By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

My home town of Christchurch was devastated at 12.51 pm today by a 6.3 Richter Scale earthquake.

Though not as big as the 7.1 earthquake last September, it was far shallower and much closer to the city center. Much, much more violent.

At least 65 reported deaths so far. Whole streets flattened and 5 story buildings leveled.

We have at least six major aftershocks since – several over 5.0.

My good friend Andy biked the outskirts of the inner city this afternoon and made this video.

This is shot outside the police cordon and does not show the inner city which looks like a war zone.

My family and friends are all fine. We have power, phone, drinking water, food and a roof over our heads.

Thank you all for the many, many messages of concern.

Will update tomorrow.