From: Chris Knowles


Janus, the two faced Roman god – perhaps a suitable patron god for politicians and journalists?

I just responded to an article in The Spectator by Theodore Dalrymple. The article was a bit of an excuse making exercise for the current migration crisis. The title of the article is “Why Britain (and Europe) depends on migrants: It’s not about economics. It’s about our snobbish, slobbish culture

Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to sensible levels of immigration or for providing a safe haven for those fleeing persecution. The problem I have is with poor planning by our so-called leaders.

Matt with whom I agreed, and to whom I replied likened the argument for the current epic scale of immigration as a giant Ponzi scheme.

The following were the ideas that I put forward:

I think your Ponzi scheme analogy is a good one. The real problem has been the short term thinking of our political establishment and media. They want one thing one minute and something different the next and don’t think anything through to its logical conclusion. They always think in the short term and they all have the same snobbish, slobbish attitude to the British people as Mr Dalrymple.

If larger populations are important then why have people in Western countries being encouraged to have fewer children for decades? The situation reminds me of the “Millennium Bug”, people knew the year 2000 would eventually arrive, just like they knew that the baby boomers would eventually get old. Nevertheless, they were still at it as recently 2014 as the following Guardian article about how to save the planet by having fewer children attests As I said they want a smaller population and a larger population all at the same time.

Dalrymple complains about a British population that is unwilling to work. This pompous attitude towards the British people is offensive. What does he know about the unemployed as he looks out from his ivory tower[?] It’s like politicians and media pundits saying that we need skilled workers from abroad. The same talking heads simultaneously claim that standards in education are improving every year. If skilled workers need to be imported then our education system has failed big time! Bad planning at the highest political levels is obvious, but they now want us to believe that mass immigration on the current epic scale is necessary.

If we need anything then it is for the entire political and media establishment to resign or retire and keep their unhelpful opinions to themselves. They have failed us b[y] creating the world as it is but they somehow want us to think that problems are down to us rather than to their incompetence. Now is not the time to reinforce failure by listening to their crackpot ideas yet again.

If you only take one thing from reading this blog post it is this: Don’t Listen To Politicians Or Media Talking Heads! They are the two faces of policy making incompetence.