By: Garry Hamilton

Bookworm Room – When no one is an enemy, everyone is an enemy

Just so.

I might also mention (although I may have said this before) that “terrorism” isn’t about terror as much as it is about anxiety and worry.

A human can’t sustain terror, or even fear, for very long without falling into exhaustion. Anxiety, on the other hand, can be chronic and pervasive, even unto contagion. It isn’t the hysteria of terror that does the damage — it has a really short half life — it’s the follow-on, the grinding, unrelenting anxiety and worrying about something that may never happen. Artfully done, “terrorism” can create a kind of systemic cultural phobia: a vague fear of travel, for example, or a nagging fear of crowded public places — not high-intensity panic, but a sapping, debilitating worry that nothing is safe.

That is the objective of “terrorism.” Once enough people feel “unsafe,” they’re much more willing to invite the tyranny of saviors.

Over time, with a little strike here, a little feint there, you may be able to get a society to completely cripple itself with worry.

And when any random person is considered dangerous for any random reason (“How much do you earn, sir?” – “None of your business.” – “Put your hands behind your back, sir.”) we’ve arrived at a level of chronic anxiety — at least in the savior agencies — that threatens to cripple travel and commerce, and thus the whole society.

The savior agencies (like TSA) need to go away. Since they’re saviors, they need to have you worried and anxious so they can save you. And if you’re not worried and anxious, they will by gawd make damned sure you have something to worry about. Even if it’s the saviors themselves.

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