obama – he was the one who put poor children in cages like dogs. We don’t do that under this president.

Most of the time, children stay with their parents now. Those that don’t have clean, nice accommodations with soft beds, clean clothes, medical care and hot food. They are taught English and given studies to learn and chores to carry out. Hardly what I would call abuse. Parents who illegally cross into the U.S. are briefly separated from their children for up to three weeks while their case is adjudicated.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke recently and said that respecting the rule of law is a biblical principle and that is true. But it caused a collective meltdown on the left. Faith is like holy water to communist vampires.

Pelosi went on to accuse the Trump administration, its surrogates and all people of faith of gross hypocrisy for not agreeing with her preferred policy regarding the children of illegal immigrants. “The very hypocrisy of the Attorney General to quote the Bible, the hypocrisy of all people of faith in our country not to clamor for what the administration is doing to end — whether it’s to deprive the dreamers of the respect they deserve or whether its taking babies away from their mothers and fathers,” Pelosi said Friday, the Daily Caller reported.

What set Pelosi off exactly? Well, Sessions addressed law enforcement officials in Indiana on Thursday. He quoted the Apostle Paul who made a “clear and wise command in Romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose of order.” There is nothing wrong with that quote and it is directly from the Bible. Pelosi lambasted Sessions for quoting the Bible and chastised people of faith for not calling for a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. She also criticized Sessions for not demanding an end to the separation of children from families of illegal immigrants during the prosecution of adults.

“We are not sending children to jail with their parents,” Sessions said. “Noncitizens who cross our borders unlawfully, between our ports of entry, with children are not an exception. They are the ones who broke the law. They are the ones who endangered their own children on their trek. The United States, on the other hand, goes to extraordinary lengths to protect them while the parents go through a short detention period.” That’s exactly right. Parents and other adult illegal aliens use these children as human shields to get into this country and it is wrong. The adults are the ones breaking the law here.

Pelosi then called the Trump administration hypocrites and urged “right thinking” Republicans to bring an end to what she called the “un-American activities that are being put forth by the President of the United States, by the Republicans in congress, and by this Attorney General.” “For this administration to pose as people of faith and pose as people who care about family and children is of a height of hypocrisy that knows no bounds,” Pelosi said. Wow… the only raving hypocrite I see here is Pelosi and she doesn’t even have enough sense to be ashamed of herself or to fear God might strike her down where she stands. She is a typical lying communist.

President Trump roasted Democrats on Twitter for exploiting policies that existed under former President Obama. “Democrats can fix their forced family breakup at the Border by working with Republicans on new legislation, for a change! This is why we need more Republicans elected in November. Democrats are good at only three things, High Taxes, High Crime and Obstruction. Sad!” Trump tweeted today.

“The Democrats are forcing the breakup of families at the Border with their horrible and cruel legislative agenda,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “Any Immigration Bill MUST HAVE full funding for the Wall, end Catch & Release, Visa Lottery and Chain, and go to Merit Based Immigration. Go for it! WIN!” And that is exactly right. It is the Democrats who are causing all this turmoil. Follow the law and this will all work out, but the Democrats don’t want that. They want open borders and a permanent voter base. Pelosi doesn’t care about illegal immigrant children… she cares about power.


‘Zionist regime will perish in the not-so-far future,’ says Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

The lunatic Ayatollah Khamenei will not be the recipient of more pallets of cash in the foreseeable future.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ranted on his un-verified Twitter account that “[T]he #ZionistRegime will not last,” claiming that it was “founded based on falsehood.” He slammed “a few spineless states” who would support Israel, and singled out the White House for moving the embassy to Jerusalem. The “Zionist Regime,” according to the recipient of pallets of cash from the Obama administration, suffers from “fundamental illegitimacy.”

“Undoubtedly,” rants the Ayatollah, “the Zionist regime will perish in the not-so-far future.”

Here are his tweets:

After the 1979 revolution was successful, the Islamists imprisoned and killed the Soviet-backed Tudeh Party communists, who drove the revolution. Once the Islamists were firmly in power, Iran slid backwards into the dark age where it languishes today. The Tudeh Party is just one Marxist organizations who has crept back into Iran and is once again agitating for power amidst unrest in Iran. In a recent statement, they warned that Israel and America may seek to “co-opt” the protest.

“Tudeh however, also warned about the potential for Israel and the United States to co-opt what they declared to be a grassroots struggle against Iran’s theocratic rule. Among the forces in the appeal that Tudeh believes protesters should be wary of, they named ‘the regional reactionaries, the Trump administration, the right-wing government of Netanyahu and the Iranian monarchists.'”

The ongoing and stormy marriage between Islamists and communists is documented in Trevor Loudon’s film, “America Under Siege: Soviet Islam.”


As recently reported at TrevorLoudon.com, it was recently divulged that Iranian intelligence officials “secretly helped provide the [9/11/2001] al Qaeda attackers with passage and gave them refuge in the Islamic Republic.”


Rogue Meets Rogue, Obama and Iran

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

While the United States has terminated it’s role in the JCPOA, the Iranian nuclear deal, Europe appears to be dedicated to remain. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is traveling in Europe meeting with leaders on the sole topic of Iran. As this item is published he is meeting with Theresa May of Britain.


On May 8, 2018, the President announced his decision to cease the United States’ participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and to begin re-imposing the U.S. nuclear-related sanctions that were lifted to effectuate the JCPOA sanctions relief, following a wind-down period.  In conjunction with this announcement, the President issued a National Security Presidential Memorandum (NSPM) directing the U.S. Department of the Treasury and other Departments and Agencies to take the actions necessary to implement his decision.

Consistent with the President’s guidance, Departments and Agencies will begin the process of  implementing 90-day and 180-day wind-down periods for activities involving Iran that were consistent with the U.S. sanctions relief specified in the JCPOA.  To effectuate the wind-down periods, today the State Department issued the necessary statutory sanctions waivers to provide for a wind-down period and plans to take appropriate action to keep such waivers in place for the duration of the relevant wind-down periods.  As soon as is administratively feasible, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) expects to revoke, or amend, as appropriate, general and specific licenses issued in connection with the JCPOA.  At that time, OFAC will issue new authorizations to allow the wind down of transactions and activities that were authorized pursuant to the revoked or amended general and specific licenses.  At the end of the 90-day and 180-day wind-down periods, the applicable sanctions will come back into full effect.

OFAC posted today to its website additional frequently asked questions (FAQs) that provide guidance on the sanctions that are to be re-imposed and the relevant wind-down periods.


Why the big push on all of this? Iran has launched new uranium enrichment plans with meet the red line. But, could that enrichment exceed agreed limits? Yes and no one would know due in part to refused access by IAEA officials for inspection.

(Reuters) – Iran’s declaration that it could increase its uranium enrichment capacity if a nuclear deal with world powers falls apart risks sailing close to the “red line”, France’s foreign minister said on Wednesday. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Monday he had ordered preparations to increase uranium enrichment capacity if the nuclear agreement collapsed after the United States withdrew from the deal last month.

It also informed the U.N. nuclear watchdog of “tentative” plans to produce the feedstock for centrifuges, which are the machines that enrich uranium.

“This initiative is unwelcome. It shows a sort of irritation,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told Europe 1 radio. “It is always dangerous to flirt with the red lines, but the initiative taken … remains totally within the framework of the Vienna (nuclear) deal.”

Tensions between Iran and the West have surged since President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran last month, calling it deeply flawed and reimposing unilateral sanctions.

European powers are scrambling to save the deal – under which Iran curbed its nuclear program in return for a lifting of international sanctions – as they regard it as the best chance to stop Tehran developing an atomic bomb.

However, they have warned Iran that if it were not to abide by the terms of the deal, then they would also be forced to pull out and reimpose sanctions as Washington has done.

“If they go to a higher level then yes the agreement would be violated, but they need to realize that if they do then they will expose themselves to new sanctions and the Europeans will not remain passive.”

Le Drian, who said Iran was for now still abiding by its commitments, was speaking a day after Israel’s leader urged France to turn its attention to tackling Iran’s “regional aggression”, saying he no longer needed to convince Paris to quit a 2015 nuclear deal between various world powers with Tehran as economic pressure would kill it anyway.


There is yet another item that has bubbled to the surface. Enter Barack Obama.

(AP) — The Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access — albeit briefly — to the U.S. financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so.

An investigation by Senate Republicans released Wednesday sheds light on the delicate balance the Obama administration sought to strike after the deal, as it worked to ensure Iran received its promised benefits without playing into the hands of the deal’s opponents. Amid a tense political climate, Iran hawks in the U.S., Israel and elsewhere argued that the United States was giving far too much to Tehran and that the windfall would be used to fund extremism and other troubling Iranian activity.

The report by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations revealed that under President Barack Obama, the Treasury Department issued a license in February 2016, never previously disclosed, that would have allowed Iran to convert $5.7 billion it held at a bank in Oman from Omani rials into euros by exchanging them first into U.S. dollars. If the Omani bank had allowed the exchange without such a license, it would have violated sanctions that bar Iran from transactions that touch the U.S. financial system.

The effort was unsuccessful because American banks — themselves afraid of running afoul of U.S. sanctions — declined to participate. The Obama administration approached two U.S. banks to facilitate the conversion, the report said, but both refused, citing the reputational risk of doing business with or for Iran.

“The Obama administration misled the American people and Congress because they were desperate to get a deal with Iran,” said Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, the subcommittee’s chairman.

Issuing the license was not illegal. Still, it went above and beyond what the Obama administration was required to do under the terms of the nuclear agreement. Under that deal, the U.S. and world powers gave Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief in exchange for curbing its nuclear program. Last month, President Donald Trump declared the U.S. was pulling out of what he described as a “disastrous deal.”

The license issued to Bank Muscat stood in stark contrast to repeated public statements from the Obama White House, the Treasury and the State Department, all of which denied that the administration was contemplating allowing Iran access to the U.S. financial system.

Shortly after the nuclear deal was sealed in July 2015, then-Treasury Secretary Jack Lew testified that even with the sanctions relief, Iran “will continue to be denied access to the world’s largest financial and commercial market.” A month later, one of Lew’s top deputies, Adam Szubin, testified that despite the nuclear deal “Iran will be denied access to the world’s most important market and unable to deal in the world’s most important currency.”

Yet almost immediately after the sanctions relief took effect in January 2016, Iran began to complain that it wasn’t reaping the benefits it had envisioned. Iran argued that other sanctions — such as those linked to human rights, terrorism and missile development — were scaring off potential investors and banks who feared any business with Iran would lead to punishment. The global financial system is heavily intertwined with U.S. banks, making it nearly impossible to conduct many international transactions without touching New York in one way or another.

Former Obama administration officials declined to comment for the record.

However, they said the decision to grant the license had been made in line with the spirit of the deal, which included allowing Iran to regain access to foreign reserves that had been off-limits because of the sanctions. They said public comments made by the Obama administration at the time were intended to dispel incorrect reports about nonexistent proposals that would have gone much farther by letting Iran actually buy or sell things in dollars.

The former officials spoke on condition of anonymity because many are still involved in national security issues.

As the Obama administration pondered how to address Iran’s complaints in 2016, reports in The Associated Press and other media outlets revealed that the U.S. was considering additional sanctions relief, including issuing licenses that would allow Iran limited transactions in dollars. Democratic and Republican lawmakers argued against it throughout the late winter, spring and summer of 2016. They warned that unless Tehran was willing to give up more, the U.S. shouldn’t give Iran anything more than it already had.

At the time, the Obama administration downplayed those concerns while speaking in general terms about the need for the U.S. to live up to its part of the deal. Secretary of State John Kerry and other top aides fanned out across Europe, Asia and the Middle East trying to convince banks and businesses they could do business with Iran without violating sanctions and facing steep fines.

“Since Iran has kept its end of the deal, it is our responsibility to uphold ours, in both letter and spirit,” Lew said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in March 2016, without offering details.

That same week, the AP reported that the Treasury had prepared a draft of a license that would have given Iran much broader permission to convert its assets from foreign currencies into easier-to-spend currencies like euros, yen or rupees, by first exchanging them for dollars at offshore financial institutions.

The draft involved a general license, a blanket go-ahead that allows all transactions of a certain type, rather than a specific license like the one given to Oman’s Bank Muscat, which only covers specific transactions and institutions. The proposal would have allowed dollars to be used in currency exchanges provided that no Iranian banks, no Iranian rials and no sanctioned Iranian individuals or businesses were involved, and that the transaction did not begin or end in U.S. dollars.

Obama administration officials at the time assured concerned lawmakers that a general license wouldn’t be coming. But the report from the Republican members of the Senate panel showed that a draft of the license was indeed prepared, though it was never published.

And when questioned by lawmakers about the possibility of granting Iran any kind of access to the U.S. financial system, Obama-era officials never volunteered that the specific license for Bank Muscat in Oman had been issued two months earlier.

According to the report, Iran is believed to have found other ways to access its money, possibly by exchanging it in smaller quantities through another currency.

The situation resulted from the fact that Iran had stored billions in Omani rials, a currency that’s notoriously hard to convert. The U.S. dollar is the world’s dominant currency, so allowing it to be used as a conversion instrument for Iranian assets was the easiest and most efficient way to speed up Iran’s access to its own funds.

For example: If the Iranians want to sell oil to India, they would likely want to be paid in euros instead of rupees, so they could more easily use the proceeds to purchase European goods. That process commonly starts with the rupees being converted into dollars, just for a moment, before being converted once again into euros.

U.S. sanctions block Iran from exchanging the money on its own. And Asian and European banks are wary because U.S. regulators have levied billions of dollars in fines in recent years and threatened transgressors with a cutoff from the far more lucrative American market.


Muslim activist’s ‘big stick’ approach turns Michigan politicians, media to willing servants of Islam

By: Leo Hohmann

Dawud Walid is an Islamic imam and executive director of CAIR-Michigan. Photo /screenshot

One call to suburban mayor results in removal of volunteer deemed too ‘Islamophobic’ to serve her city.

When Muslim activist Dawud Walid speaks, Michigan’s political leaders do not ask many questions.

Almost reflexively, they jump to fulfill his demands.

The last thing they seem to want is to get into a public debate with the leader of the state’s powerful chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which claims to speak for all Michigan Muslims.

In a fresh example of just how big of a stick Walid carries as executive director of CAIR-Michigan, he was able to get a low-level mayoral appointee removed from office last week in the city of Warren, a suburb of Detroit. The woman had committed the unpardonable sin of criticizing Islam on her private Facebook page. Though she publicly apologized and expressed deep remorse for “offending” Muslims, that wasn’t enough. She still had to resign in disgrace.

Diane Kozlowski was forced to resign her seat on a volunteer advisory board in the city of Warren because of a post on her private Facebook page.

Diane Deliso Kozlowski, 71, was appointed by the mayor in 2015 to a seven-year term on the six-member Warren Elected Officials Compensation Commission, which is a voluntary, unpaid position that advises the mayor and council on salaries to be paid to city officials. She posted on Facebook that “Islam is hate” in reaction to someone else’s post about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to a report in the local newspaper, The Macomb Daily.

Someone alerted CAIR about the post, and CAIR placed Kozlowski’s entire Facebook account under its version of extreme vetting, looking for not only the reported offensive comment but others which might be deemed unfriendly to Muslims or Islam. By the time the smoke had cleared, CAIR had declared Kozlowski an Islamophobe, contacted Warren Mayor James Fouts and demanded that he cleanse city hall of her presence.

Within hours of Walid approaching the mayor and council with his demand, Kozlowski resigned and issued a detailed statement of apology, as follows:

“I apologize for offending anyone, including Muslims, my post was referring to terrorists, NOT Muslims. I understand that terrorists come from all backgrounds and all religions and for me to refer to Muslims was wrong. I apologize to Muslims who are as much against terrorism as are other religions in the United States. I was wrong and as a result I am resigning.”

She is now said to be terrified of a violent reprisal from the Muslim community and will not return calls on the issue of her Facebook comments.

The local newspaper, the Macomb Daily, cheered Kozlowski’s resignation in a May 24 article in which Walid was given space for a lengthy lecture about what is permitted and what is not permitted in terms of free speech in Macomb County.

The newspaper all but admitted that Walid threatened the city with protests if it did not bow to his demand that Kozlowski be removed from her position. The paper reported:

“Had Deliso Kozlowski not resigned, the organization [CAIR] was prepared to further its demand in a public manner on city government property.”

In the city of Warren, citizens apparently check their First Amendment rights at the door when they accept any city position, even if it’s only on a volunteer basis.

Why must they be subjected to such close scrutiny? Because Walid says so.

“The important thing is she is no longer in her position,” Walid told the Macomb Daily. “We’re glad that the results were swift and we did not have to go on June 12 to the next City Council meeting to raise our concerns.”

“We believe that all Americans in general have a right to freedom of speech and can say hateful things,” Walid continued. “The problem becomes, when someone in an official capacity of a government in which they are involved in the allocation of taxpayer dollars. That’s where it becomes problematic.

“The Muslin community is a fast-growing segment in the city of Warren. We don’t think it’s proper a city official can go around making hateful comments about any group of people that they’re supposed to be working on behalf of residents and constituents.”

Walid is not being completely truthful when he says hateful comments are to be tolerated outside of government office-holders. The truth is, CAIR has been on a nationwide crusade, some call it a witch hunt, since the election of President Donald Trump to identify and weed out so-called “Islamophobes” from not just public office but all aspects of public life. That is why Roseann Barr had her sitcom canceled by ABC last week, not because she made a racist comment against blacks but because her comment included a mocking of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Islamic sensitivity training for city officials

Warren Mayor James Fouts

While Kozlowski has been an outspoken advocate for Mayor Fouts in the past, applauding him for his accomplishments in the city of Warren, Fouts did not lift a finger to defend her against the attacks from CAIR. He immediately caved to Walid’s demands.

In fact, Fouts and the City Council went a step further. He told the Detroit News that the city’s “diversity coordinator” contacted the Islamic Society of North America in Warren and plans to start sensitivity training for all commissioners.

“It’s an unfortunate situation, but in the future we want to make sure everybody has proper training and is aware of sensitivity and the importance of diversity, and everything that goes with it,” the News quoted Fouts as saying.

Macomb County resident Tom Mitchell told LeoHohmann.com it is astonishing the amount of power Walid and CAIR wield in Michigan.

“It seems to me they have a complete hold over Warren and Sterling Heights and Macomb County,” he said.

Mitchell said Muslim migrants are expanding their presence in metro Detroit’s suburbs, coming up from Dearborn and Hamtramck. The city of Dearborn is 46 percent Arab and Hamtramck became the first American city to have a Muslim-majority city council in 2016.

They have now penetrated Sterling Heights, which approved a controversial mega-mosque last year over the protests of the vast majority of its citizens.

“That’s the corridor they’re coming up from,” Mitchell said. “It’s unnerving to see all this happening and how fearful the politicians are of Mr. Walid and the voting bloc he represents.”

This is the same Dawud Walid that told C-SPAN a couple of years ago that the most dangerous terrorists in America are not Islamic jihadists but “white men.”

SEE VIDEO of Walid telling C-SPAN on Nov. 22, 2015 that “the number-one perpetrators of terrorism here in the United States of America are not Muslims; they actually are white men.”

In that same interview with C-SPAN Walid rejected the notion that immigrants should try to assimilate into American society.

“I really think it speaks to to the greater fear that a lot of Americans have that there are changing demographics in America and within the next few decades America is going to become a majority-minority nation, meaning there will be more people of color in America than white Americans, and I think this really scares the mess out of people, so they say we shouldn’t speak Arabic or need to change our dress. I think it all comes from a Euro-centric, white-privilege mentality and I do not accept this at all.”

During the same week that Kozlowski was forced to resign for criticizing Islam on Facebook, anti-Sharia activists with Secure Michigan were hosting a visit to Michigan from British activist/journalist Katie Hopkins.

Hopkins sees direct parallels to what is happening in Michigan to the advancing Sharia in her country, where a majority of the cities around London now have Muslim mayors and the media is forbidden from covering the trials of Muslim rape gangs.

“She saw a lot here in Michigan,” Mitchell said.

WATCH Katie Hopkins video below explaining the “template” used for the Islamization of British cities and how a similar model appears to be playing out in Michigan. It starts with immigration and eventually leads to the election of Muslim politicians.

Michigan is in the middle of its primary season in which the nation’s first Muslim candidate for governor, Dr. Abdul al-Sayed, is on the Democrat ballot.

Michigan is also the scene of the nation’s first federal trial of a doctor accused of practicing female genital mutilation.

“We are experiencing creeping Sharia starting in the governor’s contest, the local contest, city contests, most people who live here don’t even know how deeply ingrained the Islamic presence is and how much sway they hold over our politicians,” Mitchell said. “If they don’t know they can’t do anything about it. I live in Sterling Heights and they know I don’t have any fear. I’m here to stay and fight this.”

Mitchell, a U.S. military veteran, said he has absolutely no doubt that if a member of a city board had posted to Facebook that “Christianity is hate,” the remark would have managed to avoid even a snippet of attention from CAIR, the mayor, city council, or local newspaper.

“Absolutely not. I have not a sliver of doubt in my mind,” Mitchell said.

Indeed, one could argue that Michigan gubernatorial candidate Dr. Abdul al-Sayed set the tone for Kozlowski’s post, “Islam is hate.” Sayed said at a debate just a few weeks ago that Muslims “definitely hate” his GOP counterpart, state Sen. Patrick Colbeck.

Colbeck is the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, in the Michigan gubernatorial primary race that has spoken out about the consequences of Islamic non-assimilation in Michigan and the role of CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood offshoots in fostering an attitude of isolation and civilizational jihad. [See Secure Michigan’s questionnaire showing candidates views on Sharia]

Sayed’s expression of Muslim hatred for Colbeck, and ostensibly for every Michigan citizen who supports Colbeck for governor, was virtually ignored by the Detroit media and he suffered no consequences. [Imagine the media uproar of it had been the other way around and the Republican Colbeck had told Dr. Abdul that “Christians definitely hate you!”]

So, what is acceptable speech for a Muslim gubernatorial candidate in Michigan is not acceptable for a Republican candidate. Nor is it acceptable for a non-Muslim woman who sits on a low-level government panel to speak critically of the Islamic religion.

This is a state where it is proven once again that there are two very different standards for what is acceptable speech, one for Republicans and another for liberal Democrats and Muslims.

And what’s worse is that CAIR and Walid, complete with their dubious reputations, have successfully established themselves as the arbiter of what is acceptable public speech in Michigan.

According to the FBI’s own documented evidence, CAIR is the U.S. affiliate of Hamas, which the U.S. State Department lists as a designated foreign terrorist organization. CAIR was one of several unindicted co-conspirators in the 2008 federal case, U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation, that sent five Muslim Brotherhood operatives to prison for illegally funneling money to Hamas.

Yet, the Macomb Daily closes its article about Kozlowski’s resignation by singing CAIR’s praises, taking verbiage directly from a CAIR press release that states:

“CAIR-MI is a nonprofit civil rights and advocacy group. It is affiliated with the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, the largest Islamic civil liberties group in the United States. The organization’s mission is “to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding through education, mediation, media and the law.”


Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” If you appreciate this type of original, fact-based and independent reporting, please consider a donation of any size to this website. We accept no advertising and are beholden to no one.


An American Monument

By: T.F. Stern | Self-Educated American

While reading the scriptures this afternoon, in the Old Testament from the Book of Joshua that were part of this past Sunday’s lesson, I wanted to highlight Joshua 4:6, regarding the priests who carried the Ark of the Covenant across the River Jordan on dry land while the Lord held back the waters.  Each of the tribes of Israel were instructed to place a rock stacked in the middle of the river as a monument, a reminder of how the Lord protected Israel

“That this may be a sign among you, that when your children ask their fathers in time to come, saying, What mean ye by these stones?”

It struck me as important to acknowledge the Lord’s hand in all our doings; but mostly I considered how this might apply in our day, a sad reminder that so many of our fellow citizens fail to recognize the Lord’s hand in establishing and maintaining this land of liberty.  It has gotten to the point where some not only don’t show gratitude for the miracle that is America; but are in outright defiance of God’s eternal laws.

Then a bit further, in Joshua 24:13 the Lord pointed out how the people of Israel were handed the promised land, not by their own efforts; but as a gift from the Lord.

“And I have given you a land for which ye did not labour, and cities which ye built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and oliveyards which ye planted not do ye eat.”

How sad; a significant percentage of Americans don’t appreciate all that has been done by those who went on before.  Those who fought and died in various wars to protect individual liberty; even back to our founders.  All our victories, our abundance, and yes, our exceptionalism has been done with the help of the Lord.

This current generation’s ingratitude and sense of self-importance, relying on the arm of flesh, leaves me wondering what kind of citizens are left to work with as real challenges are always just beyond the horizon.  Without the help of the Lord this nation couldn’t exist.

Some fully understand the relationship of our Creator and the nation He prepared for a moral and obedient people…; which is why they want America destroyed from within, remove constraints placed on government by the constitution and transform this nation into a totalitarian socialist state, one that replaces inalienable God given rights with entitlements handed out by whomever is in power.

This past April during the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, our newly sustained Prophet and President of the Church, Russel M. Nelson, made the following statement :

“In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”

We as individuals need to turn to the Lord for strength and guidance; the same is true for our nation.  How is this to be accomplished when so many folks have lost their way, have forgotten or ignored the rich history of our country?

Our founders made it a point to establish days of Thanksgiving, fasting and prayer days and to remind everyone of Providence and Divine Intervention playing an important role in our independence and other blessings.  I find it unfortunate that we as a people don’t have a monument in our River Jordan, a means of reminding our children of the Lord’s hand in our lives.

At one time our National Flag was sufficient to act as that monument, a means of reminding us of the price of liberty while at the same time acknowledging Divine Providence; but apparently our Flag is offensive; to whom is it offensive… and should it matter to those of us who understand what that Flag stands for?

America needs a monument for future generations to gaze upon and ask, just as in Joshua’s time, “What mean ye by these stones?”  Perhaps we can once again use the American Flag as that reminder; she is, after all, a grand old flag.


Though Persecuted, Christians and Patriots are Standing

By: Lloyd Marcus

I praise God for Wyoming GOP county chair Vicki Kissack having the courage to share my article, “Christians Deceived by the LGBTQ Movement” on her facebook page. https://bit.ly/2Iyymsq Folks, my article is 100% factually correct; spoken in God’s love.

As might be expected, leftists at the Casper Star-Tribune, distorted the truths in my article to brand Mrs Kissack a hater — hoping that fearful Republicans will run away from her. https://bit.ly/2wzkIjN Please pray that God gives this patriot sister courage to stand and will build a hedge of protection around her and her family. I claim this scripture for Mrs Kissack, “No weapon formed against you shall proper.” Isaiah 54:17

The immediate severe attack on Mrs Kissack for simply sharing my article https://bit.ly/2Iyymsq confirms the bullying and intolerance of LGBTQ enforcers exposed in my article.

A few years ago, I was an executive of a conservative group. LGBTQ activists launched a media assault attempting to brand me and anyone associated with me haters; to bully me into not writing obvious truths. My wonderful wife Mary and I realize God is our financial source. I must freely spread God’s truth. Therefore, I resigned from my position to protect friends and associates from LGBTQ enforcers. God is faithful.

I told my 90 year old preacher dad about the April 23rd international parents’ Sex-Ed protest. https://bit.ly/2rCJA4y Parents are outraged, unable to opt-out their children from LGBTQ lessons which include asphyxiation, BDSM, gender-bending, anal sex and rimming. https://bit.ly/2uOQloy Dad replied, “Rimming? I don’t even know what that is.” Ponder that folks. LGBTQ bullies have successfully mandated that elementary school kids be taught a dangerous sexual perversion unknown to a 90 year old.

A Texas pre-K teacher sounded-the-alarm that her principal ordered teachers to explain homosexuality to 4 year olds and teach them that “gay love is beautiful”. https://bit.ly/2Ixat4f And yet, LGBTQ activists are trying to brand us haters for seeking to protect our kids’ innocence, while they tyrannically demand that we surrender our children for LGBTQ indoctrination.

My wife alerted me regarding another Christian bridal shop in business for 22 years in Pennsylvania, driven out of business by LGBTQ enforcers. https://bit.ly/2wBUFbF Despite the owners referring a lesbian couple to another bridal shop eager for their business, that was not acceptable to LGBTQ enforcers. Clearly, LGBTQ enforcers’ mission is to force Christians to betray their faith, demanding that they kneel in worship to leftists’ false gods.

The good news is Christians and patriots are standing up for their religious liberty and freedom of speech.

Cathy Miller refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple but offered to sell them a pre-made cake. The lesbian couple, in essence, said screw you and sued Ms Miller. As I stated, this is not about acquiring a cake. LGBTQ enforcers are targeting Christian businesses to force them to affirm their agenda.

Remarkably, a California judge ruled in favor of Ms Miller. Judge Lambe said, “The State asks this court to compel Miller to use her talents to design and create cake [sic] she has not yet conceived with the knowledge that her work will be displayed in celebration of marital union her religion forbids . . . Such an order would be the stuff of tyranny.” Amen! https://bit.ly/2Ki3ERz

Demanding total subservience, LGBTQ enforcers sought to fire New Jersey high school teacher and ordained minister Jenye Knox for posting homosexuality is a sin on her personal Facebook page. Ms Knox sued the school district for violating her right to free speech and religious expression. A confidential settlement was made regarding Ms Knox’s tenure. I salute Ms Knox for courageously fighting back. https://bit.ly/2Ki3ERz

A standing room only crowd of 190 showed up at the EWC board meeting to raised their hand to oppose the implementation of transgender policies at Eastern Wyoming College. Wyoming GOP chair Frank Eathorne read his party’s 2017 resolution vs SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity). https://bit.ly/2IFKAQ4

In essence, the GOP resolution explained how SOGI laws attack our freedom rather than the other way around.

Whereas the Party of Abraham Lincoln was created to abolish slavery, recognizing the dignity and equality of every human being under the law; and this same Republican Party continued to lead the fight for the natural rights of our common humanity, against the Jim Crow laws of the southern Democrats; and still stands for the rights of all people regardless of color, culture, ideology, or religion, and

Whereas such equal protection under the law demands protection against personal injury or property loss, but cannot demand affirmation of personal ideas, choices, or behaviors without infringing upon the integrity and property rights of other persons; yet “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) laws obliterate this foundational legal distinction, and

Whereas, laws using undefined and undefinable terms are inherently unjust, depriving persons under the law of any reasonable opportunity to know in advance how the law will be applied to them; and “gender Identity” lacks any definite legal content such that even its proponents are unable either to list every current identity, or rule out the addition of new identities in the future, and

Whereas wherever the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” have been added to anti-discrimination laws, this ill-defined language has enabled unjust prosecution and legal harassment such as…

Life has taught me to always look for the blessing in everything. Samuel Adams said, ” It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” While being persecuted, the courage of Christians and patriots standing up for our free speech and religious liberties will ignite a national movement. Therefore, all is well.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Help Lloyd spread the Truth: http://bit.ly/2kZqmUk


$100,000 to Destroy the New US Embassy in Jerusalem

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Sheesh…the building has been there for years already. Further, there are several other countries that are moving their embassies as well.

About 800 guests attended the opening ceremony. The U.S. was represented by a formally designated “Presidential Delegation” led by Deputy Secretary of State, John. J. Sullivan, and including U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, and Jason Greenblatt, the White House’s lead negotiator. A bicameral Congressional delegation and other U.S. dignitaries were also present for the ceremony, which was also attended by top diplomats from 33 other nations.


The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is a public law of the United States passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995.

The Act recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and called for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city. Its purpose was to set aside funds for the relocation of the Embassy of the United States in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, by May 31, 1999. For this purpose it withheld 50% of the funds appropriated to the State Department specifically for “Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad” as allocated in fiscal year 1999 until the United States Embassy in Jerusalem had officially opened. Israel’s declared capital is Jerusalem, but this is not internationally recognized, pending final status talks in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Despite passage, the law allowed the President to invoke a six-month waiver of the application of the law, and reissue the waiver every six months on “national security” grounds. The waiver was repeatedly invoked by Presidents ClintonBush, and Obama.

Iran continues to ignore history, facts and hard tangible evidence about Jerusalem. Furthermore we were told by John Kerry and Barack Obama were to be good citizens of the world after the completion of the Iranian nuclear deal….well three things at least have surfaced since the United States withdrew.


  1. A hardline Iranian organization is reportedly offering a $100,000 reward to any person who bombs the newly opened U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, according to a translation of Farsi language reports.

    A group known as the Iranian Justice Seeker Student Movement is reported to have disseminated posters calling for an attack on the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, which has been opposed by Palestinian and Iranian officials as an affront to the holy city.

    “The Student Justice Movement will support anybody who destroy the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem,” the poster states in Farsi, Arabic, and English, according to an independent translation of the propaganda poster provided to the Free Beacon.

    There will be a “$100,000 dollar prize for the person who destroys the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem,” the poster states.

    The call for an attack on the new embassy is just the latest escalation by hostile Islamic states and leaders who have lashed out at the United States and President Donald Trump for making good on a campaign promise to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s declared capital city of Jerusalem.

    News of the bomb threat was first reported by the University Student News Network, a regional Farsi-language site that aggregates relevant news briefs.

    “The Student Movement for Justice declared, ‘Whoever bombs the embassy’s building will receive a $100,000 award,’” the report states. “It is necessary to mention that the steps by Trump to transfer the US Embassy to Holy Qods [Jerusalem] has led to the anger and hatred of Muslims and liberators throughout the world.’”

    Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser and expert on rogue regimes, told the Washington Free Beacon that terrorism of this nature is embedded in the Iranian regime’s hardline stance.

    “Unfortunately, terrorism directed toward diplomats and embassies has become a central pillar of the Islamic Republic’s culture,” Rubin said. “Terrorism is lionized in Iranian schools. This bounty is more the rule than the exception. To blame Washington or Jerusalem is to blame the victim and give terrorists a veto over U.S. policy.”

    Behnam Ben Taleblu, an research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, described the poster as repulsive and blamed the Iranian ruling regime for fostering such an attitude.

    “This is nothing short of an invitation to a heinous act of an international terror by a student group that looks up to the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror—the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.

  2. TEHRAN – New freight train connections usually only have a limited potential to make global headlines, but a new service launched from China on Thursday could be different. Its cargo – 1,150 tons of sunflower seeds – may appears unremarkable, but its destination, however, is far more interesting: Tehran, the capital of Iran.

    The launch of a new rail connection between Bayannur in China ‘s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Iran was announced by the official news agency Xinhua on Thursday. Its exact path was not described in the dispatch, but travel times will apparently be shortened by at least 20 days in comparison to cargo shipping. The sunflower seeds are now expected to arrive in Tehran in about two weeks.

    While the seeds are making their steady progress across Asia, there’s a growing risk of Iran and Israel; link; breaking into open conflict in the meantime. French President Emmanuel Macron has already predicted that the U.S. decision to pull out of the Iran deal would lead to war, especially after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned that the country may restart its nuclear program if U.S. sanctions are imposed. Iranian rocket attacks on Wednesday and the subsequent Israeli retaliatory attacks on Thursday indicated how quickly the situation could indeed escalate.

    While the United States is now urging foreign companies to wind down their operations in Iran , China appears to be doing the opposite. Thursday’s freight train connection launch was only the latest measure Beijing has taken to intensify trade relations with Iran and there seem to be no plans so far to give in to U.S. demands.

    China has indicated it might defy US President Donald Trump’s sanctions on Iran by doing business with it.

    During a press briefing on Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that Iran and China would “maintain normal economic ties and trade.”

    “We will continue with our normal and transparent practical cooperation with Iran on the basis of not violating our international obligations,” he said. China faces the same problem U.S. allies in Europe are currently facing <link>: Even if European governments are opposed to new sanctions on Iran , European companies would have to abide by those rules or risk severe fines by the United States.

    Even though they have expressed their outrage, some high-ranking European officials have already acknowledged that they would have few options to rein in the United States if it decided to punish European companies for continuing to trade with Iran.

    China, however, appears more defiant.

    Iran ‘s Hassan Rouhani had established a track record for bridge-building in nuclear talks with European powers

    When asked whether China would order its companies to withdraw from Iran to avoid U.S. sanctions, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman indicated that Beijing might defy the Trump administration. “I want to stress that the Chinese government is opposed to the imposition of unilateral sanctions and the so-called long-arm jurisdiction by any country in accordance with its domestic laws,” he said.

    China has to some extent managed to circumvent U.S. sanctions in the past and may be able to do the same again this time. Some analysts have even suggested that Chinese entities could act as intermediaries for European companies that want to continue trading with Iran , but fear violating U.S. sanctions. Such sanctions would be particularly damaging to European businesses operating in the United States, such as plane manufacturer Airbus.

    Speaking to CNBC, former U.S. diplomat Carlos Pascual said that oil sales from Iran via China or Russia to the rest of the world could circumvent U.S. measures.

  3. The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri has said his country seeks expansion in military cooperation with Afghanistan.

    Gen. Baqeri reportedly informed regarding his country’s intent during a meeting with the Afghan defense minister Gen. Tariq Shah Bahrami.

    “The shared backgrounds between the two countries of Iran and Afghanistan, including religion and language, have brought them together in such way that no obstacle can undermine their close relations, specially in combatting the terrorist groups,” the top Iranian General was quoted as saying by Fars News.

    He also expressed the hope that the Afghan military delegation’s visit would result in more cooperation between the two countries’ armed forces.

    The top Iranian General’s intent to expand military cooperation with Afghanistan comes as the country is accused of supporting the certain insurgent groups in Afghanistan.

    “Iran’s desire for influence in Afghanistan remains strong. Iran seeks increased influence in Afghanistan through government partnerships, bilateral trade, and cultural and religious ties,” Pentagon stated in its report regarding Afghanistan late last year.

    The report also adds that Iran provides some support to the Taliban and publicly justifies its relationship with the Taliban  as a means to combat the spread of ISIS-K in Afghanistan.

    “Iran’s support to the Taliban undermines the Afghan Government’s credibility, adds to instability in the region, and complicates strategic partnership agreements,” Pentagon had warned.