Landowner of Searchlight Rally Location Invites Tea Party Supporters to Arrive Friday Night

T.D. Barnes, the man who owns the property where we will be conducting Saturday’s massive “Showdown in Searchlight” tea party rally has invited supporters to arrive Friday night and camp out if they wish.

Many RV’ers from around the country are heading to Searchlight, but local campgrounds have totally sold out. This will provide supporters the chance to get to the rally site early and avoid any traffic delays or congestion.

The offer to camp out early for the “Showdown in Searchlight” was made via an interview with Nevada News Bureau which contains a lot more information. Read the article here:

Please, if you haven’t already made plans to join us this Saturday for the historic day of tea party events (from Laughlin, NV to Searchlight, NV to Henderson, NV) then make those plans now!

Supporters from ALL ACROSS THE NATION are heading to southern Nevada for this Saturday’s events. Complete details can be found here:

Start with the Laughlin, NV event (where we will gather at Harrah’s Laughlin parking lot beginning at 9:30 AM) and join us for the giant caravan into the Searchlight “High Noon” tea party that is being headlined by Gov. Sarah Palin. Then after the mega tea party rally in Searchlight we will all caravan up to Henderson, NV for the final tea party event of the day (which features conservative author, Ann Coulter).

So many people are heading to Searchlight, NV for this historic event (which takes place this Saturday, March 27th) that the local motels and campgrounds are now totally full.

Do what it takes to get out to these events on Saturday. Bring your family. This day will be historic and you won’t want to miss it. More importantly, after the health care vote by Congress, we NEED you there. PLEASE – make the effort and come join us for an unforgettable day as we “Take Our Country Back!”

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