Biden’s Disorganized Dictatorship

By: Cliff Kincaid

There’s nothing socialists and communists hate more than a disorganized dictatorship, unable to consolidate power. As a result, the plan for Biden’s $3 trillion “human infrastructure” plan, described by socialist scholar Paul LeBlanc as “Socialist Convergence” for America through the Green New Deal, remains in limbo. The “progressives” are angry.

This rage represents an opportunity to save America from the abyss.

Looking at foreign affairs, the Biden effect is working to the advantage of our enemies.

America-friendly countries in Europe and Asia, such as Ukraine and Taiwan, are in grave danger. China Joe’s foreign policy, an extension of that practiced by Barack Hussein Obama, is designed to make it risky to seek the kind of freedom and independence we once had in America. Israel is even in danger of a nuclear attack by the Russian-armed religious fanatics in Iran, who are now targeting former Trump officials for death in retaliation for the killing of Iranian terrorist commander Soleimani.

Here at home, however, the communists are desperate.

Written before Biden “won” the election, socialist scholar LeBlanc said, “It is possible and necessary to build a powerful mass socialist movement in the United States by 2030 that could be in a position to provide an effective challenge to capitalism and transition to a socialist democracy.” Biden’s “victory” moved up the timetable.

But “moderates” like Senator Joe Manchin are standing in the way. “Anger erupts after Manchin kills Build Back Better” was the message from the once Moscow-aligned but now pro-China Communist Party USA in an email to party cadre, referring to the multi-trillion dollar bill.

In the other body of Congress, the party is happy with Speaker Pelosi’s job, issuing a message, “House Democrats push for votes on human needs.” The “progressives” are running the show and passing a series of socialist measures.

The message is crystal clear – the House is controlled by communist-friendly forces while the Senate has yet to succumb to the revolution.

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Dirty Harry Reid And John Brennan – The Origin Of The Collusion Hoax

By: Daniel John Sobieski

The nickname “Dirty” was well-earned by the late Sen. Harry Reid. He was a masterfully corrupt and manipulative politician who would lie through his devilish smile to achieve his political ends. Case in point was the lie he admitted telling, as the Washington Post reported in 2012 concerning Mitt Romney in an attempt to influence the presidential election results:

One of the strangest incidents of the 2012 presidential campaign was when then-Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid accused then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of having not paid any taxes over the past decade. That Reid made that allegation from the floor of the Senate made it even odder.

The problem with Reid’s allegation? It’s just not true. We know that, at least in 2011 and 2010, Romney did pay taxes. How do we know that? Because Romney released his tax returns for those years. In 2011, Romney paid $1.9 million in taxes; in 2010, he paid slightly more than $3 million in taxes.

Our own Fact Checker gave Reid Four Pinocchios for his “no taxes” claim. PolitiFact gave the claim a “Pants on Fire” rating.

Yet Reid (D-Nev.) not only refuses to retract the allegation but also seems to take great pride in it. When pressed by CNN’s Dana Bash last year about continuing to defend a statement that is not true, Reid responded, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Four years later, in 2016, Reid would have a chance to help spin the hoax of all time with avowed Communist and CIA chief John Brennan, spinning the tale and pushing the lie that Donald J. Trump was colluding with the Russians, an idea perhaps incubated during Brennan’s secret trip to Moscow in March in 2016 as reported by American Thinker.

What has been established is that, like Reid, John Brennan is a malicious and conspiratorial liar, a ringleader of the deep state coup whose secret trip to Moscow lay at the heart of the “collusion delusion” origins. As Breitbart News reported:

The Russians say he did make such a trip, and while some might say, well, these are the same Russians that helped put together the Steele dossier filled with “salacious and unverified” material, and may once again be playing with us, there is evidence that Brennan, the man who voted for Communist Gus Hall for president, did make a Russia trip for purposes unknown at the inception of the deep state coup.

High-ranking Russian officials claim that CIA Director John Brennan visited Moscow on March 14 to meet with Russia’s federal intelligence agency. A CIA spokesman allegedly clarified that the meeting had nothing to do with Russia’s withdrawal from Syria.

“It’s no secret that Brennan was here,” claimed Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov. “But he didn’t visit the Foreign Ministry. I know for sure that he met with the Federal Security Service (the successor agency to the Soviet KGB), and someone else.”

No further remarks clarify what Brennan was allegedly doing in Moscow or what he discussed with the FSB. Syromolotov insists it had nothing to do with Russia’s withdrawal from Syria.

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Archbishop Viganò – The Church’s Churchill?

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

(The is the Introduction to a five-part “Deductive Reasoning” series that will follow over the coming days.)

God sends us the leaders we need when we need them. But it is up to us to heed them.

Harken back to the 1930s.  Winston Churchill recognized the emerging threat of Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist (Nazi) Party and discerned the general outlines of its evil designs.

He tried to warn his countrymen of the “gathering storm” – yet was shunned and ridiculed by those both in his political party (Conservative) and political body (Parliament) – most either preferred to bury their heads in the sand, or to just swim with the prevailing current and hope that things would work out of their own accord.

Churchill was an iconoclast – one with a spine.  His fealty was to his country, and to pursuing what was right, notwithstanding unpopularity and ridicule.  Often such leaders are not vindicated until after they have left this earth. Churchill didn’t have to wait that long.

After appeasement with evil succeeded only in bringing the war that Churchill tried to warn about while there was still time to prevent it – when the storm was no longer gathering, but enveloping – Churchill was vindicated.  Before long he was named Prime Minister, and led his country – he inspired his people – to prevail in WWII.

It is generally acknowledged “but for” Churchill’s leadership, Great Britain – and with it, all of Europe – would have permanently succumbed to the National Socialist evil.  Without Churchill, there could not have been a D-Day, and the mass-murder concentration camps would have been able to operate until … even now?

The threat then was more secular, more “kinetic” – conventional armies conquering and occupying territory.  Today, the threats are more intangible – making them far more dangerous.

We have become accustomed to – conditioned to? – assessing the world and its goings-on as solely secular matters; dealings by and among human beings in politics, media, entertainment, education, and so on.  But we must now reorient; we must adjust our frame of reference.

Satan can only work his schemes through human actors; therefore, we must then be open to the possibility that what we observe occurring about us is actually his doing.  (Perhaps this is the beginning of discernment?)  Once we examine our world through that lens, we inevitably come to conclude that, for some things at least, no other explanation seems possible but that Satanic evil is at its root.

National Socialism was, at root, a Satanic evil (can one look at Hitler and his henchmen and not conclude “minions of Satan?”).

All forms of Collectivism – Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism, and today, Globalism – are, at root, Satanic evils.

In our times, the minions of the Great Deceiver are not only attacking us with readily identifiable “kinetic” military or police forces – which good people readily recognize and can organize against – but also through forces that we have been conditioned to trust, such as public health authorities, and even institutions of faith (see, e.g., the recent documentary Enemies Within the Church.

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