By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Jon Bruning, candidate for US Senate, Nebraska

The Tea Party Express has endorsed Jon Bruning for the U.S. Senate against Democrat Senator Ben Nelson. This is the ONLY U.S. Senate race in the country that we have endorsed so far.

Jon is riding the bus from our stop in Lincoln to Omaha.

Senator Ben Nelson is most famous around the country for the “Cornhusker kick-back” during the debate over Obamacare. Nelson essentially was willing to trade his vote in return for funds to reimburse Nebraska for the added burdens of national healthcare. Nelson pretends to be a moderate, but helps the liberals whenever he can.

According to TPX chief political strategist Sal Russo, Jon has had big leads in all of the polls taken. “Mike Huckabee joined us in endorsing Bruning. There are multiple Republican candidates, but we felt Jon was head and shoulders above the others.

“Jon was one of several young political leaders that I took to Northern Iraq with me last year. I had a chance to get to know him and convinced he would make a great conservative U.S. Senator. The biggest knock on him has been that he was a liberal in college.”

From Jon Bruning’s campaign headquarters:

This week Ben Nelson sent out a vicious fundraising letter to 10,000 Democrats attacking Jon for his outspoken claims against government spending and Obamacare. This was followed by two hit pieces in Nebraska papers and more ugly vitriol from the bowels of DC by the head of the Democratic Senatorial Committee.

I have to ask: since when did saving taxpayer dollars become a bad thing? We need your help to fight these attacks today!

If Ben Nelson and his peers in Washington feel no shame raising money against Jon’s unabashed fight against overspending and fraud in DC then we feel no shame for affirming our position: the federal government is out of control and Ben Nelson needs to go!

Will you join me today and make a donation of $25. Help us reach our goal of raising $75,000 before the end of August. We have just one week to go!

Our federal debt will drown us all unless we unseat Ben Nelson.

Ben Nelson’s votes for Obamacare and big government spending just don’t align with Nebraska values, and neither do his politics. These desperate actions show just how out of touch Ben Nelson and his political machine are with Nebraska voters, who time and time again have rejected dirty politics like this.
As sad as these actions are, they are predictable and we expect more of them.

Ben Nelson and the Washington establishment backing him are focused on Jon because they must be hearing the same thing Jon hears as he travels the state – Nebraskans are disappointed with Ben Nelson’s style of politics and are demanding new leadership, and Jon is poised to provide that leadership next November.

Join us today and make a small donation to help us defeat these attacks.

Thank you for your support,

Trent Fellers, Campaign Manager

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