By: Jay Loeffers

My apologies to Van Halen. I could not help myself with this title when considering the subject matter. I also want to make a correction from the Part 4 article… the number of the Executive Order that FDR signed for the internment camps was 9066 and not 066. Sorry about that folks. Tonight, I am going to be writing about Roosevelt’s bromance with Joseph Stalin and all of the great stuff Uncle Franklin gave out for free to the Russians. I’ll also cover how an iron fisted mass murderer grabbed the ear of a weak-minded progressive president and was able to plant spies inside the White House, fly out secret government documents from Montana and give major veto power to a new United Nations. I will also show that Roosevelt turned his head and a blind eye to Stalin’s invasion of Poland and his mass murder and labor camp imprisonment of the Poles. I’ll also show how FDR could have helped with the Warsaw Uprising with the backing of Churchill, but it was “communist bros before friendly allies” day it seems.

During March of 1942, Roosevelt had an almost bromantic relationship with Joseph Stalin and this relationship extended to special diplomatic favors which included providing free stuff at will to Russia; things like 4.5 million tons of food, 2.5 million tons of fuel for aircraft, secondhand P-39 planes, Army trucks, steel for railway repairs, rail cars, machine tools, tanks, motorcycles and clothing. Most Americans in general, were skeptical of Russia since the revolution in 1917. There were good reasons for this. Just ask Ayn Rand. She was born there during that time.

Stalin had promised to repay the money needed for this stuff with money from business funds the Russians confiscated and from money they themselves had borrowed. You know, that gag does not work in real life either. It’s like paying one credit card off with another one; it’s the same idea. Of course, Stalin reneged on the deal, but would placate Roosevelt by kissing his wheel chaired butt and FDR fell for it.

Others in Roosevelt’s staff were wary of Stalin. Both his Secretary of State, Cordell Hull and the US Ambassador to Russia, William Bullitt, warned not to trust Stalin in 1939 because he had joined with Hitler to push in and divide up Poland. At one time, Roosevelt had stated, “We must therefore continue to support the USSR by providing the maximum amount of supplies while it can be delivered to her ports. This is a matter of paramount importance.”

When FDR was told about Stalin joining Hitler, he was angry at Stalin and was very indignant. But as usual with Roosevelt, it didn’t last too long and he forgot about the whole thing it seemed. During that time, his female Secretary of Labor was telling Roosevelt that she had heard the Russian communists, “Had the desire to do the holy will.” Roosevelt responded to her, “You know there may be something to that.” Well with that in mind, can I say one thing? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! That was the most naive thing I have heard besides just about any foreign policy of Obama’s as of late. Talk about the dangerous mindset of progressives and liberals… you can’t fix evil dirt bags period (except maybe with a .35 cent bullet).

Winston Churchill, being a wise man, knew not to trust Stalin and said as much to FDR. But this was where they would butt heads because Roosevelt thought Churchill was an “imperialist” and that he had no right to tell him who he should trust. Roosevelt kept on pounding at the idea that Russia was a country of “freedom of conscience” that promoted “freedom of religion.” Much to the chagrin of Stalin, who already knew that he had Roosevelt eating out of his hand.

Roosevelt wrote a letter to Churchill stating his stance with Stalin:

“I know you will not mind me being brutally frank when I tell you that I think i can personally handle Stalin better then either your foreign office or my State Department. Stalin hates the guts of all of your top people.(Because they knew what Stalin was all about and FDR’s naive view didn’t help.) He thinks he likes me better and I hope he will continue to.”

Now, Stalin already had his spy network set up in the White House and in several key areas in the country. In the United States, they would report on everything from Roosevelt’s health, new foreign policy, new military weapons and the mood of the country. You would be surprised how the mood meter was used later on in the 1960’s peace movement where the KGB had useful idiots and even later in 1980 with the so-called anti-nuke protests designed to defeat Reagan took place. But that little plot failed. A person that quit being a spy – a guy named Whittaker Chambers – turned himself in and reported on the spy ring closest to the White House people. Like Alger Hiss, who was the head of the A.A.A.; Currie, White and Duggan told all this to Adolph Berle and then he reported it to Dean Acheson. This report was dismissed. They considered Chambers to be kooky and nothing was done.

Part of the Roosevelt-Stalin land-lease deal was that FDR had an airfield built in Great Falls, Montana. All the Russian pilots had to do was hop over from Russia to Alaska and then to Montana. They could just drop on by any time to pick up anything they wanted with little or no security on most days. Two men working at this airfield – one Randolph Hardy, a civilian worker and a military guy named Major George Jordan, both noted something was up and was really fishy. Sometimes the pilots would act friendly and some days they would be way too private. So, they got the Russian pilots drunk on good ole Vodka. As they were partying, both men went to the plane’s hold and found not only their ordered goods, but reams and reams of high and low security government documents just piled everywhere. These men went to Roosevelt’s staff to warn them about what was going on and their report went all the way to FDR’s right hand man, Stimson. All he could say was, “I already know about it, but I can’t do anything about it.”

So, you’re telling me you can put a small time dry cleaner in jail for .35 cents, you can protect union labor members and get people to do “make work” projects, but you could not stop the Russians from spying and stealing from America? That’s not so funny guys.

One small note… Vice President Wallace in 1944 went to Russia and found all kinds of American food, American aluminum, American machine tools in there shipyards… well you get the picture. But the one important thing the Russians didn’t show Wallace was all the American war time P.O.W.s they had in prisons. They kept that their little secret and who knows what happened to them after the war because no one knew about them and that’s a real tragedy.

Roosevelt’s Deal with the Devil: Poland, Warsaw and Yalta

Russia had SOME KIND OF MONSTER (yes, more Metallica references) in Joseph Stalin. This was a man at one time in league with Hitler and in turn, he gave Hitler the great house warming idea to get rid of those pesky Jews with large ovens and gas chambers. What a great guy (yuck).

Stalin’s grand invasion of Poland in 1942 occurred with the help of the Nazis. The main push was first through the city of Warsaw, but the brave people gave Stalin’s troops a few problems. They fought back with determined hearts and minds, but unfortunately they were crushed in 66 days. Sadly, I have read the diaries and letters from the survivors. They are very sad and happy stories mixed together. After the Poland defeat, Stalin had thousands of Poles taken to hard labor camps and then the officers and other fighters were taken to the Katyn Forest and were buried in a mass grave – they murdered them all at once. Stalin had them all buried, the area cleaned up and wiped out.

Later on when Roosevelt started to hear about this mass murder and the other facts about how truly evil Stalin really was, FDR simply stated that this was not possible and it must be a lie. Is there proof of this? He asked and was told, not yet, but the Red Cross is helping to find out more. Roosevelt then asked Stalin about this and Stalin, faking shock, said there was no way we could have done this… the Nazis must have done this. You know how those Fascists are… That was enough to placate Roosevelt and keep him off Stalin’s back.

Now during the Warsaw Uprising, Churchill wanted to help Poland’s people with food, supplies and other items. He wanted to help defeat Stalin’s troops and again this is where he and Roosevelt butted heads. In a letter to FDR, he stated what he wanted to do. This idea made Roosevelt nervous and he told Churchill he was on his own. That he would not do anything to help him or to damage his bromance with Stalin. So, FDR what happened to helping the little guy? I guess trying to defeat evil is not a real problem; just getting votes is.

Oh yes! The Yalta ‘sell America down the river Talks.’ What a great idea with all the advantages given to Russia and the then new and shiny United Nations. Stalin knew how to take advantage of Roosevelt’s failing health and poor mindset. The long travel time and the mileage would tire out Roosevelt and he would agree to almost anything. In Tehran, Stalin manipulated Roosevelt right off the bat.

For the Yalta Talks, Roosevelt had two goals in mind and they were:

FIRST – He wanted Russia’s help with Japan after the war and after the Germans surrendered. That’s if the A-bomb didn’t work.

SECOND – He wanted Stalin to be a major partner in achieving world peace through the future United Nations. You know my thoughts on these evil dirt bags – the United Nations was never about world peace in any size, shape or form. It was designed to destroy all Western ways of life with America at the top of its list and with 99% of the scumbag UN wanting America overthrown/destroyed. They are not America’s or the world’s friends.

Stalin, finding he had Roosevelt eating out of his hand, had no problem with helping with the formation and partnership of the UN. They would be useful for him as long as Russia would have veto power in the Security Council. Both of Stalin’s goals were met without giving anything to Roosevelt. Stalin knew how to play to Roosevelt’s weaknesses and naive progressive way of thinking. He knew him to be a weak president on foreign policy and was able to win the first battle of the cold war without a shot being fired.

Thank you for sharing my articles with others and if you want files on the Warsaw Uprising and the Katyn Forest mass murder, email me at [email protected].

This is a list of books of the Roosevelt era. If you want more details, I will gladly send you all files free of charge. Thank you.

1. After Seven Years – Raymond Moley

2. American Isolationism 1939-1941 – Justus D. Doenecke

3. Roosevelt’s Road to Russia – George N. Crocker

4. The United State’s Constitution from Limited Government to Leviathan – Roger Pilon

5. From Russia with Thanks – Diaries of Major George Jordan with Richard Stokes

6. Back Door to War, Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy 1933-1944 – Charles C. Tansill

7. Country Squire in the White House – John T. Flynn