By: Jeffrey Klein, Political Buzz Examiner

Remember back in January, when the Democrat legislators in Wisconsin demonstrated their contempt and cowardice by fleeing to a motel, across the state line in Illinois, to prevent a quorum from being formed, so that the electorally prevailing Republican legislature could not even vote on a law to restrict public union collective bargaining that they opposed?

Well, the Democrat-led U.S. Senate has also been using such tedious tactics ever since the 2010 mid-term elections wiped out their 60 vote majority and handed Republican’s control of the House.

By not proffered any truly beneficial legislation, and preferring business as usual in the form of continuing to “kick the can down the road to ruin,” they have instead stymied the important fiscal, economic and job creating legislation passed by the House, often beginning with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) publicly decrying the measures as “dead on arrival,” refusing to even debate or vote on them.

These actions became painfully evident during the all important “debt-ceiling crisis” last summer, which led directly to the internationally embarrassing first U.S. debt rating downgrade in history, quickly followed by two months of “Super Committee” folly, which ended in predictable failure.

This past weekend, on the eve of Congress’ month-long Christmas recess [vacation], proved to be no exception.

As a [reactive] counter measure to the House’s one-year, Obama budget-cut funded, payroll tax holiday, long-term unemployment benefits, and a Medicare doctor’s payment “fix” extension bill, Sen. Reid hastily wrote and they passed a a functionally disastrous, unfunded, and logistically impossible to implement two-month bill–then they all immediately fled town.

Their purpose was clear–leave the Republican-controlled House with a “take it or leave it” proposition, wherein if they declined to pass it, they presumably risked becoming the “Grinches” who stole the Christmas “cheer” from millions of Americans, during the upcoming election year.

This political theatre is a barely concealed attempt to “manufacture” an ongoing “distraction,” that they feel is large enough to “camouflage” the horrendous failure of President Obama and themselves–bringing the U.S. to the financial brink, while Americans suffer through the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Since January, Republicans have been offering up well-devised, bold actions, attempting to pass legislation necessary for fiscal responsibility and a [good job-filled] recovery to occur–much of which is to neutralize and dismantle the failed policies, laws and regulations set into place by Obama and the Democrat’s.

All of the legitimate polling proves that their failed and damaging socialist agenda, along with their dysfunctional-obstructive stance against any real progress in Congress, is forcing what is left of the Democrat party–at all levels–into the fight for their very future in November 2012.

To use a quote from Rush Limbaugh, delivered right after President Barack Obama won the election in 2008…”I hope [they] fail,”–for everyone’s sake and that of the United States of America.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Jeffrey Klein