By: Renee Nal
New Zeal

The Last Refuge

Screenshot from “The Last Refuge” website

While this author would think that a self-proclaimed group of “Conservative Misfits” would go after establishment types or perhaps the socialists who have taken over the Democrat party, “sundance” at the Last Refuge prefers to target Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz, while lauding Donald Trump almost as loudly as Breitbart has been of late.

With friends like this, conservatives don’t need enemies.

Consider the latest smear piece by “sundance.” It cites a “report” which is actually a series of tweets claiming that a man named “Don Fairly” left the Cruz campaign along with seven other staffers.

Cruz smear piece cites "report" at the Last Refuge

Cruz smear piece cites “report” at the Last Refuge

The claims were made by @LandmanMarius, a man (presumably) whose tweets consist solely about the touting the awesomeness of Trump while relentlessly bashing Cruz:

Here is the first tweet:

Then these came after a supposed meeting:

The blogger “sundance” pounced on the tweets, “Seven Cruz campaign staff quit,” lamented “sundance,” “Campaign legal staff hits exiting campaign workers with legal notices to keep quiet.”

This author will go out on a limb to say that “Don Fairly” is as real as Donald Trump’s dedication to the Bible or the Constitution. 

After tweeting this:

This happened:

Blocked by Storm Trumper1

The fake photo of “Don Fairly” is actually of Dushaun Fairley, a real estate advisor who lives in San Diego according to his LinkedIn page. As far as @LandmanMarius, his photo is evidently fake as well (see here and here). Donald Trump gave him a shout out here:

It makes one wonder how many fake Trump twitter accounts exist.

The author “sundance” goes on to cite a truely vile unsourced smear piece by CNN about Cruz and finishes off with a jab at Glenn Beck.