Christian (Ateo) Peruyero

Christian (Ateo) Peruyero is a construction worker and former CUNY student organizer for 8 years and founder/creator of the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, a Maoist group active in the CUNY system and at colleges in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

A member of the Maoist wing of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Peruyero set up the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee in 2011 and has succeeded in bringing several hundred students into the Maoist movement.

He is also working with the Kansas City, Missouri based Progressive Youth Organizationand the Los Angeles based Red Guards in the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party – an attempt to unite radical youth into a new, nationwide Maoist revolutionary political party.

Before the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, Peruyero was a leader of the Lehman College Students for a Democratic Society.

Ateo Laureano Bracero Peruyero is a Nuyorican born, raised and resides in the borough of The Bronx, he has now come to learn more of his oppressive history in the United States and in Puerto Rico. He is a member of Queens College SDS and a member of La Tertulia (The Spanish Club) on campus seeking to help educate other Latino/a students on their history and issues inside the United States and in Latin America, while also seeking to learn from others.

Peruyero ran onto Citi Field in 2010 with a Mexican flag to protest Arizona’s anti-illegal immigrant SB1070. In 2014, Peruyero and his comrade Percy Lujan were leaders of the Lehman College DREAM Team.

At Left Forum 2015, Peruyero’s Maosoleum blog served on a panel, Contemporary Topics on Maoism with Meli LaSalle Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee,Khalil Vasquez Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party and Luis HenriquezStudents Without Borders.


In 2015, Peruyero expanded his activism to include organizing “around the issues impacting people in The Bronx such as police brutality and gentrification.”

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