By: James Simpson
Gulag Bound

Excerpt from

James SimpsonToday America Wins or Dies

We have all felt it. The slow decline. The inevitable disappointment. It seems like we can’t win anymore.

Why? Because we are not allowed to. It is not politically correct. The president himself said that he was “worried about using the term ‘victory’” in Afghanistan. We shouldn’t be thinking of the war on terror in terms of victory. What then? There is no middle ground – you win or you lose. So subconsciously we prepare our minds for defeat. And that mindset sees catastrophic expression on the battlefield, where unarmed Americans are shot by their Afghan “allies;” where pointless patrols cause pointless deaths.

Everywhere we hear this refrain. And everywhere we see it with our eyes, most egregiously recently in Benghazi, Libya. It should have never even started, because we had no business being there in the first place. Once it did however… (continues)