Only two months ago this headline exploded on the web site The Daily Beast:

Two American Ebola Patients Coming Home to U.S. for Treatment

Two Americans infected with the virus will be brought to Atlanta for treatment as the World Health Organization deems the West African outbreak ‘out of control.

As would be expected, a sad, sick comedy of errors followed. Or was it something worse. What began as a few people dying every day in Africa has now been predicted to become thousands every week.

The deadly disease that is running unchecked in Africa has finally arrived in America. The government that first told us that Ebola would never be on U.S. soil then brought two American medical personnel home on August 1st for treatment after they contracted the disease in Liberia. Did the worldwide reporting of this news prompt a man in Liberia who had the disease to come here for treatment? Recommendations that all international flights from West Africa be banned were rejected by Barack Hussein Obama. Then only last month a citizen from Liberia, Thomas Eric Duncan, bought a plane ticket and flew to Dallas, Texas because he thought he had Ebola and was seeking treatment. He went to a hospital but they ignored the details he gave them about coming from Liberia and they sent him home with some antibiotics. He did have Ebola and he died from it days after returning to the same hospital but not before he showed us how ill-equipped we were to handle the problem. Now two of the nurses who cared for Mr. Duncan in the hospital have tested positive for Ebola in spite of the precautions that were set up.

And the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, hasn’t got a clue how they contracted the disease.

One of the important problems we are facing is the incomplete and inaccurate information we are given by our government-paid “medical experts”. We are told that the disease spreads through contact with bodily fluids such as urine, feces, saliva, blood and vomit. We were first told the disease was not airborne but what about an infected person sneezing? Not just sneezing in the air but on a tissue, a door, a chair, a table or a doorknob. What happens to that tissue? Before Mr. Duncan went back to the hospital it was reported he had vomited outside his apartment and the maintenance people simply hosed the vomit into the sewer. But aside from how these fluids are cleaned up and disposed of the number one question should be: How long does the disease stay alive outside of the body? Well it must stay alive if it can contaminate surfaces where unprotected people can come in contact with it. That’s why they have been sterilizing every place the infected victims have lived – days after they left. And the CDC mentioned that contaminated garments, towels and other waste from the hospital has to be incinerated by special hazmat disposal companies. Does that mean the Ebola virus remains alive on that contaminated material for prolonged periods of time such as days and weeks?

On October 8th, Breitbart News reported another severe warning about the disposal of dead Ebola victims. This certainly suggests that the Ebola virus remains alive for long periods of time after death occurs. Here is the critical passage:

The bodies of dead Ebola victims can still pose a significant threat, which will prevent families from having traditional funeral services. According to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines, Ebola “can be transmitted in postmortem care settings by laceration and puncture with contaminated instruments used during postmortem care, through direct handling of human remains without appropriate personal protective equipment, and through splashes of blood or other body fluids (e.g. urine, saliva, feces) to unprotected mucosa (e.g., eyes, nose, or mouth) which occur during postmortem care.” CDC officials said there are “large quantities” of the Ebola virus that still remain in the dead body.

The old cliche that says: I’m from the government and I’m here to help, becomes more worrisome every day. Barack Hussein Obama is a consummate political animal who is currently preoccupied with staying in power. The elections next month look to be a turning point in his administration that will drastically alter his plans to “fundamentally change America”. Obama’s single strategy seems based upon his belief that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. His Muslim heritage is affecting the lives of millions in the Middle East as he gives military aid to radical Islamic terrorists and publicly refuses to acknowledge that Islam – his religion – is the motivating factor behind the war that has slaughtered thousands of Christians. With such an abject void in moral ethics it is not too much to think this man could use a national emergency such as an Ebola pandemic to further his own purposes. We have a lot to be afraid of.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.