By: Chris Knowles

I first came across Harvard social scientist Samuel P. Huntington while I was doing my masters degree in the field of international relations. My friend from Libya had decided to do his dissertation on the Clash of Civilizations, Huntington’s article published in Foreign Affairs. In other work Huntington coined the term “Davos Man” to describe the internationally orientated elite who, in contrast to ordinary people, have no fixed geographical loyalty.

Wall Street 2
Above: Hiding behind the flag: The New York Stock Exchange – one of the redoubts of Davos Man

It now appears that Davos Man is now at war with Donald Trump. This can be seen with the outrageous scaremongering from that is being put about by The Economist Intelligence Unit in THIS article:

“The research firm warns he [Trump] could disrupt the global economy and heighten political and security risks in the US.”

Perhaps this so-called “intelligence unit” has not been paying much attention to world affairs?

  • The worst economic and financial crisis since 1929
  • Destabilisation of the whole of North Africa and most of the Levant due to the foreign policy incompetence of world leaders and their ill conceived invasions
  • The worst refugee crisis since the fall of the Roman Empire
  • Divided societies and social polarisation
  • The serious reemergence of piracy on the world’s oceans
  • Failing education systems across the Western world that has caused business to look elsewhere for talent
  • The first major attack on American soil since Pearl Harbour
  • A resurgent and expansionist Russia
  • The undermining of human rights including the right to freedom of expression and political dissent
  • Decreased influence of the Western World
  • Proliferation of nuclear weapons to unstable parts of the world, and the likelihood of Iran getting the Bomb
  • Political leaders and political systems held in complete contempt

The catalogue of failure and incompetence by the supposed safe pairs of hands is as endless as it is inglorious! All these and more happened when political leaders who are not Donald Trump were at the helm.

No wonder people are now desperate for real change! They have long since passed the point when they said they have had enough. If the establishment really wanted to improve things they would have done so already. They have been in power for decades so can’t blame anyone else. They have failed and done so spectacularly and have no qualities that could possibly redeem them for the harm that they have done.

The biggest danger to the economy, to politics, to security, and to society in general clearly and incontrovertibly is the corrupt, comfortable and complacent status quo! The EIU is clearly part of that status quo of vested interests and therefore part of the problem. Like the BBC, that unsurprisingly propagated this story, it is yet another propaganda agency of the globalist interests of Davos Man and Davos Culture.

Davos Culture together with the clandestine groups and methods that it utilises, do not have the interests of ordinary people at heart. Don’t be gullible, don’t believe them or their propaganda. They use it and pay for it to pull the wool over people’s eyes in order to rob them of both resources and freedoms. Their goal is simple, they want to enrich and empower themselves further at the expense of the wider community.

Even if Trump turned out to be simply crap, he would still be an improvement on the incompetent dross that preceded him. It is frankly, impossible for him to be any worse!