In an atmosphere that seems more and more subdued here in the blogosphere, I’d like to wish all of you a blessed and happy Easter! As a Christian, this day means the world to me and I count my blessings that Jesus died for my sins on a cross. I find comfort and peace in the fact that He is God and walks with me every moment of every day of my life. He has saved me over and over again and I will follow Him no matter the cost.

As I watch the ongoing genocide of Christians across the planet by Islamists and those full of hate, I pause to reflect that Christians are not lambs to the slaughter. That we are given a mandate to pick up our swords if need be and fight for what is good and right… to prevail over evil and save ourselves. An epic battle between the light and the dark is coming and if we do not fight, physical death will be the least of our worries.

Here in the United States, Christians are now being heavily persecuted, targeted and hunted. Just ask Memories Pizzeria in Indiana for not wanting to serve pizza at a gay wedding. As Mark Steyn says, these Christian businesses are being sought out and set up by the gay mafia. People donated almost a million dollars to the family that owns Memories Pizzeria – gay and straight, right and left – they recognize that freedom of religion and our Constitutional rights are at stake here and fascists are destroying those rights. When bakers, florists, food providers, photographers, etc. cannot exercise their right to turn someone away because of their religious beliefs – when sexual preference is dictated as a civil right – a right that outweighs the rights of others to worship as they see fit – you have crossed a line into Nazism. Christians will not quietly concede on this. The left should prepare for an epic battle – one they will lose in the end.

Why is it that Muslim bakeries are given a pass and not Christians? I’ll tell you why… because the left, communists and Islamists have joined forces to suppress and terrorize Christians. Per their agenda, they want to wipe us out. This is one Christian (of millions and millions) who will not be silenced. Who will not just quietly go away no matter the cost. You may force a family pizzeria to close their doors and go into hiding, but don’t be fooled. You have not won this fight and Christians will go to war with you over their faith and their rights. Do not expect Christian America to roll over, surrender their Constitutional rights and their bibles. It will never happen.

I wish all our Jewish friends out there a blessed Passover… I wish all Christians a blessed and happy Easter as well. We stand with God. Do not let the ungodly silence you. Wear your faith as you would armor and gird your loins for the fight of a lifetime in honor of our Savior.

Yours in faith,

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton